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The Almost Abandoned Attic or the Igloo Garage Sale?

by charlie_ryan


On the 13th of Hunting 2010, ‘something special for our Loyal Users,’ was announced, which left many people wondering, what is it? Was it going to be allowed for loyal users to have a fifth pet? Or perhaps loyal users were going to get to unconvert a Neopet? Or maybe even an extra Secret Laboratory Zap was going to be made available? Well, it turned out to be none of these, but something no one had thought of: a special shop available for loyal users of three years that stocks a variety of items, including rarity 99 items. This has lead to the comparison of the Almost Abandoned Attic to the Igloo Garage Sale. But what is truly the best: the Attic or Igloo?


In the darkest depths of the Haunted Woods, past the Gypsy Camp, lies Neovia, a previously cursed city. In Neovia, owned by a Ghost Aisha, lies the Almost Abandoned Attic, which is covered in skulls and cobwebs and contains the goodies.

On the other hand, up on the coldest point of Terror Mountain is a small igloo, where Mika and Carassa, two cheery blue and yellow Chias, live. For the past few years now, they have been wanting to move somewhere warmer, but first they have to sell their items, which means they must have had an unimaginable amount of items in the beginning.


This is one of the biggest perks of the Almost Abandoned Attic over the Igloo garage Sale: its items. The Attic had been known to stock a wide selection of items, including Draik Eggs (even four times at once during one restock!), A Grey Faerie Doll, numerous amounts of Morphing Potions and even a Bony Grarrl Club. Along with these items, include even more items, which may or may not be unbuyable, such as plushies, clothes, furniture and a different array of foods.

Sadly, on the other hand, the Igloo’s items aren’t quite as glamourous or expensive. The majority of the items that stock are low rarity and, well, to put it bluntly, junk. However, there may be some items that can make you a few thousand neopoints profit. There are several items in the Igloo that can gain you several thousand neopoints, however, and may even be unbuyable, such as Gift bags, Piñatas and Bags of Peanuts, which are all fairly easy to sell items.


In the Attic, the items go fast. As in blink and you may miss it fast. Due to the large volume of users in the Attic, compared to the small amount of items, it is no wonder why the items go so quickly. Seriously, don’t spend time browsing around the Attic, deciding what item to buy. You won’t get any items like that, even junky ones! So in the Attic I have one tip: just click the first thing you see! Even if it is junk the first time, you may get something better in the long run, such as the items mentioned above, if you just stay in the same place.

The Igloo’s items, however, go at a rather leisurely pace, well, compared to the Attic, that is. Some items may go quicker than others, such as the goodies mentioned above, but in general the items go much slower for several reasons. One reason is because of the quantity of items that restock. In the Attic, items stock in ones, twos, threes, and sometimes fours, but the Igloo goes into overload and stocks some items in ones, while others stock in the early, mid or late tens or sometimes even in twenties. The second reason is the fact that some of the items that stock are junk, so not many people will be interested in buying them. I mean, who would want to buy items that generate a loss!


Both the Attic and the Igloo are available to a different range of people. The Attic is only available to loyal users, users who have an account over three years old (thirty six months). This joins with other perks loyal users are allowed to have, such as an increase in the number of monthly transfers and special neotitles. While it may be frustrating for users who are only a few days, weeks or months away from turning thirty six months, the wait will be worth it, especially if you managed to buy an unbuyable straight away! The Igloo, though, is available to everyone, so young and old accounts can browse through the sale to their hearts' content.


This is another big difference between the Attic and the Igloo. The Attic’s items can restock from a few hundred neopoints to a whopping 700,000 neopoints, thanks to a Lost Desert Draik Egg. And who knows, maybe there is another item, waiting to restock for even more than 700,000 neopoints. So if you are in the Attic, make sure you have plenty of neopoints on hand; you don’t want to risk missing a bargain because you didn’t have enough neopoints! The Igloo items stock for a much lower price compared to the Attic, ranging from a few neopoints to just over 1,000 neopoints.

Anything Else?

There is a limit in both the Attic and the Igloo on how much you can buy. In the Attic there is a maximum of five items allowed to be bought a day. The Igloo, on the other hand, has a ten item a day rule. More items equal more profit! However, it also has an extra rule of only being able to buy one item each minute, something which the Attic does not have, meaning in the Attic you may be able to buy two items in one restock, if you are fast enough!

Also, you may not know if you have gotten an item in the Attic, as when you press and item, a pop up box appears, asking if you want to buy your chosen item, which you reply yes to. The page then refreshes, whether or not you have been able to buy the item, so the only way of checking is but checking your inventory, and hoping you were quick enough! The Igloo, however, will tell you whether or not you have been successful. If you have been successful, you will receive this message “Thanks for buying this amazing (item),” sadly if you weren’t successful, you will receive this: “Sorry, we don't have any more of those left. :(”

Overall, it really depends on whether you think the Almost Abandoned Attic or the Igloo Garage Sale is best. If you don’t mind being scared, have plenty of neopoints on hand, and are quick, then the Attic is the one for you. If, on the other hand, you prefer small bargains, but aren’t the quickest person in the world, then the Igloo is the place for you!

Thank you for reading, and happy buying wherever you choose to go!

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