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8 Reasons Why Meridell's the Best

by setokaiba_4ever


Hear me, hear me and listen to my logic! Since its rediscovery many years ago, Meridell has had to battle as many hardships as any Neopian land out there including two wars and poverty. Relying on the help of other Neopets and Neopians, it slowly made its way to the top of the food chain and there it will forever remain. Here are only a few reasons as to why Meridell is the greatest land there ever was:

1. We have no shortage of food.

What? With King Skarl always hungry, we have to keep our ruler happy and well fed, because, let us face it—a kingdom is no good with a starved king. We have an always-stocked food shop, a farm, and, if worst comes to worst, we can always pig out at the Rubbish Dump. But who really wants to do that? Plus, every day, we can eat the leftover marrow from the Guess the Weight game (that is a pretty big marrow, but more on that later), and we could always have Illusen whip us up something special.

2. We have Neopia’s largest petpet.

Once upon a time, there was a Turmac. This Turmac was very hungry and could not stop eating. He kept eating and eating until he grew so large, he could eat King Skarl if he desired. And thus, the Great Turmaculus was born! Thousands upon thousands of Neopia enter his lair every hour simply to see if he will wake up. But he strangely does not mind it. In fact, he rewards you for waking him up. That is, unless, he eats your petpet first. Other times, you can get neopoints, books, or even clothes for waking him up.

3. And Neopia’s biggest Marrow!

Old Bessie is indeed the star of the Meri Acres Farms. She weighed over 100 tons, so in honor of her big size, you can guess the weight of a huge marrow every day! No neopoints are required to play and if you guess wrong, you lose nothing, but if you guess correctly, prizes beyond your wildest dreams can be won. The prizes range from a Chocolate Marrow Slice to a Marrow Cream Pie. Yum.

4. Counting potatoes is our specialty!

It all started with one yellow Kacheek named Alton Moughbry and his little potato farm. All he did was display all of his potatoes for you to see and you had to count them up and based on how quickly you did it, you earned neopoints. But some Neopets have taken it to the, well... EXTREME! This totally tubular game is a challenging one and has indeed been taken to the EXTREME with a little more than potatoes flying at you. Insert carrots and other veggies and you have got yourself one heck of a fun game. (A little bonus fact for you encyclopedias out there: Alton Moughbry’s favorite pastime when he is not growing potatoes is watching grass grow and paint dry. Fun.)

5. We make the greatest cheese in Neopia.

Out of all of the cheese in the world, which is your favorite? It does not matter what it is, but it is probably not a cheese from Meridell (although I have heard Peppermint Cheese is not half bad). But with cheeses like Tyrannian Dung Cheese, Mutated Cheese, and Gooey Snot Cheese, it is no wonder why rolling cheese down a hill is our national sport. All you have to do is roll a wheel of cheese down a hill full of obstacles and if you get it to the bottom in under sixty seconds you get to keep the cheese! Though, I would not take a bite out of Heavy Bark Cheese if I were you. Splinters.

6. When it rains, it rains... mortogs?

It has happened to everyone: you are walking along in Neopia Central and all of the sudden a mortog falls out of the sky and hits you in the head. And then another one. Then another one. Then suddenly... they are everywhere! According to the weather report, it is raining mortogs. Well, here in Meridell, every time the weather calls for rain, it rains mortogs. But you never know, Lord Darigan could be plotting against us again by throwing mortogs at us in vast amounts. Who knows?

7. You can Pick Your Own!

For only four hundred neopoints a go, you can pick up to six berries in twenty different areas in this game! But watch out, dung and wire await any unsuspecting person and you could walk home with nothing of value in your basket. Then again, you could walk away with the oh-so-valuable Brown Broadberry. But fear not! Those four hundred neopoints you just spent go to a good cause! They help the Gelert farmer buy more seeds and new clothing so you can Pick Your Own again!

8. Fifteen avatars can be attained in Meridell!

Yes, that is right... fifteen! For you top avatar collectors out there, Meridell is the place to be if you want to be number one. Two can be obtained by telling our King Skarl a joke, one from betting all of your neopoints in a rousing game of Double or Nothing, one if you can Escape from Meridell Castle, one from being the best solider you can be, one if you walk out of the farm with no dung, one for counting potatoes, one for fending off those vicious slorgs, one for matching shapes, one for helping our gracious faerie, one for awaking a beast, another for going underground, one for hitting the mark, one for kissing a petpet, and the last one for rolling a wheel of cheese down a hill. And there you have it: fifteen avatars! That is not including the one that can only be attained by visiting a secret hiding place with a certain type of pet...

Not bad for a land that specializes in gruel, huh? I know what you are thinking: ‘Meridell is now the greatest land in Neopia... EVER!’ Okay, maybe you weren’t thinking that, but I was! So go off and enjoy your time in Meridell, but remember not to eat the cheese! Now, if you would excuse me, King Skarl beckons.

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