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The Importance of Good and Evil

by platinumprincess99


NEOPIA - As I was thinking about what my next article should be about, I was thinking about Neopia's Villains. What would happen to Neopia if we didn't have them? Would we be happy? Or would it be really boring? Thinking about this brought another question in mind. What would happen if all the heroes suddenly disappeared? Would it be like one ongoing war between evil? Or would it be exciting? So I started thinking of why both Evil and Good were important. I started thinking of so many reasons why we need both. I thought of 75 reasons why we should keep both Good and Evil.

1. We would have no one to battle in the Battledome! And who knows what those Battledome addicted people would do to pass the time (twitching, a lot of twitching)

2. If we had villains but no heroes, some of us would be in deep dung.

3. If villains didn't exist, we'd have no heroes to save us from the evil. Double whammy.

4. No more Whack-a-Staff! It's considered mean to hit people on the head with a mallet to some people... *sigh*

5. No heroes= no hope

6. If there were no such thing as Lord Darigan (because he's a villain) there would be a ton of pets without their spiffeh color.

7. If there were no nice faeries there would be no nice faerie paintbrush!

8. Our spiffy "Redeemed" avatar would suddenly disappear!

9. The occasional tormenting Turmaculus would be considered mean!

10. No more Whack-a-Kass if Kass didn't exist.

11. Evil Fuzzles!!

12. Regular Fuzzles!!

13. You know those pretty little trophies we got for participating in the war? They'd disappear! *hugs peasant trophy*

14. If the weird people who stuck the Kadoaties in the tree disappeared, no more Warf Rescue Team!

15. Some people think Meepits are evil. Like Stan. He's an evil Meepit.

16. The Lab Ray would disappear because zapping pets with huge lightning bolts isn't considered nice.

17. Putting pets up for adoption? I think not.

18. Adopting pets from the pound? Again, I think not!

19. The Meepits are taking over! Ahhh!

20. Good Pant Devil, I was just kidding about the taking away villains part. Really! o.o;

21. Jhudora! We want to do quests for you!

22. Goodbye Space Station! -.-

23. Throwing tomatoes at Dr. Sloth's house. You know who you are..

24. Rainbow Pool? Try Black and Grey Pool! (Villains suck the color out of everything)

25. Petpet Rescue would turn into Petpet Torture.

26. Christmas colours wouldn't exist anymore!

27. Halloween colours wouldn't exist anymore!!

28. *Hugs MSP Plushie* Mine!

29. Neoschool? How about Dr. Sloth's Evil Neoschool!!

30. The NT would be covered in Mutants and scary stories.

31. That'd be one scary Beauty Contest.

32. Well we can basically kiss Faerieland goodbye.

33. Money Tree= Dead Tree.

34. So much for Balthazar giving Faeries away.

35. Every item would come with a little stamp- "Dr. Sloth Inc"

36. *Runs away from Pant Devil* Really! It's just a joke!

37. Neohomes? No, I introduce you to Neolairs!

38. Stan...the evil Meepit??

39. Only Diet Neocola for all! Bwahahaha

40. No more Jazzmosis. Heavy metal only - Sloth's choice music genre.

41. Are all your pets grey? Yeah, I wonder WHY.

42. Are your pets on fire? Well, let's think about that one shall we?

43. No more Neopoints! Well, we have to give them to Lord Darigan in order to paint every pet Darigan.

44. Did the Wheel of Excitement just...bite you?

45. *Screams* Carrots are taking over the world!!

46. Giant Slorgs are taking over slime by slime!

47. The Turmaculus is ALWAYS awake!

48. The Snowager is always asleep. Oh that's a shame...

49. Bye-bye Krawk Island!! *Tear rolls from eye*

50. It's not much fun playing Tug-a-War by yourself, is it?

51. If everything was so bright and cheery I'd happily go to the dark side. But if there was none!! Oh dear!

52. Disco is so funkeh, but Villains don't like funkeh! Noooooo!

53. No more Baby pets! Oh, no!

54. Jhudora would be Queen and oh no...Illusen, a slave?

55. The Hidden Tower would be found, that takes the surprise outta that.

56. If Villains ruled Neopia, there would be no trying to take over the world if they already have. Ouch, sorry Lord Kass.

57. Mutant pets! They would be gone with the villains and bad things/creatures/pets. Phew, I mean, aww.

58. Every pet would be trained very well at the Training School to become vicious mean pets. Like my acara...Nevermind, scratch that.

59. The weather would always be so sunny. Poor Grey Pets...

60. No matter what we do, petpetpets (those little pests) will be there.

61. Those poor little labor Grundos won't be labored anymore without villains Wait, why's that bad? Nevermind, moving on.

62. The Haunted Woods would become the new Neopia Central.

63. No more Pharmacy if the heroes (yes, that does include our pharmacists) didn't exist! Our pets would have to suffer!

64. Seeing as the Twisted Roses is Sloth's favorite band (yes, he is a softy for rock) they would disappear with the villains!

65. Sloth Day would be EVERY day!!!

66. The Mystery Island volcano would join the evil side just so it could erupt in their faces.

67. The baby evil Meepits! Stan Jr., Stan the third, Stan the fourth, Stan the fifth...

68. Faboo's clothes would be more like rags if she weren't there to sell them. Yes, that's right she's a good guy, she helps your fashion crisis'.

69. If all heroes were gone we could swear anywhere on the boards and that weird Meerca wouldn't stop us! Oh dear! *covers Stan's ears*

70. All bad might disappear but they have one that would get left behind. Eliv...yes, that's right. You need to spell your name right, man.

71. Now here's a hard one. Gnomes, good or bad? We just can't be sure...

72. All the good faeries would be captured and held hostage until the bad guys realized that there was no one to pay the ransom.

73. The Smugglers Cove would be gone with the Villains, although each and everyone of us wish we could get there on time to get an item.

74. Dubloon Disaster would be one easy game without the mines.

75. Last but not least, we would never be happy if Evil didn't exist because then it would be uber boring. We'd be surrounded by n00bs. And if Evil only existed, then it would be one scary world!

The balance of good and bad is important. If you take away bad, then good flings off the scale as well. So when we go "Wow, I wish Lord Whoever dies because he took away Illusens Glade for a while!" Think: "Hmm, even if Illusens Glade is down for now, at least the evil Meepits haven't taken over." That's right, I must tell you, evil Meepits will take over Neopia one day. One day soon. Stan, he's the King Meepit who plans the domination of Neopia. Anyways, good and bad are both as important as each other, so we MUST keep them in order to keep things right.

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