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A New Life, A New Owner and Best Friends

by pritika_is_8


I twirled around in front of the mirror. I had been painted faerie a couple of days ago. My new, red collar had a shiny gold ‘A’ dangling from it. I looked almost the same, only I had pretty pink wings. It had been my dream to be a faerie Aisha, and here I was. I had saved loads of money in my pink knit purse. Then the fountain faerie had come and given us a quest. I got the wand of ultra nova for her and now I was faerie!

     I heard Mommy call us for dinner. Today there was my favorite, myncironi and cheese. I started eating it. Mommy gave us salad too.

     “I’ve got to tell you something,” Mommy said in a shaky voice. All of us, besides Jenny my little sister, stopped eating.

     “I... I need t-to ab-bandon you,” Mommy said.

     All of us were silent for a moment, and then suddenly exploded.

     “But we’re painted; we’ll be taken fast, probably by newbies.”

     “Y-you aren’t serious?”

     “Why, oh why?”


     I stared at the ceiling. It wasn’t true, just a dream. Or was it. I had managed to sleep for about an hour, but I wasn’t sleepy. I turned. How could I leave Mommy?


     It wasn’t a dream. When I went down for breakfast, all of us, besides Jenny, were depressed. Mummy was only abandoning George, Ashley and me. Not lucky Jenny.

     After I finished eating, Mommy told me to have a bath and pack some things in my pink knit. It had been enchanted by a fire faerie so it could hold every thing put into it. I packed my pyjamas, my comb, my toothbrush, my only book, called My First Book, an extra pair of socks, a pair of shorts, a Tombola T-shirt, a blue daisy hairclip, a superstar hair clip, my crayon pencil, basic pencil and glittery notebook to draw pictures in. I walked downstairs.


     I sat quietly on a chair in the transfer room. I had put on my favorite clothes, because I had to part with the others besides the clothes I had packed. I was wearing a blue feepit T-shirt and my jeans and white socks and blue shoes. I wondered what my new owner would look like. Tall and thin? Short and fat? Or what about a mixture of the two.

     Finally a tall girl came in front of me. She was tall and thin with long, wavy blonde hair. She was wearing a short denim skirt and a tank top and silver sandals.

     She nervously looked at me and then said, “Are you LilySilver?”

     I nodded and I followed her. She paid the robot Hissi at the entrance some money, showed and signed some papers and then took me to the Astrovilla. She told me that her neohome was getting made. I followed her inside.

     The next day we went to look for items for my room. Juliette, my new owner, now ‘Mom’, got me all the pink poogle furniture, and a rainbow side table, an elegant wooden desk and a snowager chair. Then she got more furniture for her house. She spent around a hundred thousand neopoints for the garden and house. In the end, Mom got me a large ice creamy jelly smoothie and a chocolate chip cookie.

     I had fun arranging the furniture in my room. My bathroom had blue and white tiles with a Kookith paddling pool, and a faerie bathtub, along with everything else. Finally, the house was ready. The garden had a pine fence, and there were beds of all sorts of flowers. A path lined with tree sculptures led to the house. I first went to my room. Mom told me to put my clothes in the drawers and I put all my things neatly in different drawers.

     On Monday, school was going to start. Mom got me a cloud notebook and a plastic cover for it. There was a place to keep a pen or a pencil in the plastic cover too. Mom bought me a water faerie pencil and I kept it in that place.

     On Sunday night, Mom made spaghetti and meatballs for me. There were sundaes for dessert and then Mom made me Aisha hot chocolate. The next morning when I woke up I was very nervous. I had a bath and everything then combed my hair put my blue daisy hairclip in my hair and then went to the dining table.

     Mom had put a bowl and a jug of milk and a box of Kadoatie Puffs for me. I started making it and then started eating my breakfast. Mom put some toast and a raspberry Aisha waffle on my plate.

     I quickly ate my breakfast. I picked up my notebook. Mom handed me a paper bag with my lunch in it. She also gave me a small parcel.

     “What’s that?” I asked.

     “It’s just some small gift for you and whoever will be your new best friend,” Mom answered.

     I walked out and opened it. There were two blue daisy bracelets in it. I put on one and tightened it on my hand and slipped the other one in my pocket. I threw the paper in a trash can and skipped to school.

     I didn’t feel so confident in school, though. Bigger children all the way till fifth grade were pushing and jostling around. I managed to reach room four, my classroom. I sat down at a student desk near a window in front. I was quite tall, even without my long stalks and ears, but nobody seemed to mind me sitting there.

     I nervously twisted the bracelet on my wrist. Our teacher was a tall royal Aisha. Her name was written on the chalkboard in front. I read it carefully. It said ‘Mrs. Wilson’.

     “Is anyone new here?” asked our teacher.

     I put my hand up along with two other neopets.

     “Walk in front, please,” Mrs. Wilson said. I walked in front, my heart thumping. The other two neopets were both twin boys. I had to introduce myself. My voice was shaking but I managed to tell my class my name and then I ran to my seat.

      I didn’t care what people thought as I ran. I just wanted to get out of the spotlight.

     The girl who was sitting in front of me had long brown hair, carefully tied into two braids. She was quite friendly and I hoped she would sit with me during lunch. When the bell rang for recess, she came down the staircase with me, and took me to the Mynci Bars. I decided to give her the bracelet, but I never managed to. But during lunch I gave it to her telling her that it was for my special friend.

     She smiled sweetly at me, and then she looked a little sad and said, “I really want to be your best friend, Lily, but I already have a best friend. I’m really sorry, really.”

     “It’s ok,” I said, slightly disappointed. Daisy, the girl who sat in front of me with brown braids, was a pink Kacheek. I decided that there was no use having a best friend.

     I walked home alone when school got over; I walked quickly, barely looking at the brilliant orange and red leaves falling into ponds, pools and gardens. I looked at the little blue daisy bracelet that should have been given to Daisy, now to be worn by some other neopet, who would be happy. I cheered up as I started to imagine who would get the bracelet, and why. I walked down the path, noticing the brilliant colors around me. I skipped into the kitchen. Mom was sitting at the table, reading an article in the Neopian Times. She smiled at me and slid a plate to the other end of the table, where I was sitting. I started eating the Tangy Tyrannian cheese and crackers and gulped down the apple juice and then I watched a Movie on the Neovision set.

     “Why are you so sad?” Mom asked, sitting down next to me on the sofa in front of the Neovision set. She took the remote control from me and turned the Neovision set off.

     “Now,” she said, “what happened in school today?”

     I hesitated at first and then found myself telling her about Daisy and how I wanted to be her best friend and then how she already had a best friend.

     “Why don’t you be a trio?” Mom asked me.

     “I didn’t think about that,” I admitted.

     “Tell her about that, then.”

     “No,” I cried.

     “Why not?”



     “Umm... I just want one best friend,” I said.

     Mom stared at me and then said, “Okay...”

     She looked at me, her eyes narrowed.

     “You know, having a best isn’t as great as you think,” Mom said. “I never had one when I was little. If you want a best friend, you should know her well enough first. What would happen, if after some time you realize you two aren’t very similar and shouldn’t be best friends or something like that?”

     I walked into the garden, thinking. One small Faerie Aisha in Neopia Central did not have a best friend. Still, she was happy.

The End

This is my first nt article :D If it gets in, it means I'm in. Look out for more stories.

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