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Get the PT Avatar in Under a Week!

by horsecrazyirishgirl


Always jealous of people with the cute Plushie Tycoon avatar? Confused about how to play the game? Then this guide is for you! In this guide I’ll tell you how to get the avatar in under a week (having 50,000+ cash on hand at the end of the month)! Actually even in as few as four days (which is how long it took me). Contrary to what many people think, this avatar is not very time consuming to achieve; in fact, it should take under a half hour in total!

Starting the Game

The secret to getting the avatar quickly and easily is not to start your game until under a week is left for the month, preferably when six days are left to give you some room in case your plushies take a while to sell. The reason for starting so late is that then you will only have to pay one set of rents and no taxes, which means you should only have to produce plushies once or twice for the avatar.

Make sure you adjust the time zone of the game! Updates occur from 10:01 am – 5:01 pm game time, so you want to adjust the time zone so that those updates happen when you are at home and have access to the computer. Personally I used GMT + 13 since I live on the east coast of the US and the updates started at 4 pm and went until 11 pm. Basically, just find the best time for you. You need to set the time zone for the game before paying the initial rents on your store, warehouse, and factory.

Tip 1: Also make sure to always have 1000 NP cash on hand in the game for the one manager you can’t fire. The manager drains 82 NP per update so you need pay for him while making/selling plushies.

Tip 2: Don’t pay rent on your store, warehouse, and factory until you are ready to build plushies. You might have to wait a bit for the cost to go down in order to build.

Tip 3: Plushie Tycoon has a ton of down time but don’t forget to check on it when you have to. Post-it notes and other reminders are extremely helpful.

Making Plushies

You should only have to make plushies once or twice in order to get the avatar. You want to only make 4 cloth roll plushies --Draik, Elephant, Kougra, Lutari, Xweetok, Yurble, Zafara—or 3 cloth roll plushies--Bori, Bruce, Buzz, Chia, Cybunny, Gnorbu, Grarrl, Hissi, Ixi, Kau, Kiko, Koi, Moehog,Tonu, Tuskaninny. Also you want to make sure the cost of making the plushies isn’t so expensive that you go bankrupt after building. Wait until the cost of 4 rolls of green cloth, 1 set of rare gems, 1 set of paper bags, 1 set of neocotton is under 3900. Once you hit that, you are ready to make plushies!

Pick one of the 4 cloth or 3 cloth plushie types and then buy enough materials for 6 sets of 100 plushies:

4 cloth species: 24 rolls of green cloth, 6 sets of rare gems for the species you picked, 6 sets of paper bags, and 6 rolls of neocotton.

3 cloth species: 18 rolls of green cloth, 6 sets of rare gems for the species you picked, 6 sets of paper bags, and 6 rolls of neocotton.

Now you need to go to your factory and start 6 new jobs for your plushies (100 plushies per job). In order to handle 6 jobs you will have to upgrade your factory but don’t worry you’ll have plenty of money! Also, you need to hire workers to build your plushies. Hire 250 Trainees and 24 more Managers (you always have one manager in your factory). Make sure you only have them hired for one update no matter how much they have completed! Otherwise you will go bankrupt, since wages will cost over 5000 per update for all these workers.

After one update, your workers should have completed 3 or 4 jobs of 100 plushies. You will now have a long down time while the plushies load into your warehouse (~3 hours); after that go back and ship the plushies to your store.

Selling Plushies

The first step is to purchase upgrades and advertisements for your shop, so your plushies will sell faster. Buy up to level 3 in these upgrades: carpet, lighting, and store security; and these ads: flyers, gifts, and candy. This should cost you 6900 NP. Remember to keep 1000 NP on hand for the one manager you can’t fire, though, you shouldn’t be close to going bankrupted. Now you just have to wait for your plushies to sell. Selling your plushies should take about a day or a day and half. So check back in about a day to see how they are selling. You don’t get any NP from your sales until all 100 of that job has sold.

Sometimes one job is enough to get the avvie (you only need over 50,000 NP on hand) but if you need another round of jobs, just follow the steps you took for the first round of jobs. Keep in mind that this time you can be more flexible with the cost of a set of plushies, but still I don’t suggest paying more than 4500 NP for the supplies for each job.

If your second batch of plushies is selling too slowly and you are pressed for time before the game ends, you can always buy more upgrades/ads to increase sales, but be careful not to spend too much. Buying up two more levels of the cheapest upgrades/ads (carpet and flyers) will definitely increase sales cost effectively, though!

Happy Tycooning!

Hopefully this guide helps you to get the avatar quickly and painlessly. As long as you don’t forget to fire your workers, you should definitely get the avatar by just paying attention to the game for about a half hour total. Though if you are forgetful like me, it might take you a little longer to get the avatar... I suggest leaving at least 4 days when you start but if you fail and want to try still for that month, leave at least 2 days to make and sell your plushies (especially since the costs of materials don’t always cooperate).

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