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Key Quest! Finding Your Perfect Token!

by sportsandmusic69


Welcome! Ever have the problem where you're only allowed to pick one Key Quest plushie at the store and you just want the token? Or are you the type who just uses one token all the time? Need help deciding? Well, I am here to help you pick the perfect token for you so you can forever enjoy your future games of Key Quest. I will only go from Series 1 through Series 7.

Series 1:

Pink Bruce - Are you infatuated by penguins or the Bruce? Are you a Pink lover? Well, then the Pink Bruce will happily bounce your way to victories.

Yellow Kacheek - Ah, the warming feel of yellow, and those big chubby cheeks. The Yellow Kacheek will give you a warm sensation that will make you feel happy in Key Quest, whether you win or lose.

Brown Uni - Who says brown is an ugly color? And who hasn't imagined riding a unicorn? Let us fly to victory with the Brown Uni!

Red Scorchio - Has someone told you that you can be hot-headed? And what other way to show it with the color red. Burn all your opponents who stand in your way with the Red Scorchio!

Speckled Acara - Yay! Dots everywhere! And I bet you're the Acara fan? Well, with the Speckled Acara, you're sure to leave a trail of dots letting your opponents know that you're already at the door with the Speckled Acara.

Starry Grundo - Ah, isn't it great to look up at the starry night, watching the stars twinkle; wait, was that a UFO? Well, with the Starry Grundo, you'll finish the game faster than the speed of light.

Striped Cybunny - Like cuddly bunnies? Like pink and blue? Well, with the Striped Cybunny, you can bounce your way to victory with an awesome Striped Cybunny.

Cloud Kougra - Hey... Hey! You! Yeah, you, get your head out of the clouds. Do you like Kougras? Well, with me already knowing you're the relaxed type, why not gently float your way to victory with the Cloud Kougra?

Plushie Wocky - Awwww, it's a Wocky with a big old smile, and better yet, it's a soft plushie one too! Well, with the Plushie Wocky, you can now land on the Key Quest door with ease.

Plushie Mynci - A plushie Mynci? What could be cuter than that? With the Plushie Mynci, you'll lightly swing your way to an awesome win!

Plushie JubJub - Ah, the Plushie JubJub. After rolling your way to victory, why not use him as a pillow and get some shut eye?

Gold Gelert - Are you the playful type? Have a heart made of gold? Well, with the Gold Gelert, you'll blind everyone with your skills at winning Key Quest!

Gold Shoyru - Ever dream of flying? Are you also the kind type? Well, with the Gold Shoyru, you'll surely fly your way to victory!

Gold Aisha - Yes! The relaxed Gold Aisha. With this token, you'll take your sweet time while others watch in amazement of your Key Quest skills!

That's it for the first series of Key Quest! Finding Your Perfect Token! Now let's go to Series 2.


In this series we will be discussing series 2.

Series 2:

Yellow Xweetok - Are you kind-hearted but protective of your territory? Well, with the Yellow Xweetok, you can guard your gold key winnings from others.

Pink Cybunny - Oh look! A Cybunny! It reminds me of cotton candy! With the Pink Cybunny, you'll bounce your fluffy way to a rightfully earned win.

Orange Kougra - The Kougra, and look, orange! Being orange, you'll easily be seen hunting. Good, let them see you hunt that gold key down with the Orange Kougra!

Blue Elephante - You may be kind-hearted and look blue all the time, but people who think they can win easily over you will be sadly mistaken with the Blue Elephante.

Spotted Kau - Are you old-fashioned? Well, with the Spotted Kau, you can show those whippersnappers how to win Key Quest old-fashioned style.

Camouflage Poogle - Wait... what was that that went by? With the Camouflage Poogle, you dart your way to the Key Quest door with the Camouflage Poogle!

Speckled Uni - Is your relaxation in a field of flowers just like Unis? Well, after winning that Key Quest game, join the Speckled Uni in a nice relaxation time there when done.

Cloud Meerca - Hehehe, the most odd combo of all, being relaxed and cunning! With the Cloud Meerca, nobody will suspect you until too late to win that Key Quest game!

Island JubJub - Now where did I leave that ball, maybe it fell into this bush, AH! That's an Island JubJub! With the Island JubJub, you'll leave your opponents feeling crushed to have lost to a plant! Or so it seems.

Island Kacheek - Are you the quiet type? Want a peaceful home? Well, with the Island Kacheek, hurry up and win that noisy game of Key Quest then go home to relax again.

Island Bruce - Have you been called strange before? Well, with the Island Bruce, you can leave everyone stunned at what just happened in Key Quest!

Silver Aisha - Is your nickname precious? Well, so is the Silver Aisha! Show them why you're so precious with the Silver Aisha in Key Quest.

Silver Gelert - Ah, the "I'm there when you need me" token. With the Silver Gelert, you'll quickly win those games, then go help your pals in need.

Silver Shoyru - The flying dreamer. With the Silver Shoyru, whiz by everyone in the sky to win that Key Quest game!

This is the end of part 2 of 7 for Key Quest! Finding Your Perfect Token! Now for part 3.


Hey there! Part 3 of the discussion on Series 3 of Key Quest tokens!

Series 3:

Yellow Kougra - Are you the speed-demon? Well, with the Yellow Kougra, your opponents will lose to you in the speed of light!

Green Kacheek - Likely one of the sweetest tokens to play with. With the Green Kacheek, you'll have your rival losing, but in a good way.

Pink Quiggle - Although your meal idea may not be the same as the Pink Quiggle's, you can still agree on gulping one thing down, that Key Quest Gold key!

Purple Scorchio - Time to win a Key Quest game, with style! The Purple Scorchio can help you achieve that goal.

Cloud Uni - Ever dream of flying? Well, with the Cloud Uni, you can enjoy a nice game of Hide-and-Seek after floating your way to a Key Quest win!

Speckled Bruce - Never let anyone see you down with all the pride you have with the Speckled Bruce!

Striped Xweetok - Heh, with the Striped Xweetok, nobody will be ashamed of losing to someone so cute!

Starry Elephante - Hey, guys! After I win this Key Quest game with my Starry Elephante, who wants to hear a good story?

Faerie Aisha - While the Faerie Queen is busy, quickly win a Key Quest game with the Faerie Aisha so you can get backing to guarding the secrets of Faerieland.

Faerie Acara - Your skills are in both air and water; why not go ahead and conquer land with the Faerie Acara in Key Quest?

Faerie Ixi - I'm sure all of us, even the Faerie Ixi, can't wait for TNT to make a cloud board for Key Quest to win in.

Strawberry JubJub - Ok, maybe trying to get your opponents to forget about the game and try to eat you wasn't a good idea. Well, roll away with that win with the Strawberry JubJub.

Strawberry Poogle - You may be tasty looking, but with the Strawberry Poogle, people will see your fierceness in Key Quest.

Strawberry Usul - After winning that Key Quest game, invite all your friends over for a nice picnic with the Strawberry Usul.

Orange Meerca - Now with the Orange Meerca, how could you ever blame someone so innocent looking?

Blue Chomby - Happy all the time? With the Blue Chomby, you'll put a smile on your opponent's face quickly, even if they just lost.

Electric Cybunny - They say Electric Cybunnies are great at getting goals in Yooyuball; well, with the Electric Cybunny, put winning Key Quest under the other great things you're good at!

Electric Shoyru - What was that flash!? Oh, shoot! With the Electric Shoyru, you'll have your opponents saying that as they realize they just lost a game of Key Quest!

Electric Wocky - Are you the quick, inspirational type? Well, inspire everyone to lose to you in Key Quest with the Electric Wocky!

Series 3 of Key Quest! Finding Your Perfect Token! is now at an end. But now it's time for series 4!


We're halfway done with the amazing talk on Key Quest tokens are your personality!

Series 4:

Yellow Flotsam - Invite your friends over to the beach to collect neat things on the beach after a game of Key Quest with the Yellow Flotsam.

Red Ixi - You may stick out in the Haunted Woods board of Key Quest with the Red Ixi, oh well, let them see you win!

Purple Kau - With the Purple Kau, you can enjoy a nice glass of milk after a Key Quest game. Warning! Milk may taste like grapes!

Pink Korbat - A Korbat may be creepy looking, but not the Pink Korbat! Cuten up the Key Quest board with the Pink Korbat.

Electric Gelert - Speed, speed, speed! Finish that Key Quest game fast with the Electric Gelert!

Split Grundo - With two personalities, you have the happy "I won!" side, and then the sad "Aw, I lost!" side just like the Split Grundo in Key Quest. Though people may look at you funny.

Spotted Mynci - With the Spotted Mynci, your opponents will have trouble in Key Quest landing a good combo of powerups on you.

Striped Usul - With you, does everything just have to match? Well, you and the Striped Usul can agree about the matching win in Key Quest that you two share.

Rainbow Blumaroo - After bouncing to that Key Quest win, let's bounce over to Roo Island for a day at the park for some fun!

Rainbow Chomby - Like to munch on things even if they have a bad effect? Well, with the Rainbow Chomby, I'm pretty sure you'll like munching on your Key Quest prize wins!

Rainbow Wocky - Leave a rainbow trail to let your opponents that you're already at the door with the Rainbow Wocky.

Halloween Acara - Oh my! Show everyone your scary Key Quest skills with the Halloween Acara.

Halloween JubJub - Smash me? How about I smash you?! Crush your opponents in Key Quest with the Halloween JubJub.

Halloween Acara - With the Halloween Acara, your opponents will have nightmares on how badly they lost in that last game of Key Quest against you!

Orange Aisha - Everyone will still have that happy, warm feeling to have lost to you and the Orange Aisha in Key Quest.

Green Shoyru - Just like it's easy to splat berries in Berry Blaster, beat your opponents with little effort with the Green Shoyru!

Speckled Elephante - Do you always get lost in new places? With the Speckled Elephante, you'll be sure to fool your opponents into thinking you lost in the Key Quest game.

Speckled Kiko - See those Speckled Neggs at the starter house? With the Speckled Kiko, you can trick your opponents to thinking you're still far behind.

Speckled Quiggle - With the Speckled Quiggle, hop your way while leaving your dots trailing behind to victory!

Can't believe we've just finished half of the series for Key Quest! Finding Your Perfect Token! You may take a break from reading or just keep on reading.


Welcome back! Let's get Series 5 of the Key Quest tokens rolling!

Series 5:

Yellow Usul - Your friends all know you for your bright, happy personality. With the Yellow Usul, they'll be sure to stay this way, even after losing to you in Key Quest.

Red Acara - With the Red Acara, you'll have everyone red in the face after you win that Key Quest game!

Blue Koi - Like to fish? With the Blue Koi, fish out that Key Quest win with the Blue Koi.

Green Kau - Ok, so who doesn't like a peaceful day of just relaxing while eating your favorite food? With the Green Kau, you'll leave your opponents relaxed by your personality.

Camouflage Kougra - Hehehe, can you find me? Oh wait, yeah, you can! With the Camouflage Kougra, you and your token will easily slip through the Neopia Central board and get that win!

Electric Lupe - Get mad easily? Well, if you win, then you get some awesome prizes, but if you lose, use your Electric Lupe to shock the person who beat you; they may just let you win on purpose from now on.

Spotted Aisha - Can your rival spot you? Well, let them spot you with the Spotted Aisha as you sit there at the Key Quest door.

Cloud Flotsam - Ever dream of swimming deep in the sea? What about the sky? With the Cloud Flotsam, you may not be able to swim in both, but you sure can swim to victory.

Disco Elephante - Groovy, dude! After winning that groovy game of Key Quest, invite your opponent for a nice dance.

Disco Kiko - Let's twirl around all the time! With the Disco Kiko, you're sure to have your colors make your opponents confused. Hey! That gives us time to win that Key Quest game!

Disco Elephante - Are you the person who loves loud stuff? Well, with the Disco Elephante, you can let your opponents know that you're already at the Key Quest door doing your victory dance.

Christmas Wocky - Ok, with the Christmas Wocky, I don't think your opponents want a free "You lose in Key Quest" gift.

Christmas Bruce - Are you the giving type like the Christmas Wocky? Well, deliver to all the little boys and girls a nice Silver key with the Christmas Bruce.

Christmas Quiggle - Like to give gifts with that silly smile of yours? With the Christmas Quiggle, you shouldn't have a problem with the free loss to the rival.

Don't forget part 6 is now rolling on in on Key Quest! Finding Your Perfect Token!


Welcome back once more! Let us hastily get running on the part 6 with the awesome Key Quest tokens!

Series 6:

Red Pteri - With the Red Pteri, you'll never have anyone get you down on the ground! Whether in Key Quest or real life.

Orange Lupe - Are you a loner? Well, fine then, with the Orange Lupe, you and your token can be the only ones winning that nifty Gold key in Key Quest!

Purple Kiko - Do you like grapes? Or are you small? The Purple Kiko agrees to both of these, so join him after a game of Key Quest for a grape feast.

Pink Elephante - Has anyone called you weak before because of something different about you? Well, with the Pink Elephante, show your might in Key Quest and teach them a lesson they won't ever forget!

Speckled Scorchio - You're the innocent looking one, but when someone does something you don't like, they'll get something they don't want. Playing with the Speckled Scorchio seems to fit you most if you agree with this statement.

Striped Ixi - Are you so majestic that it's hard for people to stay caught up with you? Well, the Striped Ixi feels the same way! This is the token for you then.

Camouflage Wocky - Do you have a cunning smile that hides your true feelings? Well, with the Camouflage Wocky, your opponents won't suspect you of a thing until after you've won that Key Quest game!

Spotted Cybunny - For people who don't like snow and love attention, with the Spotted Cybunny you can avoid the Terror Mountain board on Key Quest while having everyone's full attention.

Robot JubJub - Are you the type who runs away really fast when scared? Don't worry, so is the Robot JubJub! Though in Key Quest, you may have your opponents running from you.

Robot Kacheek - Are you the type who's calm even during emergencies? Well, pick up the Robot Kacheek as he'll always stay calm in a game of Key Quest, no matter what!

Robot Mynci - Someone asked a question and you've shouted the correct answer out within seconds. The Robot Mynci is always doing this, allowing him to quickly win Key Quest games; grab him before he speeds off!

Gold Blumaroo - Love to bounce? Wanna be part of the sun's golden rays? Well, you and the Gold Blumaroo can bounce high in the sky and land on the Key Quest door.

Gold Kyrii - For the serious type people, you and the Gold Kyrii can have two things in common. Being serious and going for the same thing, nothing but gold in Key Quest!

Gold Usul - For people who only want the best, well, with the Gold Usul, you can look the best while doing your best in Key Quest.

Starry Kau - Ever had a bunch of people think that you like one thing but you actually want the opposite? Well, if that happens, just pick this token as she feels the same way all the time.

Starry Poogle - You'll have your opponents seeing stars for a while after you're done with them in that Key Quest match!

Starry Acara - You want it all! Being master of land, water, sky, and now outer space? If you're the same way, then bring the starry Acara along with you as your Key Quest token then.

This now concludes part 6 of Key Quest! Finding Your Perfect Token! Next we must venture on to the last series, series 7.


Welcome, everyone, to the final edition to Key Quest! Finding Your Perfect Token! Let's take it slow with this version.

Series 7:

Blue Acara - Have people said something around the nature of you being a born swimmer? Well, the Blue Acara is the same way. Let's swim to victory in Key Quest with the Blue Acara!

Pink Chomby - Are you the type who just dislikes dull things? With the Pink Chomby, you can add a splash of something new and exciting in the Key Quest games.

Green Grundo - Has someone said you're like a goat, that'll you'll eat anything? Well, the Green Grundo isn't a picky eater either. Eat your way to victory with this token!

Red Uni - Are you the type who's not vain about anything? Well, even if you lose, you and the Red Uni will surely not hold a grudge over a game of Key Quest.

Starry Flotsam - Have you ever had someone look at you and then be reminded of another person? If this is happening to you all the time, then do pick up this token. You may just bring back some Key Quest memories with the Starry Flotsam.

Striped Kacheek - Been told that you're always a softy at heart? Well, then this token will perfectly match you in Key Quest. Just try not to get sad when you're about to beat your rival at Key Quest like the Striped Kacheek does sometimes.

Cloud Moehog - Do you stare out the window all the time at school? Or day-dream about random things at work? If so, then the Cloud Moehog is the perfect token for you. Just try not to daydream during that Key Quest match, though.

Shadow Shoyru - Is your nickname Shadow? Been told that you're like a shadow? Well, this token loves acting like that. Sneak past your Key Quest opponents with the Shadow Shoyru today!

Baby Aisha - Are you the type who puts your best baby face on when you want something? Well, the Baby Aisha is always doing this. Go and tempt your opponents now with this token so you can snag the win!

Baby Bruce - Has someone told you that you look cute when learning something new? The Baby Bruce is always having this happen, so let the Baby Bruce be your Key Quest token for now on.

Baby Gelert - Ever been told you have big ears? Well, then you and your Baby Gelert can show all the opponents in Key Quest what these big ears can do!

Silver Cybunny - Like the color silver but always want to be first? Well, the Silver Cybunny refuses to be anything but number 1 in Key Quest! Here's the token for you then!

Silver Lupe - Are you the noble type? Well, show everyone how noble you are with your Silver Lupe in Key Quest now.

Silver Poogle - Are you proud about a special part of you? Well, the Silver Poogle is proud of something too! Show everyone in Key Quest how proud you two are.

Chocolate Scorchio - Are you a pyromaniac who loves chocolate? Well, then, join the Chocolate Scorchio in Key Quest now. Warning! You may want to stay away from the Chocolate boards.

Chocolate Usul - Have you been told you've got great taste in things like music, food, etc? Well, the Chocolate Usul has to deal with this all the time; here's your perfect token if you're this type!

Chocolate Xweetok - Has someone told you that you are "so cute that I could just eat you up"? Well, the Chocolate Xweetok deals with this every day! Join it now and run from to victory, far away from your Key Quest opponents or loud, old grandma today!

Well, this concludes our final chapter of the series Key Quest! Finding Your Perfect Token! It's been really nice having you here reading. I hope this helps you find your perfect token. May you continue to enjoy many, many more Key Quest games in the future.

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