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Signs of the Meepits

by knannia


Do you know the signs of Meepits? Do you know if they live near your house or by your favorite shop? Meepits do not only reside in the Haunted Woods anymore, even though there are a lot more there. They are being seen in parts of Neopia Central, Meridell, Krawk Island, Roo Island, Mystery Island and many more places. Are you afraid of them living near to you, of becoming a Meepit test subject? Fear not! I have procured a guide that will help you avoid becoming mere toys for the Meepits!

Meepit Description

You should already know what the fabled Meepit is; if not, I can describe to you exactly what they look like. Meepits are usually pink, quite fuzzy as well, with a nice little bob tail and pointed ears, short and tiny. Cute, though never call a Meepit that to its face. They can take it badly or not, depending on the gender and nature of the creature. If it thinks you are insulting the ‘tough, brawny’ Meepit, it may attack, and Meepits hurt, I know. Back to the description; Meepits have unusually large eyes. I think they look wonderful, but some feel odd malevolent vibes coming from them. Some Meepits are evil; they’ve always known we know about them now, so we can talk freely about it, but not all of them are.

Meepit Associations

There are... the MA, Meepit Associations, a collection of several Meepit groups planning Neopian take over. A few that I’ve found out about are Evil Meepits Of Neopia (EMoN), Neopia Doom Meepits (NDM) and Future Meepit Rulers (FMR). The ruler of EMoN is Renle, a slightly insane mutant Meepit who's had a bad experience with Neopians. I know this from a Meepit spy, and you might as well learn that Meepits can speak Neopian. He doesn’t want his name included. The leader of NDM is Illi; she is a smart and cunning yellow Meepit who knows what to do. FMR is relatively new; its ruler is Dennis, a small Tyrannian Meepit with a big brain. Expect a Meepit take over plan soon, people. Now let’s learn how to find out if Meepits are nearby you.

Meepit Signs

First of all, I will tell you that most Meepits live in houses not much different than ours. They’ve got lighting, plush beds, working clocks and much more. But some Meepits prefer living in the dark ages. They’ve got very keen thieves that steal weaponry and equipment from the Space Station and far off planets. Once, I got this from Spy Meepit, several Meepits stole a space ship from a Grundo and now they use it to go into outer space whenever they want. Be warned, for the Meepits have high tech weaponry.

Meepits, unlike us, live in odd places then spruce up the inside to make them comfortable. Most of the time they are found in trees, large pumpkins, under the ground and in hollow stumps. Look out for tiny windows in your prize pumpkins and trees; there might be a Meepit living in there!

An obvious sign is the Meepit’s water supply. A stream or puddle mostly, maybe a whole pond if there is a big enough Meepit Village. The Meepit’s water is sometimes colored a deep purple, yet sluggish and goopy looking, sort of like jelly. However, it is like normal water, only it tastes better. Be warned, though, don’t drink it; it can do things to neopets and humans. Do NOT drink it, seriously, really bad side effects.

Meepits often leave marks on their houses if they live in forests or woods. Trees after trees is confusing after the seventh one, so they add something to make sure it’s their house. It can be anything from a few berries to a Neopian lawn gnome. It really points it out sometimes.

What To Do If Meepits Are Near You

Y- hey the title rhymes! Cool! Now, what was I saying? Ah, yes, you shouldn’t react negatively to the Meepits. Treat them like they’re a poor lost Babaa instead of a Meepit that you’re afraid of. You don’t need to touch them or anything; it’s best to ignore them. If neighbors are acting suspiciously, like trying to get you to obey Meepits, get the Defenders of Neopia and ignore them for a few days. They might have been affected by a Meepit plan. Remember, though, not all Meepits are evil. Your Meepit might not be planning takeover, it might just be living there happily with its family. Meepits usually have large families, so realize that. Do not bother the Meepits, checking to see if they’re there, or what they’re doing.

If you realize the Meepits are trying something on you, move away from your house for a few days, stay at friends’ houses, go to the Neolodge, something like that, and tell the Defenders of Neopia. Stay away from your Meepit is all I’m saying. Then, after a week or so come back to your house. If the Meepits keep bothering you, get a new house and move away from the Meepit for good.

If you can’t detect what the Meepit is doing, you’ve got a Doom Meepit or a Ruler on your hands! Illi is very secretive; she teaches her Meepits how to go undetected into Neopians' houses and trick them into a test plan. Dennis is also very smart; he can basically make the Meepits move invisibly. They are using you as a test subject, some Meepits are. Just go away like I said above, move to another part of town or another place if you want. Meepits are appearing everywhere now, so plans are starting. Everyone should beware the Meepit takeover!!


I think that’s mostly everything meaningful you’ll need to know about Meepits around your home. Remember that most Meepits live in trees, pumpkins, stumps and underground. They’ve got purple water that you should NEVER drink and odd things marking their house. Don’t annoy your neighborhood Meepits and remember to tell DoN if anything bad is happening. Goodbye and hope you are okay with the Meepits!!

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