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Imaginary Realm: Part Two

by luna4400


Imaginary Realm Part Two: Dangers in the Realm

Ocks opened her eyes and realized she wasn’t on top of spiky and thorny vines, but was lying on soft emerald green grass. “Ello? Ello, you here?” she called. Chris would have a Kau if Ocks lost Ello (no pun intended ha ha).

     “I’m over here, Ocks! Finally, you regained consciousness!” Ello replied. She flew down from the tree tops and grinned, flashing her four tiny fangs. “I’ve been exploring while you were asleep.” She landed on Ocks’s head and cooed softly.

     “Wait, whoa, what happened to the hand that pulled us down?” Ocks asked.

     “You mean this?” Ello then showed she was holding the grey wrinkly old hand that had previously dragged her and Ocks down through the treacherous vines.

     “Ah! What? How? How were you able to grab the hand?”

     “Ocksia, this is a fake hand that is made out of wax. Remember how Midnight said there was a witch here in Imaginary Realm? Well, the witch cast a spell on this waxed hand, that made it come to life and drag us down. After it did its job, it went back to a regular fake hand.”

     “I thought Midnight also said the witch died here with her massive treasure,” Ocks pointed out.

     “Maybe,” Ello half agreed, “but I’m starting to doubt that. Dead witches can’t perform spells... unless they’re ZOMBIES!”

     “I doubt there are any zombies. But if that hand tried to pull us down, there is obviously a reason it wanted us here. So I say we should find Chris, Luke and Midnight, and then find a way out of this place.”


     Ello and Ocks began to walk through a beautiful forest path, not knowing that they were being followed.


     Finally Chris, Luke and Midnight made it out of the vines and were now resting on a nice soft flower field. “You know, Midnight, for a dark faerie you’re not evil,” Luke said.

     “Pssh, thanks,” Midnight huffed. “For a Lupe you’re not annoying.”

     “Lupes aren’t annoying!”

     “Well, not all the time.” Midnight smiled. “It is true, I’m one of the few dark faeries that choose not to be bad and rather help Neopians out and be good.”

     “That’s good to know,” Chris replied. “Are you two ready to start walking again?”

     “I suppose,” Luke answered. He stood up on all four paws and stretched. “Let’s go.”

     The three started walking through the endless flower field. “How are we sure we’re going the right way?” Chris asked Midnight.

     “I’ll check the map,” she answered. Midnight took out the map and opened it up, revealing fifty or sixty images of the three of them.

     “There are more of us?” Luke asked.

     “No. What do you think this means?” Chris asked.

     “I’m not sure, guys. Remember, I’ve never been past the vines. We’ll find out,” Midnight answered.

     After walking twenty more minutes the three finally understood why the map showed so many picture of each of them. In front of them was a pathway of different shaped unique mirrors that stretched a long ways off. There was also a picket sign in the ground that read:

     Welcome to the Mirror Maze. Please don’t touch the mirrors. Thank you.

     “This looks easy enough,” Luke huffed. “Come on, guys! It’s like a fun house!” Luke ran into the maze first, Midnight and Chris right behind him. Each reflection was different. In one mirror, Chris looked fat, Midnight looked short and Luke looked skinny as a stick.

     The three laughed at their silly images. They were halfway through the Mirror Maze, but didn’t hurry because they were having so much fun looking into each mirror. “Ello and Ocks would’ve enjoyed this. I hope they’re okay,” Chris sighed.

     “I’m sure your friends are okay,” Midnight replied. However, while walking behind Chris and Luke, Midnight accidentally tripped over a large tree branch that somehow got in the path. She fell over, toppling on Luke, and Luke toppling on Chris- Chris bumping against one of the mirror’s glass.

     “Oh no, a mirror has been touched!” Luke exclaimed. “The sign specifically said don’t touch the mirrors!”

     “Wait, shush. Do you two hear something?” Midnight asked. The three remained still and then heard a crack noise, like something broke. That noise kept getting repeated, and kept getting closer.

     “I think... mirrors are getting shattered,” Chris said.

     “Look out!” Midnight screamed. She quickly grabbed Luke and Chris and flew forward avoiding sharp fragments of mirrors! “All the mirrors are shattering! We’ve got to get out of here or the mirror fragments will cut us!”

     Midnight, Chris and Luke then zoomed off as fast as they could, mirror pieces flying everywhere like sharp lethal daggers! “There’s the exit!” Chris shouted, pointing up ahead!

     Two glass doors stood between the three’s freedom and their fate, and they were closing together. “We’re not going to make it!” Luke cried.

     “Oh yes, we are!” Midnight growled. She grabbed Luke and Chris with one arm, and took a sack of dust with the other. Midnight then threw the sack at the ground and it erupted, causing the three to break through the glass doors!

     They crashed down into a small stream, the scenery once again being a forest. “What a rush,” Luke huffed after his head stopped spinning. “How did you do that, Midnight?”

     She grinned. “I had a pouch of air faerie dust, which increases speed, so when I threw it at the ground, it automatically propelled us out.”

     “Smart thinking,” Chris complimented. “So where are we now?”

     Midnight opened the map and it showed a picture of her sister Caley accompanied with Ocks and Ello. “This is a good thing, that means we just have to find the three of them.” Luke smiled.

     Chris sighed in relief. “We’re coming for you, Ello.”


     Ocks and Ello stopped walking when they came to a huge river. “Hooray, we get to swim!” Ello exclaimed happily.

     “Whoa, stop, Ello! Don’t leap in the water!” Ocks cried.

     “How come?”

     “Look.” Ocks pointed to a picket sign in the ground. It read:

     Welcome to Rough’s River. Swim at your own risk.

     “What is that supposed to mean?” Ello asked. “Do they mean Rough is a neopet?”

     “I have no idea, but we shouldn’t swim, it seems extremely risky. But how should we get across this stream?”

     Ello thought for a few minutes. “I know! I could fly across the river carrying you to the other side.”

     “Uh... Ello... you’re like super extra small for a Faellie... and I’m, well, probably three times your size,” Ocks stammered. “I’m not sure that will work.”

     “Sure it will! I’m strong! Plus, you’ve been losing weight; it shows around your hips.”

     “Thank yo- HEY! I’ll have you know I don’t need to lose weight, I’m slim, fit, and spunky as ever!”

     “Mhm hmm, that’s what your owner tells you, isn’t it?”

     “Oh, whatever! Ello, I don’t think you can carry me,” Ocks concluded.

     “Perhaps I can be of assistance,” an old voice said. Ocksia and Ello turned around to see a tall figure wearing a violet cloak that shielded its face.

     “Who are you?” Ocks asked.

     The figure released a heavy sigh. “Names. Why must names be so important? I’ve forgotten who I am, or who I was. But I suppose if you must refer to me as something, call me Violet, since it’s the color of my cloak. I’ve been in this world, this realm for such a long while and I thought I’d remain alone.”

     “Well, uh... I’m Ocksia, and this is my friend Ello. We have two other friends named Chris and Luke, who are accompanied with a dark faerie named Midnight.”

     Violet nodded. “And I suppose you’re trying to find them?”

     “That’d be correct, ma’am. We’re trying to find our friends and then find a way out of here.”

     Violet laughed slightly. “Well, I suppose I should help you then.”

     “Are you going to show your face?” Ello asked.

     Violet took off her cloak hood to reveal she was a pale green Zafara. She looked very old and frail, well over a hundred years easily. Her fur lost its lust and shine, and was a dull and quickly graying green color. Her eyes were wrinkled, and her eyes had a sad shine within them as they gazed at Ocks and Ello.

     “So this sign says this is Rough’s River? Who’s Rough?” Ello asked.

     “Rough is the little Kacheek that dreamed up this part of the realm. You see, as you may or may not know, there used to be an old witch that had five little Kacheeks. The witch used her magic to make this world, then she and Kacheeks lived here. It’s called the Imaginary Realm, because each of the five Kacheeks thought up a different part in the realm. Some places are nice, but some are dangerous.”

     “Is this place dangerous?” Ocks asked.

     “Watch,” Violet answered. She tore off a branch from a tree and threw the branch in the water. The three watched the tree branch float along with the river, but then it exploded into a hundred little twigs! “Explosive river. This little Kacheek wasn’t very pleasant.”

     “So it’s obvious we can’t cross the river, so what shall we do?” Ello asked.

     “You two shall come with me, and we’ll take a safer route to find your friends,” Violet answered. “Come along now.” Ocks and Ello shrugged at each other. Violet didn’t seem dangerous. They began to follow Violet. Except something on Violet’s arm caught Ello’s eye, and she then found out something was very wrong.


     Chris, Midnight and Luke now felt like they were venturing through Tyrannia’s plateau, because the ground was hot and dusty, and everything to see were stones and rocks; in fact, if there was a giant omelette, you couldn’t tell the difference between the two lands.

     But after walking for a couple miles, the three then saw a small cottage, nestled up in a cave. “Caley!” Midnight exclaimed. She flew towards the house at her fastest speed!

     “Hey, wait up!” Luke cried, breaking out into a run and Chris flying as well.

     Midnight went right up to the little blue door and knocked on it. “Hello? Is anybody there? Caley? Is it you?”

     The door creaked open. “Who’s there?”

     “It is Midnight the dark faerie.”

     The door opened wider, to reveal a fire faerie at the door. “Sister?” she asked. “Sister, is it you?”

     “Yes! Caley, it is you!” Midnight exclaimed happily. She hugged Caley, and then turned to Luke and Chris. “These are my friends Chris and Luke. Luke and Chris, this is my sister Caley.”

     “Hi,” Chris and Luke said at the same time.

     Caley’s eyes grew slightly wide. “My, you two look so big and strong. Thank you for helping Midnight to rescue me.”

     Chris blushed slightly. “Uh... no problem.”

     With a small laugh, Caley said, “My heroes. Come on in, you three, there’s a lot to show you.”

     Midnight, Luke and Chris followed Caley inside her house, where they saw furniture built out of leaves, sticks, stone and wood. “I’m glad to see you’ve been doing fine over the years, sister,” Midnight said.

     “Mhm yes, survival is one thing I’ve learned.” Caley smiled. “So are you the only three? Or are there more of you?”

     “We got separated from our two friends, Ocksia and Ello. Ello is my Faellie,” Chris explained.

     “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. Too bad we didn’t have that map.” Caley sighed.

     “We do have it!” Midnight exclaimed happily. “I uh, must’ve, uh... shoot.”

     “What’s wrong, sister?”

     “I must’ve unknowingly dropped the map while I was flying really fast towards your house. It’s okay, though, I’m sure it’s just on the ground somewhere,” Midnight answered. “I’ll go look for it really fast.”

     “I’ll come too,” Luke offered. “Chris, why don’t you stay here?”

     “Okay,” Chris replied. Midnight and Luke walked out the door and Chris turned to Caley. “Your sister was worried sick about you.”

     “I know,” Caley replied. “Hey, Chris, can you open that door right by the hallway?”

     “Sure, what do you need?” Chris asked. He walked over and opened the door.

     “YOU!” Caley roared, pushing Chris inside the door!

     “Hey! What are you doing? Where am I?”

     “You’re right where I want you,” Caley laughed. She took out a key that was hidden inside her hair. She locked the door and then put the key back in her hiding spot. “Don’t worry, Chris, your friends will be here soon.” Caley smiled. “You’ll all be mine.”


     Violet led Ocks and Ello through a nice, safe forest. “Is there any way to know where your friends are?” Violet asked.

     “Yes, in fact there is.” Ello grinned. She held up her paw and chanted, “Show me my friend’s location, show me Chris’s situation!” Her paws started glowing bright red and a picture of Chris flashed above her. It showed Chris yelling and banging against a door, and he looked in danger and scared.

     “It looks like Chris is in a house,” Ocks observed. “It looks like he’s in trouble!”

     “Oh... no...” Violet stammered. “Your friends are in terrible danger.”

     “Why? Where are they?” Ocks demanded.

     “They’re with the fire faerie. They’ve found the fire faerie. She will eat them up.”

     “Ew! Fire faeries don’t eat Neopets; that’s gross!”

     “She doesn’t eat them, she eats their youth. She eats their energy; their looks, what makes them young. Then she becomes young, and once her victims are too old, she searches for new ones.”

     “But that fire faerie is Caley, Midnight’s sister! The one we’re trying to rescue!”

     “No,” Ello replied. “That fire faerie isn’t Caley.” She pointed to Violet. “It’s you.”

To be continued...

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