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Avatar Gaming of the 21st Century

by demonic_cookie41


We've all been there. Where is there? The same boring old Avatar Simon board. A host mindlessly posting (or I should saying showing off) avatar after avatar to make us attempt to duplicate their actions like a sick little puppet. Well, no longer! Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you to avatar gaming of the 21st century.

"But all those games were invented in the 21st century," you say.

Yes, maybe, but we live in an ever changing Neopia and it in that case is fitting we have some fresh new games to entertain us and put those hard earned avatars to a more practical usage. I am here today to show you three new games. They may not have the simplistic charm of other avatar games, but after a few rounds, once you've gotten them down, trust me, your days of Avatar Survivor will be over. Well, probably not, but you'll definitely spice up your neoboard gaming. These are all games I personally have invented to spruce up my own guild's avatar gaming experience and it's time to share them with Neopia. Let's get into it, shall we?


all dashes optional (even squiggly ones, like this ~)

The thing about avlimination is the fact that it's so similar to Avatar Simon but with a certain twist. That is, once you miss an av, you're done, right then and there. However, don't fret, you're not out for good. Avlimination also brings much more open-ended gameplay that isn't as set in stone as Av Simon. This is because, instead of playing a game with a set length, you're playing one that will end upon a point value. Let me explain.

Recommended Players: 6+

Late Entry: No

Difficulty: Variant

Best Location: Guild Boards

Recommended Points to Win: 5

Now avlimination plays a lot like Av Simon. So don your defaults and type in enter. When the host decides, the game begins. All players must duplicate the avatar that the host has chosen and posted. Upon doing this, all players who did not successfully post the same avatar, please step off to the side. The game continues like ordinary Avatar Simon. Every time someone fails to post that avvy, they must stop playing and wait a bit. Once one player remains, they receive a point. However, the game continues. Once a point is awarded to the player, a new round begins. A round is all the avatars posted before a person receives a point. It then ends once the point is awarded, all players jump back in, and game resumes.

This continues until one player has reached the set point goal. This, however, can take a long time depending on players' avatar count. So sit back and relax; you have a long game ahead!


this is what happens when you can't think of a creative name

To my knowledge, Ladders is the only team-based avatar game on the neoboards. The game is simple enough; it requires mute communication. What does this mean? It means you need to work together with a teammate without talking at all.

Recommended Players: Even Number, 8+

Late Entry: No

Difficulty: Simple Theory, Hard Gameplay

Best Location: Guild Boards

Points to Win: Highest at the End

*Team Gameplay

Ladders is a fairly simple game. You must stroll on in, get a partner and work together with little to no communication. Similar to Avatar Simon, you must post avatars to try to gain the highest overall score; however, you will only get 1 point for your team by merely posting the required avatar. The catch is your teammate must also post it before another pair posts the avatar. By posting the pair first, you get an extra point for your team. There is a slight twirl (twist is getting old) to give it more interesting gameplay. The host won't post avs; the host will post themes, like Avatar Survivor. Teammates must post identical avatars. That's where it gets difficult; not only do you need to have identical avatars, communication is shot due to the need to post quickly and another twirl, any on-board decision making about what avatars to post is forbidden and every time it occurs, you sacrifice the right to participate in the next round. This makes the game even more difficult. What kind of themes do you post? Well, the more vague the better; this gives plenty of avatars from which the players can choose, but the widening of the range is poison and antidote. It gives more avatars, obviously, but it also gives more margin for error.


across the valiant plains of Neopia...

Using a unique Avatar Survivor style gameplay, the host will post a region of Neopia. Here I ask that the host do his or her best to be nice. The game is designed such that players are given an area of Neopia and must post as many avatars corresponding to that area as possible.

Recommended Players: 5+

Late Entry: No

Difficulty: Moderate

Best Location: Neoboards/Guild Boards

Points to Win: Best Score at the End

In this game, the host must choose an area of Neopia, say Mystery Island. It is then the job of the players to post as many avatars from that area as they can, keeping count all the while. Once no one can post any more avatars, the person with the highest score wins. However, there is a catch; you cannot repeat avatars. Once someone posts an avatar, no one else can post it. If two are posted, the first person receives credit for the post, so get the clickables first!

However, as a note to the hosts, be nice in your selections; the best lands to choose from are Mystery Island, Haunted Woods, Terror Mountain, Lost Desert, Krawk Island, Faerieland, Maraqua, and Meridell. Please don't choose Moltara or Lutari Island.

Also, any avatars based off the area work; desert themed game avatars, desert pet avatars, and local plots avatars all work well.

Everyone (or almost everyone) love the classics, but what's wrong with spicing it up once and a while? So, my fellow avatar gamers, get a bit of avatar flavor, take your gaming to the next level and further enjoy your neoboard experience.

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