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The Hungry Neopian’s Fine Food Reviews: The Golden D

by puffalump10


The Golden Dubloon opened in 2002 and has stayed strong ever since, currently enjoying its ninth year of business. This fine restaurant on the Krawk Island coast has some of the best cuisine available in the area. The well-maintained ship offers an excellent view of the sea. Pop your head out a porthole, breathe in the salty breeze, and enjoy a wide variety of delicacies.

Restaurant Information

The Golden Dubloon is located on a small isle just east of Krawk Island. There are boats that can ferry you over from Food Club, Armada, or Little Nippers. The Golden Dubloon has a seating capacity of 100, and the owner, Captain Hackett, limits each sitting to one. Due to seating limitations, there is a limit of fifteen minutes to chow down. Reservations are not required, but guests should be aware that the restaurant may be full upon their arrival, so short waiting periods may occur. Those looking to dine at The Golden Dubloon should also remember to hit the bank and exchange some Neopoints for Dubloons, as they are the only accepted currency on Krawk Island. You will not be permitted to enter the restaurant if you do not possess a single Dubloon. If you suffer from chronic seasickness, you should probably steer clear.


Upon approaching the restaurant, one immediately gets a sense of the grandeur of the ship. It is lovingly cared for by Captain Hackett, who also greets customers as they enter. Despite his gruff outward appearance, the Captain cares deeply about his customers and providing an authentic experience. Inside, the restaurant leads below deck, where plenty of portholes allow in light and a crisp breeze. There is a salty tang to the air, and the smell of cooking fish begins to excite the palate.


The service is fairly simple, as The Golden Dubloon hosts a buffet-style dinner. There are no formal waiters to serve each customer, likely due to the space and time limits of the restaurant. There are kitchen workers to refill the buffet table. Each course is freshly replenished and arranged delicately for you to peruse. The advantage is that you can consider your meal based on how it sounds and looks, but the disadvantage is that you may have to fight a busy throng of customers to get at your next course. Otherwise, it is very easy to decide what you would like to eat. Captain Hackett keeps a close eye out to make sure you take only one serving for each course. Do not try to take more than your fill, otherwise you could find yourself tossed out.


Eager to eat, I decide to start with the Tropical Breeze (one Dubloon). I do not want to fill up too quickly, so it seems like a nice, light choice. I take one of the bowls, which holds a generous serving of Chokato and Tigersquash ice cream. It slides over the tongue, a smooth and delicious creamy texture with an excellent blend of flavours. I am slightly embarrassed when I have to delicately cough out a Chokato leaf that was not washed off, but otherwise it is delicious.

As a main course, I select Our Famous Krawk Pie (five Dubloons), a signature dish of The Golden Dubloon restaurant. It lives up to its reputation. It is a delectable combination of fresh vegetables grown around Krawk Island, a true home-grown meal. The mixture is a secret recipe, but I detect a hint of tomato and carrot. The top crust is nice and crisp, with the vegetables still steaming inside. I suspect that the green crust contains asparagus and another unknown combination.

For dessert, I pass on the Forbidden Plunder and try the Krakuberry Cove (two Dubloons), a small cheesecake drizzled in Krakuberry sauce. The cake is excellent, though unfortunately the sauce seemed a bit overcooked. I manage to overlook that and enjoy the berry flavours mixed with the creamy cake.

Lastly, I end with Tchea Grog (two Dubloons). It is a marvellous mix of fruits, naturally Tchea being the dominant flavour. It is slightly fizzy and is the perfect way to finish the meal.


The prices at The Golden Dubloon are reasonable (depending on what you choose to eat), but each item can add up quickly, particularly when you consider the exchange rate for Dubloons (currently a Two Dubloon Coin can be exchanged for approximately 2,300 Neopoints). Personally, I spent ten Dubloons on my meal, which would be quite expensive if you ate there often. As a rare treat, The Golden Dubloon is an excellent experience for those visiting Krawk Island looking to enjoy the pirate atmosphere. You should budget at least eight Dubloons for a full-course meal for one (which is the seating limit anyway).

Additional Notes

Take-home bags are available to those who cannot finish their meal. All of the items are considered Gourmet Foods, and some are sold at high prices outside of the restaurant. Captain Hackett keeps a tight clamp on his recipes, however, so it can be difficult to take any food outside of The Golden Dubloon. Keep in mind that to take food home, you must have selected an item from each course. Otherwise, the Captain will not believe you could possibly be bloated.



The Golden Dubloon is a great experience, but perhaps only to be tried once or twice. Customers can certainly appreciate the delectable combinations of flavours, but there are also small grievances that detract from the overall meal. I was not overly pleased with the Tropical Breeze or Krakuberry Cove, but as a whole, the menu definitely offers some mouth-watering delicacies. The decor and atmosphere were pleasant, but the pricing makes it difficult to enjoy on a regular basis. I also felt rushed through the meal with the time limit, even though there were only five other diners at the time. As a fine dining experience, there are certain rudimentary elements missing. The average tourist will probably not notice these small details, but serious connoisseurs may leave feeling slightly robbed, which I suppose is appropriate, considering the pirate experience.

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