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Galaxy - the Warrior Princess

by vendince


“Are you looking forwards to the ‘Books Of The World’ next month?” asked Julie, excited, and looked at Galaxy. “It’s going to be great! It’s so amazing that they are doing it. I can’t decide what book reading to go to. There are so many good writers that are going to be there. It’s impossible to decide.” Julie started naming all of her favourite writers. The list was long!

     Galaxy had being looking forward to the ‘Books Of The World’ since she first heard about it. It was an amazing event that would take place in Neopia Central. The greatest writers of all time would be there. There would be book reading by the authors, meet and greets with them and even a great deal of book releases. It was all thanks to the great Library Faerie. The only thing bringing a damper to Galaxy's excitement was that she didn’t think her best friend, her owner, would be able to earn enough money for them to sign up before the deadline was due.

     Julie and her owner had signed up straight away. Julie’s owner was great at restocking so they always had a lot of money. Julie never bragged about money or thought she was better than anyone else. Galaxy had liked her from the moment they met. Julie was a royal Aisha who was down to earth and had great taste in books. Galaxy had met Julie in Buzzie’s book club. At first Galaxy had been skeptical about joining it, but Buzzie spoke fondly about the club. Beside from Galaxy’s owner, Buzzie was her closes friend. Buzzie was a yellow Buzz with excellent sense of humour.

     “How is the money earning going?” asked Buzzie quietly. He was the only one in the book club who knew that Galaxy might not be able to go to the ‘Books Of The World’. The rest of the club thought everyone was going and were intensely discussing what books they thought would be released.

     “It’s not going very good.” Galaxy sighed. “I wish there was an easy quick way to make enough money so we could go.”

     “Actually, I think I know a way to do that.” Buzzie grinned. “But it depends on you. I’ll tell you about it afterwards. ”

     After the book club meeting ended, Buzzie explained what he had seen. It was a beauty competition where the winner would win a money prize. All Galaxy would have to do was to dress up, take a picture and win. Buzzie made it sound so easy. The pictures of the participants would be posted all over Faerie City and people would vote for whoever they liked the most. Buzzie showed Galaxy the information he had found about the competition and the previous winners. All the previous winners were beautiful painted pets with pretty dresses and tiaras.

     “But I can’t win that!” objected Galaxy. “I’m just a strange purple Grundo that’s not even painted. And besides, I don’t want my picture all over the city. People will laugh and make fun of me.”

     “You’re not strange! You’re an exotic beauty from outer space,” Buzzie answered. “Don’t worry. You’ll blow them away!”

     A few days later, Buzzie called Galaxy and asked her to come over to his house. He had something to show her. Galaxy was hoping he had forgotten about the competition. She had several nightmares about it, where everyone, even her old friend, Alowa, was laughing and pointing at her. Buzzie would shake his head in the nightmare and say they couldn’t be friends anymore. It was his voice, but it was Alowa’s words. Galaxy and Alowa had been friends before, but then Alowa got painted and decided that Galaxy wasn’t good enough since Galaxy was just a purple Grundo.

     Buzzie saw Galaxy from his window and went to greet her. He was excited and said he had found the solution to her problem.

     “What if I said, I’ve found a way so that no one would know it was you in the picture, and make people notice you?” asked Buzzie. He didn’t forget about the competition, Galaxy thought.

     “Ok. You’ve got my attention. What do you have in mind?” Galaxy asked. He took a clothes hanger from his closet and pulled it out. It was a costume of some sort.

     “This is a Shenkuu warrior costume. I got my aunt to send me one. If you look closely, you’ll notice that it contains a mask so no one would know it’s you. I’ve studied the last winners and they are all pretty glitter girls, so this would make you stand out! What do you think?” Buzzie asked, excited.

     “Well, it does make me stand out and I don’t think anyone would be able to recognize me,” she started.

     “But what?” Buzzie didn’t see any problems, but he could not feel her excitement.

     “Do you really think I could win dressed like that? You said it yourself; the previous winners are pretty glitter girls and this is far away from that. Don’t you think?” Galaxy couldn’t take her eyes from the costume. He couldn’t be serious, she thought.

     “Yes, but it will make you stand out. You will look cool and independent. Girls shouldn’t just be pretty. Pretty is yesterday. Girls of today should be able to do anything! People will look at the pretty girls and then they will see your picture and think: that’s how girls should be.” Buzzie’s speech was pretty convincing. A warrior girl would make a statement and maybe, just maybe, she would win. Galaxy tried on the costume and it fit. They signed her up for the competition and sent in her photo.

     The week after the photos of the participants was all over the city. Galaxy and her owner lived outside the city, so she didn’t see the pictures until she went to the book club. Almost all the other girls were painted and they were stunning, Galaxy thought. But Buzzie was right about her picture. It did stand out among the other pictures. There were two pictures outside close to the book club - it was a picture of her and a picture of an island Elephante. Her heart did an extra beat. The Elephante looked very familiar. It was Alowa, her former best friend! So she got painted island, Galaxy thought.

     “Hi Galaxy! Are you amazed by the beauty competition?” asked Julie. Galaxy must have been staring intensely at the pictures, as she did not notice Julie standing next to her.

     “I think beauty competitions are silly and I don’t see why anyone would bother to enter one,” Julie said. Galaxy stood frozen. What if she finds out I entered it? Galaxy thought. Galaxy didn’t want to lose another friend.

     “But you know what, I’ve voted! I’ve voted for the warrior princess,” said Julie to Galaxy’s surprise. “She reminds me of one of the heroines in Ancient Tales of Shenkuu. You haven’t read that one yet, so I’m not going to spoil it for you. But she’s amazing. You really need to read it!”

     “Really?” said Galaxy, relieved.

     “Yes! I think you should vote for her as well. With all the beauty competitions and stuff, girls might end up thinking that all they can ever achieve is to be pretty and that’s just wrong,” argued Julie. “Come. Let’s go inside. I’m going to get everyone in the book club to vote for the princess!”

     Julie didn’t need to convince anyone. It seemed everyone had seen the pictures and it was the talk of the day. Buzzie winked at Galaxy as to say told you so! Galaxy was both embarrassed and proud at the same time. It was cool that her photo had such an impact on people.

     “Are you guys ready yet? We have to go now, or we’ll be late.” Galaxy’s owner and Buzzie’s owner were standing in the door tripping. Galaxy had made into the final and today the winner would be announced at noon in the city. The competition had been the talk of the whole city and Galaxy’s photo had gotten a lot of attention. Galaxy was nervous and restless and didn’t really want to go. First of all, if she won, everyone would know it was her. Second of all, Alowa was also a finalist. Third of all, she still had nightmares about everyone laughing at her. Buzzie tried to comfort Galaxy, but in the end he basically had to drag her out the door so they wouldn’t be late.

     The organizers behind the competition had made a big scene in the centre of the city with fancy lights and everything. There were many people and pets gathering around the scene. Galaxy didn’t know there were that many people and pets in the city. As Galaxy was putting on the costume, Alowa passed her. Alowa didn’t stop to chat, but her look said it all. Alowa didn’t want Galaxy there.

     The three finalists were called onto the stage one by one. First out was a beautiful royal Draik girl. The audience clapped, so Galaxy felt a little better. Maybe they wouldn’t laugh at her. Second out was Alowa. The audience clapped for her as well. Galaxy was next out. The audience clapped and cheered loudly as she entered the stage. She felt relieved that she was wearing a mask, so no one could see how much she was blushing.

     “And now for the winner of this year’s beauty competition...” said the faerie in charge and the crowd settled down to hear her words. “The winner is... Galaxy - our warrior princess!” The crowd broke out in cheers. The faerie congratulated Galaxy, hugged her and put a tiara on her head. Galaxy could not believe it was happening. She was in shock. In her peripheral vision Galaxy saw Alowa leave the stage in tears.

     “So what are you going to use the money on?” asked the faerie and handed the microphone to Galaxy.

     “I’m going to ‘Books Of The World’ event with all my friends!” Galaxy answered, smiling. She answered a few more questions, while the crowed kept cheering for her. As Galaxy left the stage, her owner, Buzzie, Julie and the rest of the book club came running towards her. They all hugged and congratulated her. I’m so lucky, Galaxy thought. I have a wonderful owner, who cares deeply for me, and good friends, who support me.

The End

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