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Meepits vs Feepits... Vs Dr. Sloth: Part Eight

by orlando_bloom_bigfan


Also by shirahli

“I wish your map included ALL the passages in the Space Station!” snapped Lord King Sloth, holding the map in front of him and turning it around in his hands. He squinted, trying to make out the small writing. He made a note to himself that in the future, any pocket sized maps of the Space Station should come with a magnifying glass. A pocket sized magnifying glass, of course.

     “Well, don’t blame me! Blame whoever stole the larger map that I copied this from!” exclaimed Alex. “Here, I have my super zoom glasses on, let me read it.”

     King Sloth scowled, but passed the map over to Alex anyway. Alex stared at it for a moment, before moving his eyes to some very small print at the bottom, print so small he could barely read it even with his glasses on. “Please note,” he read out loud. “For security reasons this map does not include any of the secret passages around the Space Station. Dr. Sloth’s highest security area is also not included.” On the map there was a small blank space, which Alex assumed was the removed high security area.

     “Well, we are obviously in a secret passage, somewhere...” reasoned Lily, staring at the map and wondering where a secret passage could possibly be.

     “But the secret passage could be anywhere!” said Daisy, pushing Alex out the way to have a look at the map.

     “Well, we will just have to keep following it and see where it leads, won’t we?”

     Everyone agreed with King Sloth; this was one of his more sensible ideas. They set off down the thin, slightly dirty passage and after only thirty seconds came to a door. The sign on the door read “Secret Geranium Garden: Back Entrance.”

     They all stared in surprise, until Alex reasoned it must be a code for something. King Sloth opened the door and they all slipped inside, shutting the door quietly behind them.

     “I don’t believe it!” was the first thing Daisy could say, staring wide eyed around her. “We really are in a geranium garden! Could it be Dr. Sloth’s, do you think?”

     King Sloth smirked. “I wouldn’t put it past him to have one, crazy thing that he is.”

     All four meepits started to laugh, but stopped suddenly when they heard a shout coming from just outside a door at the other end of the garden. They listened, and very quickly heard another shout.


     The shout was so loud it could be none other than Dr. Sloth himself. With a panicked look at one another, King Sloth, Daisy, Lily and Alex dived behind the nearest large clump of geraniums. They sat there fearfully, and uncomfortably, as Dr. Sloth, Donna and what must have been most of the guards in the Space Station piled inside the geranium garden. The guards all stared in amazement, none of them having known that a geranium garden existed near Dr. Sloth’s private headquarters. Dr. Sloth made a mental note to wipe their memories later.

     “Are we all going to get caught?” whimpered Lily. “How did he even know we are in here?”

     Nobody made a reply, all too busy waiting for Dr. Sloth’s next move. He was busy staring at something on the ground. He walked a few paces towards the hidden meepits and then stopped. “That one there!” he shouted, pointing at a geranium in a pot. “That’s the bomb!”


     ‘What on Neopia are them guards doin?’ Ralph asked himself, staring in surprise as most of the guards on the Space Station stared running at once, in the General Direction of Dr. Sloth’s private headquarters. Alarm flared in Ralph’s eyes when the realisation struck him; ‘Me master must be in danger!’

     He started to run after the guards, running as fast as his short little legs would carry him. Fortunately he had left most of his fancy gadgets back in the feepit headquarters and so he was not weighed down a lot, for a change. Unfortunately, though, the guards had had a flying head start and Ralph was very tired. His short legs could not carry him fast enough and he soon fell far behind the guards, losing sight of them completely. He was just about to run around another random corner when a terrifying sight made him stop short. Just in front of him were the two feepit leaders who had captured him.

     “Ah, there he is!” exclaimed Leader Helga.

     “I am afraid you will have to come with us for a little while,” said George menacingly. “You see, we, uhh, rather enjoyed your company and we don’t want to part with you quite yet.”

     Without waiting to hear anymore, Ralph turned and ran back in the direction he had come from. He knew, or assumed he knew, all the secret passages in the Space Station. He turned into the nearest one, concealed behind a large painting of Dr. Sloth, and slammed the door shut behind him. He didn’t wait to see if the feepits were following him but continued to run. By the sounds coming from the painting, he quickly guessed the feepits were trying to follow him.

     “Quick! We are catching up!” shouted Leader Helga, sounding too close to Ralph for his liking. He forced his legs to put on one last burst of speed and reached the end of the corridor only a few seconds before Helga and George. He pulled open the door and rushed through, trying to slam it shut with all his might.

     On the other side of the door he stared in surprise, and so did the feepits who had managed to slip through behind him anyway. They were in Dr. Sloth’s geranium garden and the sight that met their eyes might have made all three of them laugh if the situation had been a little different. The feepits were forced to quickly dive behind a large pot before anyone noticed them, although unfortunately it was the same place Daisy, Lily, Alex and King Sloth were hiding. They all scowled at each other, but Ralph took no notice of this because he was too busy running towards his master, Dr. Sloth, who was currently trying to read a very small book entitled How to Deactivate a Bomb in Three Dangerous Steps.

     “Don’t follow that guide!” shouted Ralph, guessing in one second what was going on. The feepits must have planted a bomb in the geranium garden after all. Dr. Sloth jumped, and so did all the guards around him and Donna.

     “Well, what do I do?” demanded Dr. Sloth, not taking the time to notice that Ralph had escaped from the feepits. He picked up a small pot of geraniums that, when he listened closely, Ralph realised was ticking.

     “How much time do I have?” asked Ralph, trying to stay calm and gently taking the bomb from Dr. Sloth. Donna looked at her watch.

     “Just over fifteen minutes!”


     Roger took a cautious glance around a corner. “There is nobody there! Lieutenant Matthew, are you SURE this is the right way back to Dr. Sloth’s high security room so we can steal his plans?”

     “I wish you would stop asking me that at every corner. Of course I am sure!”

     “Great!” said Charles. “If we can steal the plans, we will show Daisy, Lily and Alex that we are the awesome ones! And then His Lordship Majesty King Sloth will praise us, not them!”

     All three meepits looked pleased at the prospect of ‘revenge,’ as they called it. The slipped around the corner, tiptoed along the passage for a few meters and then found that Lieutenant Matthew was right and that they were outside Dr. Sloth’s high security door.

     “Charles?” asked Roger. “Do you think that gadget you used to break us out of prison will open this door?”

     “It should, but let us hope it does not make a mess like it did last time. Blowing up fifty cells sure wasn’t a quiet way to escape!”

     “I still don’t understand why the guards didn’t come running...” said Lieutenant Matthew thoughtfully. Charles and Roger both rolled their eyes at him.

     “Does it really matter, so long as we got away?” asked Roger, while Charles set to work trying to open the door. After around ten seconds, although it felt far longer, there was a large exploding noise and the door fell down. It nearly crushed the three meepits who only just dived out of the way in time.

     They climbed carefully over the door and entered, all the time keeping a sharp look out for guards. Roger and Lieutenant Matthew kept watch while Charles checked the bottom of Dr. Sloth’s sock drawer, and the bottom of every other drawer while he was at it, to find as many different domination plans as he could. It was likely that because Dr. Sloth had made the plans they would be a complete failure, but at least it would leave a good impression of Charles and Roger (they planned to conveniently forget Lieutenant Matthew) in the eyes of their noble leader King Sloth.

     Charles was just coming back from his rather hurried search with a pile of papers when Roger hissed an alarm. They all took the nearest cover they could as Queen Fyora and the Space Faerie stepped over the broken door and into the room.

To be continued...

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