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Blumaroo: Right For You?

by blackfriar


Do you dislike Blumaroos? Have you ever thought that it may not be the best pet to be looking after? If either of these statements apply to you, don’t worry; it may not be your fault. It isn’t often that Blumaroos are portrayed in the best of lights. Of course there are the occasions where a Blumaroo is heralded as the hero of a story, like in the case of Rohane in Neoquest II where he triumphs against Ramtor. However over the years there have been many instances where they always end up in the worst situations, or as the bad guy. I’m sure you’ve heard all about Chef Bonju, an Orange Blumaroo who mercilessly shoved his crew mate overboard the Cyodrake’s Gaze, or Count Von Roo, a nocturnal Neopet who when featured in Neoquest appeared to be casting a spell to block the sun. Then how could you forget Dr. Sloth’s most senior Commander Garoo, who is described as having [a] “mean temper, foul attitude, and utter contempt for other Neopets”.

This is all well and good you might think; perhaps you now know why you don’t like Blumaroos. However, you rarely hear the other side of the story. Bonju the Blumaroo, who just wanted for people to enjoy his food, his only dream to be the best culinary master in Neopia. Few people realise that the Count was not in fact attempting to block the sun but performing a counter spell to the opposite effect.

If we could set these vicious prejudices aside, then maybe the Blumaroo could rise from all the way down at 36th most popular Neopet to at least making the top ten! I’m going to be listing five surefire reasons as to why you should be choosing to adopt a Blumaroo as your pet. Read well, and hopefully it will spur you to making the best choice!

1. Blumaroos look brilliant when dressing up!

There are a multitude of outfits to dress up your Blumaroo in: a complete Jester outfit, guaranteed to make even King Skarl laugh, a magician’s outfit (yes, it does come with a wand!), a farmer outfit and many more. Most of them come with two options for the male and female Neopet, giving great versatility so that if none of the full sets take your fancy then you can always mix and match! If that still doesn’t please you, there are 49 different colours the Blumaroo can come in, some with their own stylish clothes like the Royal Boy/Girl. The Anubis head mask of the Lost Desert Blumaroo is one of my personal favourites.

2. Blumaroos are the best in the Battledome

It’s not a widely known fact that the Blumaroo have a 10% resistance to air attacks within the Battledome. What this means is that when under attack from some of the best weapons you’ll see when battling, for example Pirate Captains Cutlass and Ghostkersword, they will have that slight advantage. This could be crucial to winning the fight! They are also able to equip themselves with the Blumaroo Health Potion, an item specific to the Blumaroo species that has the ability to heal 50% of your health once per battle. Blumaroos also come with one of the best species abilities in the game. The Blumaroo Whistle can deal up to six icons of damage against opponents whilst not giving up on any defence.

3. Blumaroos are easy to please

It really isn’t hard to keep your Blumaroo happy and well fed. A Blumaroo's favourite food is nachos; they absolutely LOVE them and will do anything to get their paws on some. Be warned, though, if you leave a Blumaroo alone in a room with any of the eleven different types of nachos then expect a very heavy Blumaroo and lots of empty packaging when you get back! Saying that, however, I do know a certain Blumaroo who has a penchant for Sneggs, so really it is each to their own. Playing with one of the many Blumaroo toys out there is a fail-safe way to make your Blumaroo happy, but really any toy will do. As long as you spend ample time with them, then they don’t really mind too much what specific toy you use.

4. Blumaroos are a helpful species

As well as helping elderly Neopets cross the road, Blumaroos spend a lot of time bounding around the vast world of Neopia on their tails warning people not to give out information to others. Whilst they often speak these wise words, they are also happy to hop by and just say hello. If you ever need anything, then all you need to do is stop one and they’d be delighted to help! They may not always know the answer, or get it right, but they will sure try.

5. Blumaroos love games

There are so many games out there for Blumaroos. King Roo set up Dice a Roo a long time ago for the pleasure of all Neopets. The premise of the game is that you have five dice, and roll one at a time. With each roll, you have the chance to move up the dice towards the grand prize, on the way winning Neopoints and items. Who’s to say Blumaroos aren’t generous? To name a few other games that feature Blumaroos, there are: Attack of the Gummy Dice, Roodoku, Eye of the Storm and Kass Basher. If you’ve been playing Daily Dare over the last few weeks (and I hope you have) I’m sure AAA hasn’t escaped your notice. It’s no coincidence that this genius games master is a Blumaroo!

So there you have it, five reasons why Blumaroos are the best pet. I hope you will now consider adopting a Blumaroo. They are brilliant creatures and definitely well worth having! Don’t let the misguided view that every Blumaroo is destined to be bad stop you from having your dream pet. If everyone who reads this article decides that a Blumaroo is for them, then we can really make a difference to the popularity of these fine Neopets! Thanks for reading!

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