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The Purest Spell

by moulinrouge21


A cold, penetrating breeze took over as evening started to close in. A fresh layer of snow had fallen from the skies, and, as lightly as dust, blanketed the current coating. Terror Mountain lived up to its name. Tall peaks towered over the small land, forever watching the Neopians passing by who felt intimidated by these domineering mountains. Here, the darkness drew in much earlier and quicker than any other land in Neopia. Wizardii, a small, silver Cybunny, trudged hopelessly around the snowy, frightening land. Lost, with nowhere to go, he was cold and topped with fear. His glossy, fluffy coat was no match against these icy winds.

     Wizardii's background is a sad but a heart-warming story, one he reflected upon with nostalgia in these difficult times. His previous owner was a well respected wizard who lived deeply hidden in the forests of Neopia. An extremely clever Neopian who had everything he wanted except from being extremely lonely. His spells came and went like the steam of a bubbling cauldron.

     Sighing deeply one day, he sat down in his hut and lit the candles. They created an eerie look upon the cabin, the light dancing off different charms dangling down, creating the effect of shimmering faeries. Looking through every single dusty spell book he owned, he searched for any hope, any possibility, for him to create a lifelong friend. Flicking through the pages brought no hope: "How to vanish a friend", "Turn your enemy into a Babaa", "The 'be popular' spell". Although fun to search through, nothing seemed to fit the requirements of his wish. His hopes not yet tarnished, he continued searching long into the night...

     Wizardii had heard the story of his creation a thousand times, yet it still warmed his heart every time it was told. Looking across this dank, desolated land upon the mountain made him long for the azure skies found in the warm Neopia Central. Ah, Neopia Central. Luscious green grass, chocolate box houses, and the bright, blazing sun forever sharing his warmth in the daytime. The prismatic flowers out in bloom, an unforgettable sight to the eyes. The Wizard and he visited often, strolling around the alluring lands by themselves, him sharing words of wisdom, or walking in silence taking in the afternoon rays. Wizardii closed his eyes and could almost smell the fresh flowers’ scent, but feeling the cold snow fall onto his face brought him back to his senses.

     Slowly opening his eyes again, he was greeted with the snowy landscape, the snow seeming to get heavier and faster. In the distance, Wizardii could see a flickering yellow light, and, squinting, he could just make out the outline of a small house. Hurrying forward, he waded as fast as he could through the snow, when suddenly there was a tremendous crack underneath his paws. Wizardii, not quick enough, fell down into the crevice onto the cold hard ice.

     A big crash awoke the Wizard from his slumber. Coffee was strewn across pages and over the table, the mug rolling across the floor. Mumbling to himself, he started to clear it up. He had just had the most vivid dream. His old master was telling him about concocting the perfect friend.

     "You are looking in all the wrong places," he had said wisely.

     "I've checked every book I have, though!"

     "Wise and clever though you are, young wizard, you are still naive in your heart's desires."

     "Please help me, give me a direction. I know what I want."

     "You may know what you want, but how you are going to achieve it is of great importance. You need to recognise that friendship cannot be brewed or created so easily, but has to be looked after and maintained. The kind of friendship you are looking for cannot be found in any common spell book. Go out and search for what you are looking for and nurture it."

     It was then the coffee mug had fallen off the table. A strange dream it was, pondered the Wizard. Not because of the advice, oh no, he was used to this. It was the fact that it had seemed so real and recent, which was impossible; he hadn't seen his master in years...

     “Do you think he’s okay?” a sweet, distant voice whispered.

     “I don’t know. He hit his head quite hard,” someone replied. This voice was rich with an authoritative tone.

     Slowly opening his eyes, Wizardii tried to make out the shapes swimming before him. Two Neopets were looking down at him, concern etched upon their faces. He stared at them cross-eyed for a few seconds while he tried to focus.

     In these few seconds a throbbing pain in his head continued to get worse and worse. Wincing at the unbearable pain, he succumbed to the sleep in which his body was aching to fall.

     Out in the garden, the Wizard looked for the perfect ingredients for his new friend. Surrounded by an array of items he pondered over what to choose. It wouldn’t be easy, he thought. Best friends weren’t easily found, let alone easily made. Searching deeper in the forest, traces of old magic were found hanging in the humid air and he was greeted by a feeling of familiarity. A beautiful Cheery Blossom shone in the sunshine.

     “A joyful friend is what any lonely person needs,” the Wizard mumbled to himself, carefully picking the blossom and placing it in his basket. A ruby red glare caught his eye. turning, he saw a medley of Loveberries hanging innocently on a tree. It was the brightest and purest red he had ever seen. Collecting a few, he made a mental note to brew them to create a bottle of love and add them to his potion.

     Searching throughout the rest of the day brought him no luck. He only had two ingredients, which were surely not enough to complete the spell. The afternoon sun was growing out of sight more and more as light started to fade. The Wizard sat down under a tree hopelessly and sighed.

     “You are looking too hard, my old friend. Why come this far into the woods?”

     “I’ve already found two ingredients; surely there are more around?”

     “You have found two rare traits in a friend out here, but look closer and harder at home. You have all you need in the reach of your hands.” A cold breeze swept across the Wizard and awoke him. He started, not realising he had dozed off once again. “I should get more sleep,” he said out loud, picking himself up and making his way home.

     Wizardii stirred. He felt comforted when dreaming about the Wizard and his creation. Opening his eyes, he realised he was alone. The two voices he had heard previously seemed not to be around. A crackling fire near him instantly made him feel safe. It was a large room, occupied by squishy cushions and beanbags and a sofa which one would sink into due to its softness. The room was decorated by photos of two Neopets, spread all over the walls, which Wizardii assumed were the owners of the two mysterious voices he heard earlier. One was a very pretty Zafara with long golden hair, and her eyes swimming with kindness. The other was a dashing Krawk, who looked intimidating yet majestic. Wizardii slowly moved from the sofa he was lying on to look out the window. Night was still here, and the storm seemed to have worsened.

     “Oh! You are up!” the same sweet voice said. Wizardii turned and saw the pretty Zafara, the one from the photos.

     “Where am I? What happened?” Wizardii whispered, still utterly confused.

     “You fell, deep down into a crevice. You were very lucky. We were locking up when Silvosus saw you fall and ran out to rescue you. Krawks are very agile!”

     “Who is Silvosus?” Wizardii responded. Everything was happening so fast, and he his head had started to pound again.

     “I am Silvosus,” a deep confident voice replied. Stepping into the light, a tall Krawk stood. Wizardii stared dumbfounded in awe. “This is my sister Autumnih,” he continued. Wizardii looked at the pair.

     “I’ll make us some tea!” Autumnih said to fill in the awkward silence.

     “My name is Wizardii. I am very grateful for your hospitality.”

     “Not at all, we wish for you to stay with us until you have recovered, then see you safely back to your family.” Silvosus smiled. Behind his superior exterior, he was gentle with a heart of gold. Wizardii smiled gratefully as Autumnih brought in a trolley full of cakes along with a big pot of tea with pretty china cups.

     “She always goes overboard when we have guests.” Silvosus shook his head.

     “So, Wizardii, tell us everything!” Autumnih smiled, pouring the tea.

     “Where shall I start?”

     “From the beginning,” Silvosus said. And so, Wizardii retold them of his creation, that he had recently dreamed, to where he had awoken. He stopped and took a sip of tea while the two opposite sat waiting more, and so he continued.

     The Wizard set his basket on the table. He lit the candles with a flick of his wand around his hut (he always used them for light when creating a spell). Mixing up the loveberries, he bottled the mixture and heated it up, creating the perfect Bottle of Love. The Wizard poured the liquid hearts into his trusty cauldron. Next, went in the beautiful Cheery Blossom and he gave it a good stir. Looking around, he wondered what would be needed next.

     “...but look closer and harder at home. You have all you need in the reach of your hands...”

     The voice echoed around him. Squinting, a blue glow caught his eye. Moving closer, he realised it had belonged to his master. A present he had received many moons ago. It was a faerie’s tear. Compassion and sympathy were much needed in friendship. He uncorked the bottle and with one drop the cyan fluid fell into the cauldron and hissed, turning the contents a shimmering gold. The Wizard also added in Chewy Strawberry Aisha Ears for a good listener, a Draught of Secret Dressing adding trust to his potion. He was getting more and more confident with the concoction and chucked in the books Wisdom Of The Wise and Gigglers for a good laugh. Nearing the end of his potion, he added two drops of Brilliant Star Potion, for a light in dark times. The steam was growing thicker and thicker as the cauldron’s contents were bubbling quicker. There was just one more ingredient needed. It was hidden in the corner. It did not shine or look anything special, but attached to it was a note.

     “You will know when to use this.”

     He wrapped his fingers around it and, at his touch, it was warm. The contents inside glimmered and it seemed to stir; a powerful force was attempting to escape. Pouring in the entire contents of the Greater Earthen Potion, he watched as the cauldron’s contents turned to a shimmering silver. The Wizard waved his wand while saying an incantation. This seemed to come readily from his lips even though he had never heard or seen it before. Emerging from the steam, a silvery figure was appearing. It was shining so brightly, the Wizard had to shield his eyes.

     “Like the purest star,” he muttered under his breath.

     Eventually, the smoke started to ease and in its place was a silver Cybunny, still slightly glowing. It opened its beautiful big eyes and looked at the Wizard.

     “Hello, Wizardii.” He smiled.

     Silvosus and Autumnih looked in awe as Wizardii finished his story. It was starting to get lighter outside and the storm was growing less aggressive.

     “So, basically, you’re a Neopet created from a spell?” enquired Silvosus.

     “Yes, yes, I am,” Wizardii replied quietly. He was worried the two might not believe him or laugh in his face.

     “That is pretty cool,” the Krawk said and Autumnih agreed.

     “What happened to the Wizard? Why were you on your own?” Autumnih said softly.

     “He has gone, a long time ago. I couldn’t stay on my own in the forest; it is too lonely. I have travelled long and far to find a new family, not knowing where I am going.”

     The two looked at each other and knew they were thinking the same thing. Silvosus nodded at Autumnih.

     “Why don’t you stay with us? We don’t stay on this mountain forever, we like to explore Neopia. Why not become a member of our new family?” Autumnih smiled sweetly.

     Wizardii couldn’t believe his ears, a family? A proper family at last? He grinned and nodded. He hadn’t felt this happy in ages. A small glow shone around him.

     From afar, an old Wizard smiled. His power was fading from this land and it was time to move on. Wizardii could never have stayed with him forever; he needed to grow and move on, not live in his shadow forevermore. The Wizard had the memories to look back on with happiness and Wizardii had many more memories to create.

The End

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