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This vs. That: Neocash Item Comparisons

by crazy_holly_ii


There are lots and lots of Neocash items out there. So many, in fact, that some have doppelgangers of sorts. This article will expound on several of these pairs, and for each I will give my opinion on both items and which one of the two wins. :)

Two items enter, one item leaves!

Yes, I had to include the Thunderdome reference.

Sooo, without further ado:


Blooming Garden vs. Potted Flower Foreground

Blooming Garden, being one of two limited edition items from last year’s Fantastic Bloom Mystery Capsule, is rarer than Potted Flower Foreground, which is easier to come by and newer – it was the 15th item from this year’s Neggstravaganza Surprise event.

How they’re similar: They’re foregrounds with pretty flowers. :P

How they’re different: Blooming Garden has mauve and yellow flowers growing all about a short stone wall, while Potted Flower Foreground has a variety of different flowers in pots.

Which one wins: While Blooming Garden is the more popular of the two, the edge goes to Potted Flower Foreground for me. I feel that Potted Flower Foreground is more versatile – it looks fantastic with Greenhouse Background, Meridellian Spring Background, and Tulip Background, among others – and has the added bonus of being easier to achieve.


Nutcracker Face Paint vs. Rosy Cheeks Face Paint

The ever-popular Nutcracker Face Paint retired in January last year, but was rereleased in the Spinning Snowflake Holiday Mystery Capsule this past winter. Rosy Cheeks Face Paint is brand-spanking-new, as the limited edition item in the non-retiring Flower Fun Superpack.

How they’re similar: Both face paints give your pet an endearing blushing complexion.

How they’re different: Nutcracker Face Paint gives your pet a doll- or toy-like shine. Meanwhile, Rosy Cheeks Face Paint is more natural-looking.

Which one wins: Nutcracker Face Paint. It’s harder to obtain than Rosy Cheeks Face Paint, and both paints are pretty adaptable, but Nutcracker Face Paint’s novelty is delightful.


Meridellian Spring Background vs. Negg Hunting Background

Meridellian Spring Background was available for approximately two years before ultimately retiring in June of last year. Negg Hunting Background was released as the 20th Neggstravaganza Surprise event item. I’d put both backgrounds at a similar worth, but Meridellian Spring Background is more popular.

How they’re similar: Just look at them! :P Negg Hunting Background has Meridellian Spring Background influences all over it – right down to the purple mountains in the distance.

How they’re different: Negg Hunting Background has Neggs in it, and Meridellian Spring Background has flowers in it.

Which one wins: By far and away, Meridellian Spring Background. For those of us who dress our pets with the changing weather, Meridellian Spring Background has more usability in it, being a good background for spring and summer. Negg Hunting Background doesn’t have as much innovation as it needs to push itself away from heavy comparisons, and there’s a pretty specific time and place for Negg hunting – and Easter doesn’t last that long.


Curly Pink Wig vs. Adorable Pink Heart Wig

Woo! Pink hair! :D


Curly Pink Wig was available for the better half of last year, retiring with the Halloween items. Adorable Pink Heart Wig was in this year’s Valentine’s crop. I don’t see either of them on many wishlists or pets. Perhaps I’m the only one who likes pink hair.

How they’re similar: They’re pink, curly, and have some sort of hearts attached to them. Curly Pink Wig has a blue heart clip, and Adorable Pink Heart Wig has a tiara of hearts set in it.

How they’re different: Curly Pink Wig has corkscrew curls, while Adorable Pink Heart Wig has loose curls.

Which one wins: Adorable Pink Heart Wig, because corkscrew curls elude me and I get jealous of Curly Pink Wig. :(


Eliv Thade Make-Up Kit vs. Mr. Chuckles Make-Up Kit

Eliv Thade Make-Up Kit retired a good two and a half years ago, in November of 2007. It has been released in capsules since. Mr. Chuckles Make-Up Kit was available for a year before retiring with the Halloween items in 2008, and has also been rereleased in capsules – only more than Thade, making Chuckles a little more common.

How they’re similar: With either one of these, your pet can be a scary entity for the day! Perfect for Halloween, although not much else.

How they’re different: Thade is a deranged Kacheek, and Chuckles is a clown. The make-up kits reflect this.

Which one wins: Mr. Chuckles Make-Up Kit. It’s marginally easier to get, and nobody loves clowns, so you’re guaranteed to frighten a lot people.


Queen of Hearts Dress vs. Prissy Miss Valentine Dress

Ah, the beloved Queen of Hearts Dress. It has been rereleased in a couple capsules since its retiring in late February of last year, whereas Prissy Miss Valentine Dress was the cream of the crop in this year’s Valentine’s set.

How they’re similar: They’re red, pretty, and have hearts on them.

How they’re different: The shape of each dress is poles apart – Queen of Hearts Dress boasts a high collar and flared skirt. Prissy Miss Valentine Dress features softer cuts, shorter sleeves, and a full, but not hooped, skirt.

Which one wins: They both do. :P Queen of Hearts Dress is perfect for your drama queens, and Prissy Miss Valentine Dress is perfect for your girly-girls. Both have the added bonus of not being super ridiculously difficult to obtain.


Jeran Collectors Sword vs. Krawk Island Adventure Sword

Everyone’s favourite Lupe brought his famed blade to the masses with Jeran Collectors Sword in the Heroes and Villains Collection. The sword, arguably the most poplar of the collection, retired at the end of January earlier this year. Krawk Island Adventure Sword was the limited edition item in the Captain Threelegs Mystery Capsule, which was part of the Quest for Knowledge capsule adventure.

How they’re similar: Everyone loves a good sword, and these two exemplify that.

How they’re different: Jeran Collectors Sword has a simpler, straight cut, while Krawk Island Adventure Sword has a flourished blade and a swanky hilt.

Which one wins: Despite the fanciness of Krawk Island Adventure Sword, my pick goes to Jeran Collectors Sword. It was the first real sword TNT graced us with, and was available to everyone for an entire month. Krawk Island Adventure Sword was a chance item to those who gambled with capsules (or those who gave up on capsules after the 94th one and tried to find a trade) that were only available for several days.

So. There you have it. Seven pairs of Neocash item twins. :P

The end.

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