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Return of the Zombie

by flameandthemeepits


It was eight months since the small family known as the Wilkinsons had seen a certain Aisha named Brayns. In that time, Lulu the brown Ixi had got a brown faellie named Cookie, Seth the Darigan Lupe had won his hundredth battle in the Battledome, and Bea the pink Cybunny had been painted plushie. Their owner Sarah had built a few more rooms onto their neohome, and was still wondering where on earth her little 'Braynsie-Wansie' had got to, even though her pets explained everything to her. That's before she returned...


     I was sitting cross-legged on my bed, brushing Cookie's fur. Since I got her, I've spent most of my spare time grooming and dressing her up. Sarah bought her for me a little after SHE was taken home by her true owner. I still have nightmares about her last words to us- I don't want her to come back! She honestly scared the life out of me, Seth, and Bea especially. Sarah was suspicious of our story, but I think she believes us now. She's even thinking of getting another pet! That I wouldn't mind, but my siblings and I have convinced her to take us with her if she ever visits the pound. I wouldn't want another Brayns on our hands!

     Just then I heard Sarah calling for me. Her voice was all excited as she squealed, "Lulu! Lulu, comeondownnow! You won't BELIEVE this!"

     'Believe what?' I wondered, anxious. When Sarah is excited, usually it means doom for the rest of us. Unintentionally, though.

     I set Cookie down on my bed, and trudged down the stairs. Why-oh-why did I feel déjà vu? Was it walking down the stairs to a gleeful Sarah who was showing me a surprise, just like that day eight months ago?

     It turned out it was.

     My ear-splitting scream echoed around the house. Seth was at Marty's and Bea was at a birthday party, so it was only me, Sarah

     And her. Brayns.

     Sarah was right. I couldn't believe this. I COULDN'T BELIEVE THIS! Brayns was back, just like she'd threatened! This couldn't be happening. In a moment, I would wake up to pancakes and no Brayns, and my life would be perfect-

     "Luuuuu, you're not dreaming! Brayns is back- isn't that wonderful?" Sarah gushed. "Her owner left for a world trip 'round Neopia, and Brayns came and found me shopping and asked if she could stay with us! And I'm so surprised that she found me so easily! It's like she can read my mind!"

     I stared, horror-struck at the Aisha. She'd changed, just like our family had. Instead of slumped over on herself, she stood straight and tall. Her clothes were no longer ripped and torn (by herself) but she was wearing a dress with jeans underneath, and sandals. She didn't dribble, and her eyes were bright and squarely focused.

     On me.

     But the biggest surprise came when she opened her mouth. I expected drool or her trademark "Braiiiiiiins..." but-

     "Good morning, Lucinda," Brayns said smoothly, in a sweet tone, "how have you been since we last met?"

     My jaw dropped open. Was it the fact that she could now speak, or that she knew my full name (which no-one had called me since I was a kid) that was more shocking to me? I think it was the talking.

     "Uh... hi," I choked out. That was all I could manage without fainting. My breath was fast an uneven, my heart was pounding like Seth's steel drums, my hands were clammy and cold, and I had broken out in a freezing sweat. Please, Fyora, no...

     "I've been doing so well since I met you," she continued, a smirk on her face at seeing my discomfort, "so I was so devastated when Kelly went on her trip, but it was so kind of Sarah to offer me a place!" She simpered at Sarah, who beamed at me.

     "Isn't that sweet? Go on,, Lu, take her up to your room. I'm sorry about you sharing a room, Brayns- do you mind?"

     "Of course not, Sarah. I'm grateful enough for you letting me stay!" she giggled.

     I stalked up the stairs. This was my worst nightmare. Despite her big changes, she was still the sadistic monster underneath. I was positive of that. Even though she was acting sugary-sweet in front of Sarah, I could still see the darkness in her eyes. She was back for revenge for us (well, me) handing her over to her original owner. She was going to do something very, very horrible to our family.

     When I reached my room, I turned on my heel to glare at her. She closed the door behind herself, and gave me a smile that was more like a smirk.

     "I know you don't trust me, Lucinda, but I really have changed, and I am SO sorry for acting so horribly to you when I last lived here," she said in a rush, her eyes wide and beseeching. I didn't trust her one bit.

     "After all, I'll be living here for a year at least...."

     "What do you mean?" I said sharply. "You're only staying for a year while your owner’s away!"

     "Yes, but what if Sarah wants to adopt me?" she asked innocently. "Then we'd be sisters! Wouldn't that be great?"

     No, no, it wouldn't. It would be the worst thing I could possibly imagine, ever.

     "Is this your petpet?" Brayns asked suddenly. Nice change of subject. I turned to see her beaming at Cookie, who was grooming herself.

     "Yes," I said curtly, "and you cannot eat her." I snatched her up and strode out, my brain buzzing with angry thoughts, as Brayns called after me.

     "Why would you think I would eat her, Lucinda?" Brayns said indignantly, "Of course I wouldn't hurt any petpet, let alone a sweet little petpet like her! That whole thing with Bea's ona was a simple misunderstanding! Please believe me!"

     I looked over my shoulder to see her smiling at me with sharp teeth.

     Very sharp teeth.


     I held the neomail machine away from my ear. Bea's scream went on and on. I grimaced, then spoke up over her shrieks.

     "Bea, we have to do something about this. And screaming isn't going to help."

     "But she's back!" Bea sobbed, "just like she said she would be! She's going to get me and Marie! Tell Sarah to make her go away!"

     "She won't send her away, and you know that," I reminded her, sighing. "We're just going to have to get rid of her... somehow."

     Bea was silent for a moment. Then she piped up, "The pound boards! I know it didn’t work the first time, but now... probably! If she has changed- and I’m believing you on this one- then people would like her more, and want to trade for her or adopt her, right? I know all about it, after my friend Jennyfer got traded! It could work, couldn’t it, Lulu? Please tell me it will!”

     I was silent. I know we couldn't get her a new home the last time we tried to get rid of her, but Bea was right- it could work this time around. If it didn’t...

     “We’ll try, Bea. We’ll grab her and drag her along there tomorrow, along with Seth. She’ll not stay a moment longer, believe me!”


     “This new side account of Sarah’s sounds lovely! New family members... I can’t wait? What about you guys?”

     Every one of us ignored Brayns. We were standing around our own board, which screamed in loud letters:


     It was silent for a few seconds. Then...

     oMg I WanT her!!

     sHe is AWesomE!!


     And so on.

     We waited around until a normal sentence came up from someone named Monique.

     Lovely pet. Drop me a neomail if interested. Monique.

     I hastily scribbled out a note to her, telling her she could adopt if she wished. Whilst Seth and Bea distracted Brayns with chocolate, I met up with the pleased Monique.

     “She’s very nice. Are you sure I can adopt her?” Monique had asked, hope sparkling in her big blue eyes.

     “I’m sure! We’ll transfer her now!” I scrambled up and grabbed hold of a perplexed Brayns, and started dragging her towards the pound.

     “What are you doing, Lulu? Where are you taking me?”

     “Nowhere,” I said breezily. “Dr Death just wants you to share your experiences. Go on to that robot Hissi!” I gave her a shove and quickly filled in Monique’s username.

     “Goodbye, Brayns! Have a great time with Monique!” I shouted, then faltered when I saw her expression.

     “I’ll come back, Lulu!” she screeched as the Hissi yanked her through the door. “I’ll get you! Just watch out...!”

The End

Woo! Expect more stories of Brayns :3

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