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Secrets of the Space Necklace: Part Five

by downrightdude


There were only two noises that the threesome could hear: Clara’s faint snoring and the music box. Everyone was in shock about the little present that was left in the library.

     “Maybe it was here earlier,” Chloe suggested. “I’m sure it didn’t just pop-up out of nowhere.”

     Vincent and Tina shook their heads. Chloe sighed. The music box was still playing its mysterious song. Chloe started to shiver again. She couldn’t understand why an intruder would break into Miss Van Sparkleton’s mansion, steal a necklace and think that a music box could replace it easily. Bu there was something about the music box that also made Chloe shiver even more. The tune sounded very faint, but familiar. Could she have heard this before?

     Bam! Everyone was startled when the lights went back on. Tina sighed in relief while Chloe turned off the lantern. Vincent looked around. The library wasn’t messy at all, but something still felt out of place.

     The music box, Chloe thought as she approached it. She then picked it up, so she could study it carefully. The music box was red with gold edges. It was open, so inside was a ruby heart that spun while the music played. When the music stopped playing, the heart stopped spinning and Chloe could read what was on it.

     “Friends forever,” Chloe read out loud. “What could this mean?”

     “It means that whoever received that music box were best friends with someone,” Tina explained. “But do you think it belongs to the intruder?”

     Chloe shrugged her shoulders. She didn’t really understand why an intruder would leave a music box when it left. Was it a sign? And where was Miss Van Sparkleton? That was one mystery that Chloe really wanted to solve.

     “I think we should go home,” Vincent suggested as they all left the library, “I don’t want Mom to worry about us.” Tina and Chloe nodded.

     As they picked up Clara and left the mansion, Chloe decided to sneak the music box out with her. As they walked back home, Chloe couldn’t help but shiver every so often.

     “Are you cold, Chloe?” Tina asked.

     Chloe shook her head as they walked down the sidewalk. It was night now, and the siblings were hoping that their mother wasn’t too worried in them.

     “I hope we didn’t miss dinner,” Vincent said as he rubbed his tummy. The girls giggled. They knew that Vincent wasn’t a big fan of missing meals. He was the one who told Chloe and Tina that no Neopian could ever have too many lunches!

     “What’s going on?” Clara yawned. She then turned around, as if she didn’t recognize where they were. “Hey, where are we going?” Clara asked. “What happened to the tea?”

     “It was cancelled,” Tina said. “Miss Van Sparkleton told us to go home when the storm came and the lights when out.”

     “But, were we invited back next week?” Clara asked. She was hoping her siblings would say yes.

     “Actually,” Chloe said as she bit her lower lip, “she didn’t invite us back next week. She had to go on a sudden trip to Brightvale. She did say she’ll be back in a month for five.”

     “Oh,” Clara sighed sadly. Chloe felt really bad about lying to her baby sister. But was it right?

     I can’t just return next week, Clara thought to herself. Besides, what’s the point? I don’t think I’ll ever want to see that ‘Miss Van whoever-she-is’ ever again!

     Chloe started to bite her lip even harder. The music box was still in her hand. Slowly, Chloe then turned the music box key and opened it. The ruby heart in it started to spin. Chloe started to hum the almost familiar tune.

     ”What a pretty music box,” Clara exclaimed when she saw it. “Where did you get it?”

     Chloe ignored her question. She was too busy humming the tune that was now filling the lonely Neopian Central Street.

     “Why are you playing that, Chloe?” Vincent asked. “And why did you take it?”

     “Vincent, why are you asking these questions?’ Tina groaned. “It seems that every little thing we do annoys you. Whether it’s shopping, or eating muffins, to sipping colas-”

     “I get it,” Vincent interrupted. He then sighed and stared up at all of the night stars. “Today was a crazy day, right?”

     Chloe and Tina nodded. Clara sighed. “Why didn’t you wake me up when all the exciting stuff was happening?” she whined.

     “I tried,” Tina confessed, “but you wouldn’t wake up. You were too busy snoring on the sofa to wake up.”

     “I wasn’t snoring!” Clara argued back. As she and Tina starting arguing about who snores and who doesn’t, Vincent asked Chloe, “Are you okay? You’ve been pretty quiet.”

     Chloe nodded as the music box stopped playing its tune. “I’m okay,” she replied. She then looked at Vincent, whose eyes said that he didn’t believe her. “What?” she asked. “I said I’m okay.”

     “I know you,” Vincent said as the foursome approached their home. “Ever since you were created, I could read your face very easily. And even though you claim you're okay, I could see you're really not.”

     Chloe sighed. She knew Vincent was right. It was as if he could read her mind. It was also reverse as well. Both siblings sighed as they entered the house, only you hear Clara and Tina argue even more.

     “I’m telling you,” Clara shouted, “that Vincent has the smelliest socks! Have you been to his room? It’s like being in the Rubbish Dump at Meridell!”

     Vincent frowned as he entered. “Who thinks I have stinky socks?” he asked. Tina and Clara immediately pointed to each other. Chloe laughed. How were those two going to get away now!

     Lucky for those two, they were called by their mother to eat dinner. Both girls sighed with relief as they ran to the kitchen table.

     “We’re having burgers for dinner tonight,” their mother said as they entered the kitchen. “I got four different ones, since each of you have different tastes.”

     Everyone cheered as they reached to get their burger. Tina reached for her Aisha Cheeseburger, which she adored since she was an Aisha herself. Clara decided to eat the Rainbow Fountain Burger. She didn’t really try it, but she did like its pretty colours. Vincent decided to eat the Tonu Cheeseburger, which left Chloe with just a plain Cheeseburger. Chloe just took a little bite out of her burger and began to study the music box very carefully. She was looking for more clues. Tina and Clara, on the other hand, were too busy teasing Vincent while they ate.

     “I think the last time Vincent bathed was last year,” Tina stated. Clara laughed.

     “You two think you’re so smart.” Vincent grinned. “But I bet neither of you has ever beaten the Pant Devil in the Battledome before!” he said as he flexed his muscles. His sisters moaned. They didn’t want to hear a Battledome story from Vincent right now. It was just as bad to hear about what he read!

     “Chloe,” Mom shrieked. “What are you doing with my music box?”

     “YOUR music box,” Chloe said, not believing what their mom just said. Their mom nodded her head.

     “Yes,” she said firmly. “That, young lady, is mine.” And without an objection, Chloe watched in horror as their mom snatched the music box from her and started to walk up the stairs.

     “No!” Chloe called out. She then got up from her chair, and ran up the stairs. He siblings followed her immediately. As they gathered in front of their Mom’s bedroom door, they all peered in as they saw their mom place the music box in her closet. As soon as they saw her leave, the foursome hid against the wall. When she left and went back downstairs, the foursome opened the bedroom door and entered the room. They scanned the room to make sure no one was lurking about, and then they dove to the closet.

     “I think she hid the music box on the top shelf,” Tina said as she opened the closet. “I think we should try and get up there.”

     “No sweat,” Chloe said as she flapped her wings. Sure enough, her wings started to flap harder and Chloe started to fly! Her siblings stared in awe as Chloe proudly flew to the top closet shelf and knocked down the hat boxes that were there.

     “Try looking inside,” Chloe suggested.

     “Okay,” her siblings said at once. They each grabbed a hat box and opened it.

     “Pretty hat,” Clara said as she picked up a pink sunhat from her box and placed it on her head.

     “Guys,” Tina said, her voice trembling, “I think I found it.” Chloe flew down to her and landed right on the floor. She then peered into Tina’s hatbox. Sure enough: the music box was inside! But something else was in it too.

     “I don’t believe it,” Chloe gasped. Inside was an identical music box, but in a different colour. Although it was purple and it had an amethyst heart in it, the tune was still the same. But why would their mother have an identical musical box that also had the words “Best Friends Forever” on its jewelled heart?

To be continued...

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