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Becoming a White Weewoo

by yayzz_1245


Everyone who is well read in Neopia will know that the White Weewoo is the iconic symbol of journalism and that it always delivers Neopia’s most famous newspaper, the Neopian Times. But how do these Weewoos get to be so smart? How do they get the strength to carry these piles of newspapers every Friday to the residents of Neopia? Still yet, how do they know what to do with the newspapers once it’s in their claws? Surely Weewoos don’t just fly out of the Little Nippers Petpet shop, get painted white by some miraculous way, fly to the post office and deliver newspapers?

Of course they don’t. This article tells the story of a Weewoo, from the Little Nippers Petpet shop to the delivery of the Neopian Times at the door of the Neopian readers. From the humble beginnings of the tiny brown hatchling on Krawk Island, the White Weewoos’ story is surely both fascinating and exciting.

Petpets are always painted their plain, original colour. In the case of the Weewoo, they are born a tanned-brown colour which allows them to blend in with the foliage found in their natural habitat, Krawk Island. Fortunately for the Neopian Times, their Weewoos come not from the nests of the Weewoos native to Krawk Island, but from the private aviary of the Little Nippers Petpet shop. The Weewoos are born only one every year, promoting a rarity among their breed. From birth to being an eligible candidate for the postage of the Neopian Times takes roughly two months. The birds are raised by their mothers and fed on the finest grain to ensure a lifetime of strength for the delivery of the Neopian Times. During these two months a small, brown fur ball slowly becomes a strong, healthy bird fit for a lifetime dedicated to delivering the stories and comics to the Neopian residents.

As the two months is fulfilled, the Weewoos are brought out for sale in the shop itself. The Neopian Times purchases a large percentage of these for their delivery services; however, many Weewoos still are sold in the shop, bringing fascination and joy to the average Neopian. But our story continues with the Weewoos that are purchased by the Neopian Times, for their story is one of fascination, wonder and delight.

Being brought to the Neopian Times headquarters in a sizeable bird cage, each Weewoo is checked for being in good health, as the ferocity of the pirates on Krawk Island can sometimes lead to negligence amongst the Weewoos. The Weewoos that fail to meet these standards are nursed to prime health at the Neopian Hospital and are then returned to the care of the Neopian Times. Aside from this, the Weewoos are then left to settle in their cages, surrounded by fellow Weewoos.

The next day, the Weewoos are then immediately trained by their handlers to pick up, carry and transport piles of old Neopian Times newspapers. Fortunately for the Weewoos and for the newspaper, these are very intelligent birds and they are easily trained. However, their training is not as vigorous as it seems; the Weewoos also undergo classes that demonstrate the possible situations that could happen when delivering newspapers. These birds are miraculously trained to understand and communicate in small Weeee... Woooos. However, the entire concept of teaching the birds how to work effectively is a secret guarded by the Neopian Times and is largely shrouded in mystery. As the days go by, the birds are able to pick up and carry larger piles of newspapers, and by two months, the birds are able to undergo the qualification test, after which the birds are able to deliver the famous Neopian Times newspaper.

The qualification test is made up of simply flying to the post office, collecting the newspapers and then flying them within two hours to a faux-letterbox on Fyora’s Castle in Faerieland. The Weewoos then have to make the journey back. During the test, the Weewoos experience the weather conditions experienced by real White Weewoos, such as severe electrical storms, torrential rain, heavy snow, scorching sunshine or even the occasional angry Skree; the residents of Neopia must receive their newspapers any weather condition.

Though the least qualified Weewoos often end up flying back to the post office halfway throughout the journey or being rescued by the stationed hot air balloons over the course of the journey, the strongest and most determined Weewoos often succeed. Flocks of Weewoos can occasionally be seen over Faerieland, newspapers in their claws, heading towards Fyora’s Castle. As the tired Weewoos drop their newspapers in the letterbox atop the tower, they hastily fly back to the post office in Neopia Central. With their first mission completed, each Weewoo receives a small badge to certify that they are now qualified newspaper handlers.

But how are they painted? The birds, after receiving sufficient rest after their first of many journeys throughout Neopia delivering newspapers, gather at the Rainbow Fountain in the heart of Neopia Central. There, they are painted white by paint brushes which are generously supplied from the Rainbow Fountain. The Weewoos are now trained and qualified to deliver the invaluable Neopian Times to the denizens of Neopia.

Starting from the next Friday morning, the Weewoos flock together and the newest Neopian Times are gathered in piles to be carried by the White Weewoos. Carefully carrying the piles of newspapers in their claws, the Weewoos fly over the clouds of Neopia, delivering news and stories to the Neopian public. This they do weekly; in the meantime, the White Weewoos enjoy the freedom of the Neopian Times headquarters, often aiding the writers with their occasional writer's block, inspiring them to write more articles and basically, keeping them company.

In conclusion, the Weewoo’s journey to become one of the famed White Weewoos in the Neopian Times is a long, arduous journey, a credit to the Weewoos whose determination, strength and courage brings Neopian Times readers entertainment, news and stories every week.

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