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Secrets of the Space Necklace: Part One

by downrightdude


“I’m bored!!” Clara wailed. She was getting tired of playing with her Ballerina Usuki all alone. She glanced at the others, and saw that they were all bored too. Chloe was trying hard not to fall asleep in the sand-box. Vincent was getting tired of reading the same pages in his book over and over again. And Tina didn’t do a thing: she just sighed as she sat under her shady tree, trying to block the outside world away from her.

     “This has got to be the most boring Saturday in the history of Saturdays,” Chloe sighed as she picked up another handful of sand. “Let’s go back home.”

     Her siblings nodded as they all stood up and started to leave the park. It was a bright, sunny day and the four-some decided to walk around Neopia Central for a bit. They each got their allowances of five hundred neopoints each, so they were very eager to buy whatever they could. They knew their mother wouldn’t let them split up, so all four siblings had to stay as a whole group while they shopped.

     “Let’s start at the Book shop,” Vincent suggested. “I just know that the shop has stocked up more copies of Book of Swords, I just know it!”

     “That’s what you said last time!” Clara wailed. “I want to go to Usukiland! My Ballerina Usuki is just dying for a new tutu.”

     “How about the Grooming Parlour,” Chloe said hoping to end her sibling’s bickering. “It will only take a second. I just need to go there and get more Red Varnish and I’m done.”

     “I thought you got your nail stuff last week?” Clara asked impatiently. She was getting more cranky, since she missed her afternoon nap. “I want to go to Usukiland!”

     Everyone then started to fight all at once. Clara, Vincent and Chloe started to fight over where to go first. While they fought, Tina sighed and decided to look around. As she looked around, she noticed a very, big mansion behind her. Fascinated, the Grey Aisha made her way to the mansion to stare.

     The mansion was very big and white. The grass on the front yard was very green, and Tina could see a variety of pretty flowers blooming in little patches by the flowerbeds.

     “Wow, it must be great to be rich,” Tina commented.

     She peeked over the tall, iron gates to see who was living inside. Standing on her tip-toes, Tina could see a figure from one of the windows. Tina sighed.

     She could imagine a very wealthy Neopian just walk out with style and grace. She will be wearing an elegant dress, and her hair will be long and shiny.

     “What are you doing?” Clara called out from behind her.

     Tina gasped and turned around. Her siblings were staring down at her. They each crossed their arms and stared back at Tina. Tina just lowered her head.

     “What are you doing?” Chloe asked. “Do you know who lives in there?”

     “No,” Tina confessed. “That’s why I was standing on my tip-toes.”

     “I wonder who does live in that mansion,” Vincent wondered.

     His sisters nodded to each other and gazed at the mansion in front of them. They were each amazed at how big and how beautiful it was.

     “This lady must be very wealthy,” Chloe commented as she stared at the flowerbeds. She sighed as she gazed upon the rose bushes that grew in the pretty, green front yard. She wished she could have her own rose beds as well, but knew their mother wouldn’t allow it at their yard.

     “I bet she’s a princess!” Clara shouted happily. She then began jumping up and down, trying to see over the tall fence.

     Vincent placed a paw over her mouth, so she wouldn’t call out to whoever did live inside.

     “Shush!” he snarled. “Do you want us to get caught?”

     Clara shook her head, but then started to squeal and point. She started to jump higher, but Vincent still didn’t let go.

     “Clara, what is it?” Chloe asked nervously. She then turned around and gasped. Tina then turned around and gasped as well. Vincent was the only one who didn’t know what was happening.

     While Clara squirmed around, trying to fee herself from Vincent’s grasp, Tina and Chloe tried pointing to the figure behind him.

     And to think he’s the smart one! Clara thought as a Pink Bruce approached Vincent.

     The Pink Bruce that approached them was furious. Chloe and Tina tried to warn Vincent of her presence, but he didn’t listen. Finally, the Bruce spoke.

     “Young man, what are you doing to this Baby Usul?” a stern Voice demanded. She then whacked Vincent with her Flower Purse and said, “I think a young gentleman like you should let her go right this instant!”

     Vincent was startled and his face began to turn red in embarrassment, but was more than glad to let Clara go. He then stepped away from the Bruce and bowed slowly at her.

     The Bruce replied with a deep curtsy.

     “You really are a princess!” Clara declared as she pointed to the Bruce’s hair.

     The Bruce had her deep pink hair down, and it was very curly. On top of her head was a silver tiara that was encrusted with rubies and diamonds. The Bruce giggled.

     “My, you are such an affectionate little darling,” the Bruce said cheerfully. She then turned to the other three and asked, “Are you all siblings?”

     All three, and Clara, nodded. Everyone was in awe at the Bruce’s presence and appeal.

     Clara was still gazing at the little tiara. Chloe was gazing at the Bruce’s red velveteen dress, which was decorated with little bows and white fabrics. Tina was busy staring at the Bruce’s slippers, which were red and very sparkly. Each girl was in envy at the Bruce’s sparkling, gold necklace that was hung around her neck.

     “Excuse me, madam,” Vincent said nervously. He tried hard not to turn red again.

     “Please, sir, call me Miss Van Sparkleton,” the Bruce declared. “Now that I have introduced myself, why not introduce yourselves to me.”

     “I’m Vincent,” Vincent said in a shaky voice. He then extended his left paw and said, “How do you do?”

     “I am fine, thank you,” Miss Van Sparkleton said calmly. She then looked at the girls and asked them, “And who are you three?”

     “I’m Clara!” Clara announced. She then pointed to her sisters and said, “This is Chloe, and this is Tina.”

     “How charming,” Miss Van Sparkleton said. She then reached into her purse and brought out four lacy cards.

     “What are those for?” Chloe asked.

     Miss Van Sparkleton smiled as she handed each pet a card. Everyone was surprised. Each card had a lacy border and a picture of a beautiful bouquet of flowers on the front. On the back were a time, date and an address. What were these cards for?

     “Wow, an address,” Tina wailed quietly.

     “Yes, this address is in fact the address to my mansion,” Miss Van Sparkleton explained. “These are invitations to a tea for tomorrow. Please come in your very best clothing and very best behaviour,” she said as she started to walk away.

     “We would love to come!” Clara said happily.

     “But what would Mom say?” Chloe asked her siblings. “We can’t just sneak off to a stranger’s house and have tea, can we?”

     “I can speak for myself that you don’t have to worry a thing,” Miss Van Sparkleton explained. “My mansion is perfectly safe for young Neopians. As a matter of fact, I have travelled around this very world, you know.”

     “You did?” Vincent asked. He sounded very fascinated. “Did you ever meet King Hagan?”

     “On three separate occasions,” Miss Van Sparkleton boasted. “As a matter of fact, I was sent to Brightvale to teach young Neopians there some good manners. I met many princesses and princes, and I have also taught queens a thing or two about sipping soup!”

     “Can you teach us table manners too?” Clara asked. Her siblings groaned as she asked.

     “I don’t see why not,” Miss Van Sparkleton said as she patted Clara’s head. “After all, I don’t see why even you can’t act like a princess as well!”

     “I think I’m going to skip tomorrow’s afternoon tea,” Chloe whispered to Tina as Miss Van Sparkleton walked down the sidewalk. Tina nodded in agreement.

     As Miss Van Sparkleton walked away, the four-some decided to walk home. Clara was busy skipping and singing to herself while her older siblings talked among themselves.

     “I am not going to tomorrow’s tea,” Chloe announced. “What if it’s boring?”

     “I bet Miss Van Sparkleton is a very interesting lady,” Vincent suggested. “She looks like a very cultured lady.”

     “And she’s rich,” Tina added, not knowing what that had to do with the conversation.

     Chloe sighed. She hoped deeply for a miracle. Maybe their mother will say no? Maybe Miss Van Sparkleton will mysteriously disappear?

     Chloe groaned as she read over her invitation. But she then stopped reading to rub her forehead. Something wasn’t right.

     “Hey guys, who’s ‘Madame C.K. Parker’?” Chloe asked. Her siblings didn’t know, so they all decided to crowd around her.

     “Maybe it’s someone else?” Tina suggested. She saw no need to wonder who a ‘Madam C.K. Parker’ was or why it was even important in the first place.

     Vincent checked his invitation. “There’s no name on my invitation,” he confirmed. Clara said the same thing, and so did Tina.

     “Well, I guess Miss Van Sparkleton is too cheap to get more invitations, and decided it was okay to leave other names on them too.” Chloe said as the four-some reached they’re neohome. Chloe sighed deeply.

     “Why don’t you just come along, Chloe? It will be fun!” Clara suggested.

     “There’s no way I am sitting at a stranger’s mansion to have tea with them for a whole afternoon!” Chloe hissed. She was then approached by their mother, who opened the door for them.

     Chloe sighed as she handed her invitation to their mother, hoping she would tell her pets to stay away from Miss Van Sparkleton for their own safety.

     But she was shocked when their mother grinned and said, “Oh, of course you guys can go! Just make sure to wear your best for tomorrow and behave politely.”

     Chloe groaned as she heard Clara yell out in excitement. There was no way she as getting out of that tea now.

To be continued....

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