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7 Easy and Hopefully Pain-Free Ways to Earn NP

by apr312


AT THE BANK: You silently wait in line to withdraw some neopoints. You found this gorgeous new petpet you just have to have. However, when you reach the Skeith in charge and ask for 10,000 NP, he says, “You do not have enough neopoints in your bank to withdraw that amount!” As you sadly walk home, you wonder how you could ever have a really rich bank account.

Has this ever happened to you? You suddenly find yourself short on neopoints, and don’t know what to do? Many Neopians just can’t seem to save up for that special paint brush or the Number 6 avatar. Read the seven steps below to learn how to avoid this situation ever again.

1. Set a daily goal

You may be thinking, “Oh. This is just like every other guide I’ve read.” Well, it’s not. Every guide includes this step because it’s vital. Why, you ask? It’s helpful because it will give you some incentive- instead of looking at your overall goal and think that you’ll never make it, think of a certain amount of neopoints you can earn per day. That way every time you achieve your daily goal, or higher, you feel like you actually accomplished something. If you have to start with a low number, like 5,000 NP per day, that’s okay. Once you can do that without breaking a sweat, add another 5,000 to your goal. Eventually, you could be earning over 20,000 neopoints every single day. Just remember to pace yourself, and just do your best.

2. Find out what works for you

There are numerous ways to earn money on Neopets. The trick is to find out which one works the best for you. Are games for you? How about restocking or the stock market? Read up on each one, and decide which one you might be good at. If you try restocking, but it just doesn’t work out for you, try some games instead. Games can be hard at first, but practice makes perfect. The more you work at a game, the better you’ll be- if that’s your preferred way of making neopoints. Everyone’s different, so find your unique way of earning NP.

3. Do your dailies

On Neopets, there are tons of guides to dailies. Dailies include Tombola, the Fruit Machine, Free Omelette, and much more. Use them to your advantage. Find a guide to dailies you really like, bookmark it on your computer, and use it every day you can. You can earn money and items, like paint brushes, from these dailies if you get lucky, so it’s a nice start to your day on Neopets. Remember to sell any items you earn from dailies, if they can earn you a profit. This can lead up to a couple thousand extra NP at hand.

4. Don’t spend any money

Unless of course, you have to in order to feed your pets. However, you can get free food from the dailies, so you shouldn’t have this problem too often. But never, ever buy something you don’t need. Say you see a brand-new plushie in stock. Don’t give in and waste the neopoints on that. Think about what you want the most that’s going to be expensive, such as the paint brush or Number 6 avatar mentioned earlier, and keep working toward that, instead of buying some random toy in a spur-of-the-moment splurge. Everyone spends some money randomly while trying to save up- most of us can’t help it. Just try to limit spending money to certain days of the year, like your pet’s birthday, or holidays. Try not to spend money on a normal day, and don’t spend too much when a special occasion comes around.

5. Keep things organized

Do you currently have a few hundred items in your Safety Deposit Box (SDB), trying to get the Pack Rat avatar? Get rid of them. You can sell some worthwhile items in your shop for a small profit. My friend had over 300 items in his SDB, and he sold some; so far, he’s earned 50,000 NP from that. Don’t leave all of your items lying around your inventory and SDB, but sell the ones you can and donate the ones you can’t. When I did this, I donated something if I couldn’t earn more than 100 NP from it. This is a nice rule of thumb, and after a while your SDB and inventory will be spotless, making the site all the easier to navigate. Try your best to avoid getting stuck on the Pack Rat avatar again. There are more important things to do than waste money trying to flood your SDB.

6. Choose avatar goals wisely (skip if you aren’t an avatar collector)

There are multiple different kinds of avatars: clickable, pet/petpet, battledome, items, and games, just to name the most common ones. If you are trying to become a neo-millionaire, should you really be spending money on those item avatars? Or perhaps expensive weapons for the battledome ones? When saving, it is best to focus on clickable and game avatars. Clickable avatars are easy to come by, if you can find a guide, so those are probably the first choice. Once you have those, game avatars are perfect. You can be getting a good score on a game like Meepit Juice Break, and be earning money at the same time.

7. Visit Neopets often, and stay on for a while

Of course, you shouldn’t spend your whole life staring at a computer screen. But what you should do is make it a habit to visit Neopets as much as possible, and stay for as long as you can. This gives you more time to play games, and more time for a Random Event to pop up. The longer you stay, the bigger the chance of you finding a codestone on the floor, or maybe being visited by the traveling library. You could even find some neopoints or a paint brush on the floor! There are two days of the year when you must be on Neopets if you want a good chance for Random Events: Neopets’s birthday, and your birthday. On these two days, you get the birthday sidebar, which increases your chance of getting a Random Event.

Well, there you have it. Seven easy and hopefully pain-free ways to earn NP. I sincerely hope this guide has helped you in some way, shape, or form. Until next time, happy saving!

It's my first NT article! Yay! =D

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