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How to Achieve the Typing Terror Avatar

by neoholic17


Disclaimer: This guide does not guarantee the achievement of the Typing Terror avatar! These are just some pointers.

Hello there! My name is Ash, and I'm here to give you some handy-dandy tips that will hopefully help you achieve the Typing Terror avatar!

I'll admit it now; the game is quite difficult. It took me at least four or five months of playing multiple times a day to get the avatar. Don't let that discourage you, though! That was just my own personal experience. I just got the avatar myself, and these tips are actually how I earned it.

Okay, so in Typing Terror the object of the game is to get past all five levels without dying (you have three lives) and get to the sixth level, where there's only one giant robot to beat. This robot has eight-letter words that you have to type. Obviously, you have to type all the words to conquer the giant robot.

The best way to get the most possible points is by not losing any lives AT ALL and being extremely accurate while typing. I'm not saying you have to be perfect, because that's kind of hard. Just stay in the 190s for accuracy points, and you should be fine.

First off, take a deep breath and relax. I put some music on in the background. It helped a little bit to not rush and let my fingers go wherever they wanted on the keyboard. Trust me, this IS NOT something that you'd like to happen.

In Level One, you want to get at least 400 points. The basic yellow robots only earn you five points for destroying them. The red robots that have the words upside-down are worth 20 points. The broken robots that spark are worth 100 points. The broken robots and the red robots are the robots you need to aim for.

What I did was restart the game until I got one or two broken robots and several red robots. It's a pain, but it works! Try not to misspell ANY words! The most you can get for a level for not misspelling any words is 200 points, plus the total you scored destroying the robots. The words in Level One are only three letters, so it's pretty easy, but don't rush and let your fingers roam all over the keyboard! Try not to lose ANY lives! Simple enough?

For Level Two, you should try to aim for around 850-900 points by the time you end the level. Try to aim for the broken and red robots. Again, try not to misspell any words. The robots only have four-letter words on them, so it should be fairly easy to beat this level without losing any lives.

By Level Three, you should have around 1,000 points. Trust me, this works the best. The letter count moves up to five, but it's still not terribly hard if you're good at typing and can type fast. Try to get at least three or four broken robots. This works better, and gets you closer to 2,000 points.

Level Four gets a little harder. The robots are being a littler trickier and moving up to six letters per robot. How I achieved the avatar was by getting lucky and having three or four broken robots in this level, plus all of the red robots (I got about seven or eight) and all of the yellow robots. I was hitting around 2,000 points by the time I finished Level Four. Don't lose any lives! You might need them for levels Five and Six!

In Level Five, the broken robot count died down a little, and I got about two of them. I got five or six red robots, plus getting 192 points for accuracy, so I hit 2,500 points before I moved onto the boss robot. The letter count moves up to SEVEN letters per robot, and you'll hopefully finish off the level without losing any lives.

The boss robot. To me, it's the easiest level. Sure, the words are eight letters long, but he's the only robot you're trying to destroy, so you don't have to worry about your life count.

DO NOT LET THE BOSS ROBOT LEVEL GET AWAY FROM YOU! Accuracy DOES matter, more than I let myself believe.

That was a personal experience for me. I hit about 2,600 by the time I got to the boss robot, then my accuracy went haywire, and my score was 3,583. Nonetheless, I was upset about not getting the avatar, but it was my own fault. You obviously don't want to let that happen to yourself, so don't start getting anxious about whether or not you're getting the avatar -- just finish the game and send your score.

You DO need to worry about your accuracy on this level, whether you think you do or not. If your accuracy is 100 percent, you'll be awarded 300 points, rather than 200. So, that's a pretty big bonus, and it can affect your total score positively.

By the time I had finished the boss robot, I had a little more than 3,000 points, and I still had all three lives, so that added 300 points to my total score. (They give you 100 points for each life you still have by the time you finish.)

I finished the game with a total score of 3,711 points, and I DID get the avatar. Once I got it, I felt relieved and will probably never, ever play Typing Terror again.

Again, this guide does not guarantee you the avatar, but I'm hoping it helps!

If you read this guide to get onto the High Scores table, this probably won't help you achieve your goal, but there are some pointers in there that can help!

Remember, you HAVE to send your score in order to get the avatar! Just finishing the game WILL NOT get you the avatar. Plus, you get 1,000 Neopoints. Who doesn't want that?

I really hope this helps, and I hope you get the avatar!

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