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The Affordable Way to a Healthy Diet for Your Pets!

by rachxface


"Ahh, home at last!" sighed Bob, a Scorchio. "Now it's time for tea, yummy!" His stomach growled louder than a Grarrl at breakfast. Bob was patiently waiting, hungry for some food, licking his lips with delight. His owner came out of the kitchen, and as the heavenly plate crashed onto the table, Bob's heart sank. He'd been served omelette. Again. Which, every way he looked at it -- upside-down, back-to-front, inside-out (although I do not recommend this) -- was stillā€¦ frankly boring and just as disgusting as sloppy school dinners! Yeuch! But poor Bob was not an exception; he was rather the rule, as thousands of pets are served Omelette and Jelly every day to keep their bellies full.

I'm sure you're guilty of it and, I have to admit, so am I. We see our poor pets crying in the left-hand corner of our screen, while in an evil red font, "hungry" glares back at us. We quickly scan our Inventory, and AHA! Plain Omelette. That'll do. The best thing is, we get three servings out of it! And two more for dessert with Jelly! Though our pets say they're "happy" or "content," behind those eyes is a feeling of sorrow and ill health.

So many people are concerned with their own healthy eating, and, as we all know, a balanced diet is the key to happiness! (Okay, maybe that is success, but still, healthy eating is very beneficial.) However, nobody ever thinks about their Neopets. They do have feelings, and just as you would feel disgusted eating day after day of Omelette, I'm sure they do, too. Here's some wisdom that is proven (in an evil scientist's laboratory) to give your pets a healthy diet. The best thing is, it leaves your wallet healthy and full-up at the same time!

Scrap the Omelette and Jelly

The key to success is to scrap the Omelette. Go on. I'm watching you. *Pries Omelette out of your hand and throws it in the bin* There. That was the hard bit, and it's all uphill from here! Now, I'm not saying to ban Omelette forever. *Gasps heard around the room* Oh no, Omelette is in fact a very nutritious source of protein. However, eating the same food every day (and no, different flavours don't count) deprives your pets of vital nutrients.

Jelly is another crime, I'm afraid. The Gelert doctor at the Neopian Hospital has confirmed that 98% of cases of Floppy Tongue disease are caused by the over-consumption of Jelly. (The other 2 percent of cases are from fighting in the Battledomeā€¦ don't ask). Also, there is half a bag of sugar in every full Jelly that your pet eats!

Now that you've gotten rid of those awful foods, we all know the five vital food groups. Protein, carbohydrates, fats (now, now, limit yourself), fibre, and ASPARAGUS! Excuse me? Who wrote that? *Scribbles out* I meant vitamins/minerals. Here are some of my personal preferences for each meal your pet needs.

For breakfast:

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Okay, so apples are a little on the expensive side to feed your pets daily; however, breakfast should follow the apple's example and contain lots of vitamins and minerals, carbohydrates, and fibre! For breakfast, try to look for fruit, cereal, or breads. A few cheap examples are:

Tchea Fruit

Can of Prune Juice

Sutek Muffin

Toasted Pyramibread




Puntec Fruit

If you're not on such a budget, you can always try these slightly more costly (but even more delicious) alternatives. (These are great for a treat or on a pet's birthday).

Crunchy Kacheek Cereal

Faerie Toast with Butter

For lunch:

According to the Gelert doctor, lunch should be something light; he recommends a sandwich, salad, or soup (the three "S"s).

Of course, if you have 3,000 NP or less, you can head on over to the Soup Kitchen, and the kind-hearted Soup Faerie will give your pets some free soup. However, your pets do still need dietary variation, so here are my top lunch buys!

Hot Soup

Bagguss or Cheops Plant, accompanied by Pyramibread.

You could also use your desert veggies in a salad!

For dinner:

After a hard day's work or play, your pets need some hearty protein to fill them up.

I highly recommend fish for dinner! *Chants: "Fish for dinner, fish for dinner!"*

It's full of Omega-3 fatty acids, and the best thing is that your pet can catch it themselves! I'm hooked! (Hahaha!)

The cheapest fish are Waterfish, Blandfish, Breadfish, Lesser Spotted Fish, Rockfish, and Scrawnyfish. (All can be bought for around 1 NP, or you can catch one for free while doing a spot of Underwater Fishing!)

If your pets are not too keen on fish or are Koi (DO NOT FEED FISH TO KOI. Bad mistake! I've been there, done that.), you can opt for some cheaper meat instead! Such as:

Orange Chicken

Sphinx Links

Meat Wrap

Meaty Pot Pie

Don't forget: with your meat or fish, some Mashed potato with Gravy never goes amiss!

For snacks and desserts:

Often your Neopets will be hungry at awkward times during the day (Two o'clock in the morning is a personal favourite of mine). Have no fear, cheap and hassle-free snacks are here to save you!

Pyramibread with some homemade marmalade jam! Delicious! (Just don't tell anyone that the homemade jam actually is from the Bakery.)

A Box of Trifle Mix -- you can rustle it up in under three minutes!

And sometimes, ONLY SOMETIMES, I'm allowing you to have Jelly. (Only sometimes, though, and NEVER the poisonous sort. Stomach cramps aren't good for a healthy lifestyle.)

Well, that's the end of this guide. Nothing too scientific about it, really, and nothing too difficult either. There are lots of other cheap items to satisfy your pet's hunger; however, the ones mentioned in this guide are proven to be the healthiest!

Don't forget, it's nice for your pets to have treats once in a while. One day, let the wind rush through your hair, play loud rock-star music, and LIVE FREE! Okay, sorry. *Calms down* What I meant to say was, one day treat them (it can be on their birthday or pet day) and give them a feast fit for King Hagan!

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