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The Truth About Jelly World

by spirit_wolf589


Jeiee, a small Spotted Kougra, slammed the front door shut and angrily walked up to her room, slamming that door as well.

     "Hey Jeiee, what's wrong?" her brother Jyc asked through the door.

     "Nothing! Now go away!" she screamed.

     Jyc then threw open the door anyway and walked in. The bright colours in her room seemed to disagree with Jyc, who was a Darigan Kougra and dark purple fur. "What's your deal? Why do you always do stuff like this?"

     Jeiee glared at her brother. "I'm trying to do an article for the Neopian Times and I can't get the information I need."

     Her brother snorted. "Yeah, right. You send in a bunch of articles and how many have gotten published? None, that's how many. You know as well as I do that Jelly World is NOT real, so stop trying to find it. You won't."

     "You are the worst brother EVER. The least you could do was try and make me feel better instead of kicking me when I'm down."

     "Why would I do that? It's more fun this way."

     "Will you get out of my room?!" she screamed. It seemed as if Jyc's dark color was starting to rub off on him. She never recalled him being this much of a jerk. Jyc didn't move an inch, just stood there staring at her. She realized he wasn't going to leave.

     "Fine then, I'll leave. Although it is my room," she said angrily and walked to her window and pulled it open. She then jumped out the simple first story window and charged off. She ran to the only place she could feel good, and that was Kiko Lake. She liked to take a small rowboat out there and just sit in the ocean and let the small waves rock her boat. It made her feel better.

     It took her half an hour but she still made it there. She got a small rowboat and pushed the water, pulling her boat forward until she could just see the line of shore. She then lay down and closed her eyes, resting them and imagining what the great Jelly World would look like.


     Jeiee didn't realize she'd fell asleep till she woke up. She checked the sun and noticed she'd been asleep pretty long. It was around five o'clock. She grabbed the oars and was ready to row back to shore when she realized she couldn't see the shore.

     "Oh Fyora, no!" she cried. "The waves must have pushed me away from Kiko Lake! I'm lost!" she screamed aloud.

     She breathed out a sigh of relief when she realized she wasn't lost at all. She was just looking in the wrong direction. She could see shore. She rowed towards it shakily, relieved. But as she rowed closer and closer she noticed that the land ahead of her wasn't Kiko Lake. It couldn't be. The whole town was a orange color, and it looked like it was moving. Not moving moving, just swaying back and forth.

     "Oh my," she whispered. She jumped out of the boat and ran across the sand, which wasn't sand at all but jelly. It was jelly! She had found the legendary Jelly World after all! "Eat that, Jyc," she muttered.

     She mentally slapped herself. She shouldn't be thinking like that towards her own brother. She didn't even know where she was. She didn't know how to get back to Neopia Central. She may be lost forever. There weren't even any people around. It was a big ghost town.

     "Hello! Anybody there? Hello!" she called as loudly as she could without screaming.

     "Hello!" she heard someone say. Or was it just an echo?

     Why didn't her paws sink into the ground? If she walked on the kind of jelly her mother cooked at home she would definitely sink through to the bottom. There were also big buildings all around her, but those were made of green jelly instead of the orange jelly that was the pavement. She wondered if she could eat it or not. Should she risk trying?

     "If you don't eat soon, then you won't be around long enough to know," she said to herself.

     Jeiee tentatively reached her paw out to one of the buildings and grabbed a big chunk of jelly and peeled it off. It was much stickier than the jelly at home. She unclenched her fist and pointed it towards the ground, and the jelly didn't fall off. She then brought it back to her face, and she stuck her tongue out and licked the green jelly and immediately spat it back out again.

     "Bleh! This stuff is gross! Who would eat this?"

     "Nobody. You're supposed to buy the stuff in the grocery store and eat that."

     She whipped around, the jelly falling off her hand from the wind that suddenly blew, and all the buildings groaned and swayed, daring the wind to blow again and pull the top right off. Nobody was there.

     "Over here, silly." Her voice seemed to echo all around her and Jeiee couldn't pinpoint the location of the sound.

     "Show yourself!" she screamed to the empty town.

     Then a Jelly Kacheek walked out of the shadow of a building and walked towards her, her jelly feet making the most disgusting smacking sound on the jelly ground. It was like when your annoying brother would eat with his mouth open.

     "Are you lost? You must be. I haven't seen anybody around here in ages."

     "Yeah. Do you know how to get to Kiko Lake?" Jeiee asked, suddenly scared of this seemingly harmless Kacheek.

     "Kiko Lake? Where's that?"

     "I guess you don't. Do you know how to get back to Neopia? The Space Station? Anywhere but here?!"

     "I know about a Mysterious Island, or whatever you call it, that's just a few miles east of here."

     Is that Mystery Island? Jeiee asked herself. Maybe it really was just a mysterious island, with no inhabitants. "Are there any people?"

     "I don't know. I just know it's there."

     Well, that was no help! she thought. Should she risk having the Kacheek take her there? And if she did, would the Kacheek abandon her there the moment Jeiee stepped foot on this 'Mysterious Island'.

     "Is this Jelly World?"

     "'Course it is! What else would we call it?"


     "Yeah, we. Don't you see my sister? She's right next to you!"

     Jeiee wondered if this Kacheek was just crazy or her sister was invisible. If she said hi and this person said hi back then she'd know she was just invisible. "Hi... What's your name? Mine's Jeiee."

     Her sister didn't answer. But the Kacheek seemed to hear her. She smiled and said, "That's so true, Kaek!"

     "Please, can you take me to Mysterious Island?" What are you doing?! Jeiee screamed at herself. This person is crazy! For all you know this Mysterious Island could just be a rock in the middle of the ocean!

     "Sure. But not today. It's getting dark. You can stay at my house. Come. Follow me."


     "I can't wait to get home!" Jeiee said aloud to herself, lying in a small bed made of Jelly that Diera had had let her sleep in. "I can finally write that article and prove to everyone that Jelly World is real. Then nobody will think I'm the crazy one."

     "That won't be happening."

     Jeiee jumped, startled, at this new voice.

     Now, in front of her, was a Ghost Chomby. She had with her a Nova. But the Nova was nothing like the Novas she'd ever seen. It was the oddest shade of white, almost see-through like the Chomby, but not. It had little tiny stars that floated out from underneath, like they were the reason the Nova was floating. It stared at her with unseeing eyes and Jeiee decided she didn't like this Nova.

     "W-W-Where did you come from?" Jeiee stammered.

     "You will not reveal the secret of the Island that I worked so hard on. I will not have it flooded with tourists. I will send you home, but I promise you, you will never see, or remember, this Island ever again."

     Then the white see-throughish Nova floated towards her and her eyes then glowed the brightest white. She squeezed her eyes shut and put her paws in front of her eyes to hide them from the glare that came from the Nova's eyes.


     "Jeiee? Jeiee? Wake up!"

     Jeiee pulled herself up, groggy. "Wha happened?" she asked.

     "You have to get ready for Neoschool! Hurry or you'll be late," her mother told her before leaving the room.

     "Ugh, I feel horrible," she said. She tried to remember what had happened last night. She had drunk a bunch of Neocola, gotten very hyper off the caffeine, then fallen asleep on the floor. "No wonder I feel so bad."

The End

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