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Kadoatery Tips and Tricks for Super-Fast Wiz Feeding

by trypanophobia


Are you still stumped by the Kadoatery? Read tons of guides, but still can’t get that feed in? Tired of trying again with another Kadoatie and another, and another? Can’t figure out why everyone else seems just a bit faster? Well, this is the guide for you. I will include my top ten little tips and tricks that will help you minimize your time and maximize your wiz feeds. In Kadoatie feeding, every split second counts, and I’ll show you how to shave off every one so that you can get in there first.

This guide assumes that you already have some knowledge of how to wiz feed, so if you don’t, it might be a good idea to go and read a more basic guide. I’ll assume you already know how to get to the kadoatery, how to find out when the kads are going to go hungry, and how to buy an item and feed a kad with it.

Now, prepare to feed those kads at the speed of light!

Timing: Certain times are busier than others in the Kadoatery. Between, for example, 9 am NST and 8 pm NST, even experienced feeders may have trouble. If at all possible, try to feed earlier in the day. My usual feeding time is between 5 am NST and 9 am NST.

Window Positioning: I’m going to assume that you are wiz feeding with the regular shop wiz and not the SSW. The SSW may be a bit cheaper, but it’s slower to use because of all the opening of new windows and flipping back and forth between them. Now, often people simply open the wiz and the kadoatery in the same window and flip back and forth between the tabs. But here is where you can shave off a little bit of time. Open the wiz and the kadoatery in separate windows, then resize the windows so that each takes up half of the screen. Position the two windows side by side, not overlapping, and where you can see both at once.

Window Size: Another place where you may waste precious seconds is scrolling around the screen looking for a kad to feed. But zoom is your friend here. You can zoom out so that you can see the whole window at once without having to scroll. In most browsers, this is accomplished by pressing and holding “ctrl” and then pressing “-”. Zoom out two or three times on the shop wizard window, until it is completely visible despite the small size of the window. Then resize the kadoatery window accordingly so that all of both windows are visible. It’s okay if you still have to scroll a little bit – the exact zoom level depends on your preferences.

Prepare in advance: Another place that will cost you precious seconds is hesitating when you see the kadoaties go hungry and you can’t decide which one to go for. For this, I recommend that you pick your space in advance. Sometimes, the space you pick will be something you recognize as a UB, so you should be prepared to quickly move one square in either direction if this happens. Otherwise, stick to that square. When you are preparing to refresh before a main, place your cursor in the area where the food will pop up, so that you’ll be right there and ready if the kads do go. This is also a good time to select “identical to my phrase” in the shop wizard window – the last thing you want is to search a food and accidentally buy another food containing that name.

Which square to pick? Well, it depends. Some well known overfeeders also use the square picking strategy, so if you see that one square keeps going to the same person, best not to pick that one. Also, I recommend picking a square that is as close as possible to the wiz window – remember, every second counts. So, if you have your wiz window on the right and your kad window on the left, pick a square in the far right hand column of the kadoatery so that you have as small a distance as possible to travel in order to get to the wiz.

Watch your NP: Especially if you are restocking at the same time as feeding, it’s easy to forget to keep enough NP on hand to feed with. I recommend making sure that you have around 30k on hand at all times, but it really depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you have no problem buying the more expensive buyable foods, carry a little bit more.

Watch your clock: There are two possible issues here. One is that the Neopets clock tends to lag a little bit, especially if the window has been open for a long time. The other issue is that if you search for a food and then press “backspace” instead of opening the SW window again, the clock might display an earlier time than the actual time. So make sure to refresh your SW window periodically to make sure that your time is accurate.

Now that you’re all set up, all you have to do is wait for the kads to restock. I usually start refreshing at around :15 seconds and continue to refresh until :30 seconds. As soon as you see the kads go hungry, quickly highlight the food in the square you have chosen, bring your cursor to the SW window, paste and search. Grab the first shop you see, and buy the item, then rush back to the kadoatery and feed. After you click the item in the shop, don’t wait for the shop page to reload. As soon as you click on the picture of the item, immediately go to the kadoatery. Hopefully you will be the first one back and you will get your feed.

If you don’t, however, don’t give up. At the slower times in the kadoatery, I have been able to go for three kads in a row, miss the first two and still feed the third one in time.

My final and most important tip for shaving off the seconds is – keep trying! Practice makes perfect. It took me several weeks to make my first feed, but now I have the shiny kad avatar and a gold trophy.

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