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Blumaroos, Great or Greatest?

by yuri445


Also by candyrabi

This article is about our love of Blumaroos!

Out of all the possible neopets we can create in Neopia, why did we decide to make a Blumaroo?

In all of Neopia, Blumaroos are number 36 on the list of neopets created with a percentage of 1.07%. That means that there are about 2,799,216 lovely Blummies found on the site. Blumaroos are the most athletic of all the pets in Neopia! Take a look at their tails. They love to leap, hop, and bounce all over the place with those powerful long tails. Unlike some pets on Neopia, Blummies are joyful creatures who are often seen hopping through the tropics of Neopia whistling happy tunes. With their happy disposition and friendly face, we decided to create a Blumaroo because we believe they are cuteness personified.

*Fun Fact: Have you ever wondered why Blumaroos are so happy all the time? There once was a time when Roo Island was stricken with boredom. Not a smile or grin could be found throughout the land. When all seemed lost, a strange mysterious Blumaroo wearing a long brown cloak appeared one day with five colored dice. Once King Roo was given this dice, the official game of the land, Dice-A-Roo, was born and with that came smiles and laughter throughout Roo Island.

What are some advantages of owning a Blummy?

The advantages of owning a Blumaroo are many. First of all they stand on two legs like humans. They aren't prima-donnas and aren't very demanding to care for. They are extremely easy pets to have and they never fail to put a smile on our faces because of their adorable big grin. Blummies are easy to customize and everything looks great on them because of their human-like posture. No matter what you decide to customize them in; silly, weird, cute, adventurous, or just plainly simple, they would look great. We have a wide variety of paintbrush colors that fit them to a T. A perfect example of a paintbrush will be the royal girl and boy. This paintbrush shows and expresses on a Blumaroo a majestic presence that can’t be beaten. We also cannot forget the Halloween paintbrush that transforms a Blummy into a real life Nosferatu vampire with a cape! Apart from customization, Blummies are known for their bubbly and outgoing personality. When happy, they can brighten your day with their huge grin.

What are some disadvantages of owning a Blumaroo?

Disadvantages? We are happy to report that there is none with this pet. Yes, you read it right, NONE! Of course, there are people out there that generally do not like Blumaroos. For those people we can only say, “To each his own.” We do not like the look of Grarrls either, but in Neopia, everything is subjective.

Is customizing a Blumaroo easy or difficult?

Many users face layers of challenges when it comes to customizing a particular pet, from the hat looking askew to the dress shifting to the left or right instead of center. We find that customizing a Blumaroo is as easy as collecting your dailies. Everything fits them impeccably and on a Blummy there is no such thing as a silly outfit. Being jesters at heart, silly customization probably fits them the most. An important fact about Blumaroos that make them a perfect candidate for customization is their human-like posture. Because they stand on two legs instead of four, they look like little cute people. A Blumaroo looks incredible in both neocash and neopoint items 98% of the time. Don’t believe us? Take a Blummy to the NC Mall and try on a dress, jacket, trousers, and shoes. They all have a perfect fit. They look gorgeous in almost anything you can imagine on them. We both strongly believe that someone on the staff who creates items for the NC Mall has a Blumaroo. This explains why customizing them is super fun.

What do we think of their appearance?

We love their appearance. And of course that is one of the reasons why we decided to create a Blummy in the first place. Take a look at their gorgeous round, shiny, coal black eyes, long droopy nose and ears, and their oh-so-adorable huggable belly. They are the most huggable neopets in all of Neopia. With their bouncy tail and personality, a Blumaroo is the ideal pet to own.

Blumaroos, are they great or greatest?

We have finally reached the most important question of the day. After thinking it over in our heads, brain storming, and multiple neomails, we came to the conclusion that Blumaroos are not great or greatest, but in our opinion they are the most ABSOLUTE GREASTEST neopet in all of Neopia.


While owners of Blumaroos will agree with our bold statement, we decided to take a small survey of what other pet owners without Blumaroos think of them. Overall, we didn’t get too much negative feedback. On the question of why they don’t have a Blumaroo, we discovered that the reason was that they didn’t have enough room on their 4 pet slots for extra pets. We also found that people don’t like the way the nose and belly is drawn on a Blumaroo. They do, however, like how they stand on two feet, their cute face, and long droopy ears. Who can resist those ears ^_^? On the question of their appearance we discovered that mostly everyone thinks that they appear sweet, endearing, and kind of cute. Interesting enough someone we interviewed thinks that the reason why King Roo is always happy is because Roo Island is secretly the richest land in all of Neopia due to their stake in the Neopian real-estate. We can neither confirm nor deny this allegation but keep your eyes open and we will be back with more juicy details on this subject later.

*Disagree with our article or love Blummies like we do? Please feel free to neomail us. To find out more about customizing your Blumaroo, you can find a Blumaroo pet directory here:

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