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Altador Cup - Get Your Avatar On!

by sk8brdrme


Also by lily_evans11

Well, fellow Neopians, it’s that time of year again... the moment you’ve been waiting for: yes, that’s right, it’s the fifth annual Altador Cup! The long yet very much rewarding process of careful preparations has begun as anticipation and excitement linger over every part of Neopia and its surrounding worlds. And of course, it’s never too early to show your support for the Cup! Just don't become like the crazed Techo fan, though; we’re not sure your parents would approve.


Altador Cup Player

Yooyu lovers everywhere will be proud to sport this gem of an avatar. And you will probably be jumping with excitement, like this Yooyu, as you cheer for your favourite team(s)!

Altador Cup – Staff Tourney

Featuring various staff members from the first ever Altador Cup Staff Tournament, this avatar is sure to make you a winner. Although it may be a little outdated, what would the Altador Cup be without its seasoned veterans?

Altador Cup

If you really must insist on becoming a crazed fan, then this avatar is the right fit for you. Be sure to pick up some Techo Fanatic Throat Drops, though, in case you find your throat running raw.


Yurble – Forefitor

That poor angry Yurble – still angry even after all these years. Perhaps he will be less angry once the Altador Cup comes around? Well, on second thought, he’ll be angrier with the mess all the players, fans, and tourists will be making once everyone is in town for the Cup...

Lupe - King Altador

Make your presence known as King (or Queen) of the Cup! Featuring King Altador’s profile, he sure looks proud to be King of the host city to the Altador Cup. And it would make him prouder if you were to support his team with this avatar... just sayin’.

Lenny - Finneus

Who says the Altador Cup isn’t also about the brains? No doubt teams will be visiting Finneus to help with their strategies. That is, of course, if he isn’t already biased towards Altador. ;)


Acara – Roberta of Brightvale

Roberta is the niece of King Hagan, but she is probably better known as the young, heroic Acara who helped save Altador. Find the hero inside of you when you use this avatar and bring your Brightvale team to victory!

Skeith – King Hagan

According to King Hagan, knowledge is power. And of course, in order to obtain this avatar, you would need to have a bit of smarts to figure out how! With that being said, this avatar is used by the wisest of Neopians... now would that be you?


If the official flag of Brightvale isn’t convincing enough as support, then we are at a loss. Honestly though, can team pride get any better than this?! We certainly don’t think so.


Master Vex

Master Vex may be the inventor and master of Cellblock, but you can prove that you are the Yooyuball master! Rumour has it that Master Vex has never lost a game of Cellblock. Now the real challenge is: can you do the same against your opponents?

Kass Minion

Is there a better word to describe eternal support (also commonly mistaken as undying love) for Lord Kass than the word “minion”? Though it has been quite some time since Lord Kass has been gone, there remain many supporters who will someday proudly resume Lord Kass's rule and influence over the Citadel.

Darigan Redeemed

If you’re worried about Lord Kass supporters ruining your team’s image, try using this avatar to balance things out a bit. Even if there are fewer numbers because of the avatar’s rarity, the redemptive factor is much better received and provides a spark of motivation to redeem themselves as repeat champions of the Cup.


Poogle Racing Winner

Nothing says winner better than... winner. Instead of cheering for those Poogles down at the Poogle Racing track, it’s time to cheer for your Faerieland team! And who knows, maybe those Poogles will come and cheer for you. ;)

Queen Fyora

Queen Fyora is often considered to be representative of Faerieland, and not to mention that she is pretty in pink too. Despite her good looks, in addition to her kindness and warmth, she can often overpower her opponents, whether they are trying to cast darkness over Neopia or trying to defeat her in the Cup.

Peophin – Faerie

Be loud and proud of your Faerieland team with this stylish Peophin-featured avatar. Complete with Faerieland colours, pink and purple, it is sure to help you present a strong front against any opponent daring to face you.


Freaked Korbat

Sporting this avatar will almost certainly have opponents a little freaked out. Plus, having a Korbat on your avatar also shows support for the star forward, Zo Junior. True Zo Junior fans know that he is number one, after all.

Mutant Graveyard of Doom II

Opponents of the Haunted Woods team: prepare to meet your doom! Use this avatar to send a message to your opponents that they may just find themselves in a graveyard if they take this Haunted Woods team for granted.

Ruki – Mummified

Your mummy has always been your number one fan. So it’s probably time to show how much you care for both your mummy and your team as you proudly display this avatar; oh, such a touching gesture! Just don’t get too wrapped up in the moment. ;)


Kiko – Rock!

Kiko Lake players and fans can surely prove that they are All-Stars as they rock the ranks in the Cup. There’s nothing better than finding your rhythm as you make your way to the finals and complete victory!

Kiko Ninja

Stealthy and quick? That sounds representative of the Kiko Lake team. Show your team is full of surprises just waiting to happen. Your opponents won’t know what hit them!

Kiko – Snack Time!

A balanced diet and good eating habits are essential to being healthy and in shape for the Cup. There is, without a doubt, a rigorous training and game schedule, but there’s always time for an energising snack to keep players and fans strong throughout the Cup!



Players can’t practise nor relax with messy decks, aye? So get to swabbin’ those decks, ya scurvy dog! We’ve got to show that foolish Yurble janitor and ev’ryone else who be the best, arrr!

Poogle – Pirate

Nothing expresses a pirate better than a fearsome grin and pirate talk. Only with a pirate’s skill can one navigate one’s way to finding that Altador Cup treasure, avast!

Curse of Maraqua – Pirate Warrior or Curse of Maraqua – Pirate Supporter

If you were around during the Curse of Maraqua plot, you should know a thing or two about supporting and fighting for your team. Let your opponents, especially those meddling Maraquans, know that you’re not a team to be taken for granted.


Freaky Factory – Yoinked

Only plushies can help fuel the energy of your Grundo army, right? ;) This avatar was made for Kreludor; just look at the colours! With this, Kreludor will be sure to steal the competition.

Grundo – Forever Orange

This avatar is arguably the perfect fit for a die-hard Kreludor supporter. One: it has a Grundo; two: it contains a team colour (orange); three: it has the word “forever” on it. Now we don’t know about you, but does this avatar not shout out “Kreludor fan forever”?

Grundo – Faerie

Perhaps you have a bit of a softer side and want to show how much of a graceful opponent you are and can be. And, there was always something mystical about Kreludor...


Suteks Tomb

The Mighty Sutek was a Geb who was highly praised. Shouldn’t that also be true of the Lost Desert team? Show both your respect and support with this Geb of an avatar (and we apologise for this terrible pun!).

Jub Zambra

Jub Zambra is a prime example of a hard-worker and can also be representative of the Lost Desert team. After falling just short in the previous Cups, can the team charm their way into the winner’s position this year?

LDP – What does it mean?

“What does it mean?” Well, that's a good question... could it possibly mean that Lost Desert is destined to win the Cup? Quick, check the scrolls and see what legend tells us!


Flotsam – Tough

What better way to show how tough you really are with the word...“tough”. Hey, it’s quick and to-the-point. And maybe that will also be true of a Maraquan victory. ;)

Raider of Maraqua

Show off your awesome gaming skills both underwater and on the playing field. Gather up your ambition, just like Karpoh here, and soon, the treasure... er, Altador Cup, will be yours, Maraqua.

Curse of Maraqua – Maraquan Warrior or Curse of Maraqua – Maraquan Supporter

If you were here during the Curse of Maraqua plot, you should know a thing or two about supporting and fighting for your team. Let your opponents, especially those pesky pirates, know that you’re not a team to be taken for granted.


Jeran – Hero

Jeran was a hero during times of war. Though we are at more peaceful times during the Altador Cup season, his type of ambition and bravery can be applied to the playing field. Will you be a hero and bring the Altador Cup home to Meridell?

IOM Moehog

After playing the re-created first battle in Meridell, winning the Altador Cup shouldn’t be a problem. It all comes down to one thing: strategy. It’s time to defend your honour as you play and/or cheer for Meridell!

Meridell Knight

Long term Meridell supporters should know the drill. In order to be successful and achieve total victory, you must keep persevering! So get out there and fight for your team, just like the Champions of Meridell!


Atlas of the Ancients

There was absolutely no way we could leave this avatar out, considering that this is the avatar from the site event during which Moltara was discovered by surface Neopians! Although the team is a newcomer to the Cup and most likely considered to be an underdog, Moltara fans have shown how fiery they can be... Moltara is underground with magma pools, after all!

Blumaroo – Fire!

Get fired up as new team Moltara gets ready to burn up the ranks and prove how strong of a team they are! This team is, without a doubt, filled with lots of fiery ambition to establish their rightful place in the rankings.

Fire Paw

With Moltara being a new land and team, there might be some speculation that they will fall under the enormous pressure. Since Fire Paw was raised by Scorchios, he can take the heat (literally)! Moltara fans can exhibit that similar nature as they prepare for their very first appearance in the Altador Cup.


Island Quiggle

Look at how happy this Quiggle is to be a Mystery Island fan! We should hope that you are happy to be a Mystery Island fan as well. Show off how happy and proud you are of your team with this brightly cheerful avatar.

Krawk – Island Fever

Mystery Island fans are almost sure to have island fever! But no, the only solution here is not more Kaubell, unfortunately. In fact, the only solution has got to be an Altador Cup victory!

Must... Keep... Smiling...

As painful as it might be to work those facial muscles, yes, you must keep smiling. How else are you going to compete with that crazed Techo fan? And maybe you will be able to distract your opponents with your sparkling, white teeth (although we are not condoning any acts of foul play please!).



This team doesn’t need to rely on luck to get far in the Cup. But of course, a little bit of luck never really hurt anyone. Give a lucky blow onto those dice and increase your chance of being victorious once again!

Count Von Roo

If you’re like Von Roo, who is only awake for an hour, don’t worry about it. Every little bit of support helps! Not to mention that his ominous stare on this avatar is enough to make opponents intimidated.

Blumaroo Court Jester

Filled with practical jokes and playful mindsets, Roo Island fans definitely know how to lighten up the mood in an intense competition. If anyone knows how to properly cheer for their team, it’s you fans from Roo Island, with all of your cheery disposition.


Aisha – Hoban the Navigator

Feel as enthusiastic as Hoban is, while supporting your favourite team! Keeping a light and positive spirit will surely bring good fortune to you. And maybe you will be able to navigate your team to victory!

Kasuki Lu – Heeyah!

Don't mess with the ninja warrior! Kasuki Lu has been training all his life because he believes he is destined to be the Battledome champion. The same can be said for the Shenkuu team, so get ready to show that you are destined to be Altador Cup champions!

Blumaroo – Chef Bonju

After being such a difficult avatar to figure out for such a long time, it seems right to give Shenkuu players an easy road to victory. Maybe you can even try asking Bonju to cook up a recipe for it.



Spread a little playful joy into the intensely competitive atmosphere with this bright and happy avatar. Remember, a friendly competition is much more enjoyable than an angry one. ;)

Cliffhanger – Game Over

It most certainly is game over... for your opponents, that is. Make your opponents fall down the rankings as you make your way to the top! No better way to rub it in their face with the large white words “Game Over” (please remember to demonstrate good sportsmanship, though!).

Snowager – Rawr!

Prove that you are a team to be feared, just like the Snowager. Show opponents your fighting side and they will most certainly be frozen in fear. RAWR!


Grarrl Warrior

Tyrannians have always been known to be mighty warriors, dating back all the way to the Tyrannian invasion. After defeating the Monoceraptor, the road to an Altador Cup victory should be as smooth and flat as the Tyrannian Plateau.

Jubjub – Tyrannian

Uggh-Ugga-Ugg! Ugga uhhhg a-ugga Tyrannia! Ahh-aka-aka-gal! Gal-aka-aka-bo! Nah-de! Gal-aka-fyaaaar! Uhhg uhhhhg! Ugga ugga Cup ugg ugga! ...Erm, can someone get a translator in here? Something about Tyrannia and the Cup?

Volcano Run

A good shout-out to opponents of Tyrannia: if they don’t watch out, they could meet the same fate as Glubgar here on this avatar. Well, maybe just in a figurative sense and not literal, since that would just be cruel and this is a friendly competition, right!? *coughs*


Typing Terror

Invoke terror into your opponents, especially since last year when you demonstrated you are not a team to be overlooked and simply brushed aside! Although this avatar may be one that is considered to be strongly based on luck, that is definitely not the case for the Cup. You’ve got skills!

TCG – Return of Dr. Sloth Champion

If you can find a better, more direct way of saying champion other than the word “champion”, then you deserve a standing ovation. Though we can’t say for sure whether you will win the champion title or not, there is definitely the potential! All that’s left to do is to fulfill it.

Neoquest II – Bionic Cybunny

The perfect avatar for the perfect objective: eliminating targets. Just remember to not get too carried away... after all, this is supposed to be friendly competition. And of course, please don’t forget your primary objective: to have fun!

Well, there you have it! A selection of avatars to represent each team in the Altador Cup! Remember to wear your team jerseys and bring your foam fingers, pom-poms, slushie-cup holder hats, and whatever else you want to root for your favourite team. Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen. See you out there in the stands! :)

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