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Visions and Vanishings: Part One

by chax1414


Farren sat outside, watching the residents of Neopia Central selling, buying, and trading.

     "You sir, yeah, you! One Geb for two million neopoints! That's right, it's a bargain," exclaimed a Shoyru, clutching a confused and scared looking Geb.

     Farren the Gelert sat, amused, at all of the unique people that strolled around the area, all looking so amazed at the Rainbow Pool, or the Money Tree. Farren had seen it all before, and he knew what was to come soon.

     A Ghost Kyrii walked over, standing in the middle of the road, nobody noticing him, and most walked right through him. Farren stood up, and walked over to him. He had been expecting him; he appeared every day.

     "Are you ready?" he asked, striding quickly over to the Wishing Well. Farren nodded and glanced into the crystal clear waters, which soon turned murky and dark. He noticed that this was Darigan, and he was inside the castle. Farren saw that Lord Kass was sitting at the far end of a long table, with many others sitting silently, ruffling papers and jotting down notes.

     "Alright, the meeting has come to an end," Lord Kass said loudly, causing them all to drop their quills and glance upwards at him once more. A nervous looking Techo walked over to him, gripping a long scroll tight in his hands, as if his life depended on it, which Farren reminded himself, it probably did.

     Lord Kass cleared his throat, and read directly from the scroll. "It is declared that I, Lord Kass, have demanded another war with Meridell for their royalties, and the army shall not give in unless the kingdom's sake depends on it, whereas, it shall most likely not. All are to be left behind if injured. Do not go back to save anybody," Kass concluded, rolling up the scroll, and setting in onto the table.

     A Kougra raised his hand reluctantly.

     "What is it?" he snapped, hoping there hadn't been a flaw in the plan.

     "Sorry, sir, don't mean to interrupt, sir, but what do you mean by the kingdom's sake?"

     Kass smiled grimly. "Oh, don't worry about that. We put that in all our battle plans, but nobody knows about this, of course! How could they? We invade Meridell tonight at the mark of twilight. No holding back." With that, the meeting was dismissed, and Farren raised his head from the water.

     The Ghost Kyrii looked at him curiously. "Well, what did you see this time?"

     "The Darigan Army, they are planning to invade Meridell tonight, at the mark of twilight," Farren said. The Kyrii looked excited, as he always did.

     "Perfect!" he exclaimed, and soon evaporated from sight. The next day, he appeared again, a bag of neopoints in his hand, and a huge grin spread across his face. Farren looked at him with disgust. He had a Neopian Times gripped tightly in his hand, and he knew exactly what the Kyrii was grinning so happily about. On the cover of the newspaper was, in big bold letters, 'Meridell Defends and Prevails in Darigan's Attempt to Rule'. The passage read:

     Late in the night, Meridell says they received intelligence from a secret worker that Darigan was to attempt and attack Meridell, and grab any valuables they could. Luckily, due to their worker, they succeeded in defending the attack, causing Darigan's armies to go back to the drawing board. Meridell says their spy is being well paid for all he does to help them.

     "Ok, Salthar, I'm tired of you using me constantly every day just for your own fame and joy," Farren said angrily to the Kyrii, who was still amazed at the amount of neopoints he had clutched in his hands. "And where is my share?"

     "Fine," Salthar muttered, pulling out fifty thousand neopoints, and handing them slowly to Farren.

     "I really don't want to do this anymore. I feel like you're just in this all for your sake," spat Farren.

     "Need I remind you, Farren, that without me, your powers wouldn't have been recognized in the first place?"

     "I think everybody would like to know how you fooled me into your little game," muttered Farren.

     "If that is what you wish, then I would be ever most happy to tell the story," Salthar said, and with that, he began the tale. Farren remembered it ever so well.


     Farren sat in the exact place he did every day, watching residents of Neopia Central walk down the streets. This, of course, was a year younger Farren. He was not as wise as he should have been that day, but he was rather shy. He had a gift, much unlike anybody else's powers. Farren could see the future.

     Farren was constantly stressed on what he should do. He couldn't tell anybody, or they would all think him insane. And seeing the future sometimes made him wish he couldn't see it at all. Farren saw things many wouldn't want to think of. For example, he saw crimes take place, that usually ended up in the Neopian Times the following day. Farren witnessed firsthand the theft from the Crumpetmonger while she was busy in the kitchens, and saw Dr. Sloth, and what he was up to. These were horrible, and unfortunate things to witness. Farren could never report it either, for knowing all these facts would make him the first suspect.

     After so long, Farren couldn't take it much more. He darted over to the Wishing Well, hoping it would grant him his one desire. Never to look into the future again. That was when Salthar showed up.

     He was a plain, green Kyrii back then. He had lived in the Haunted Woods for years and years, not able to make a fortune selling things like Jellied Eyeballs and Roast Tentacles. Salthar moved to Neopia Central, in desperation to find work. Find work he did, the same day Farren went to wish his powers away.

     Farren sat by the Wishing Well, and threw in the last neopoints he had left, and whispered silently to himself his wish. "I wish that I could stop using my power until it actually has use."

     Seconds after Farren left, that Kyrii came running in, completely out of money. Luckily, he found a few spare neopoints littered across the ground.

     He tossed the three neopoints into the water, and wished. "I need something to do to earn me money, and I mean earn a lot of neopoints."

     After that night, Farren slept in his Neohome, while Salthar slept in the Cockroach Towers. The two both woke up to identical neomails reading:

     Dear Farren and/or Salthar,

     I am pleased to inform you that your wishes have both come true. However, both your wishes clash together to please both of you. Farren, Salthar now works for you. You are to tell him what you see in your future, and he shall go and make it right. He will receive large payments for community help, and you are to earn half. You are now only allowed to see the future in the Wishing Well, and if either of you break your share, then you shall not see the future any longer. Salthar, you have been changed into a Ghost so you can transport to the place needed. You are to inform the Defenders of Neopia in case of anything serious. If you can handle it, please just do it yourself. Have a wonderful day.

     -The Wishing Well



     "That is all that happened. It wasn't really my fault that our wishes clashed, you know," Salthar said.

     "Yeah, it's just unfortunate I got stuck with the worst client ever," Farren barked. "However, as long as my power adds help to Neopia, I am fine with sticking with you."

     "The Defenders of Neopia think I am one of their best helpers ever," said Salthar with pride. "Of course, they don't know the magic behind it."

     "If you tell them..."

     "Don't worry, I won't tell them. I wouldn't be able to earn neopoints anyways," chuckled Salthar, recounting his gold in the bag. "Ooh! I think this count is a record. Put Meridell on the list for people to help the most."

     "Are you satisfied with your existence?" snapped Farren.

     "I see how it is. Somebody's jealous," said Salthar, desperate in some more attention. Clearly Farren was the wrong person to mess with.

     "You do realize if I leave, you'll be forced to go back and sell that stuff you call food back in the Haunted Woods," Farren said.

     "Perhaps you forgot; if you leave, you can't help people. Now who could sleep with the guilt?"

     Farren thought about arguing, but he simply couldn't. All his life, he just loved helping. It was possibly another curse set upon him.

     "Well, you know what time it is! Get a move on; we don't have all day," Salthar commanded, and the two set off towards the Wishing Well. Farren looked into it, and the waters swirled yet again, this time forming a mixture of dozens of various colors.

     "Welcome, one and all, to the Altador Cup!" began the vision, but this quickly swirled into a new future telling, much unlike any he had ever seen before.

     Farren saw he was in a hotel-like building. All the teams were sitting in there, waiting to be called upon to play their rounds in the Altador Cup, but something was wrong, and all the players could sense it as well.

     "Where? Where could they be?" asked a few teams, wandering the halls, searching for something.

     "What is it? They need to be out and playing," said the host, in a desperate voice. "We are on a schedule here."

     For a split second, Farren thought he saw Dr. Sloth sitting behind a huge desk, way up in the Virtupets Station, but in the moment it arrived, it was gone. There were many wires. What was Dr. Sloth doing? Was this all because of him?

     "Farren! Farren," yelled Salthar, pulling on his shoulder, and he was soon taken away from his visions.

     Farren was panting very fast, and tried to speak, but simply couldn't. "What is it? What happened?"

     Farren gained up the oxygen to speak a few words.

     "Dr. Sloth... has... Team Meridell..."

To be continued...

Thanks for reading! Please send me neomails commenting on what you think! Thanks! :D

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