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How To Beat Zenco The Magnificent At His Own Game

by navigator123


Have you tried to beat Zenco the Magnificent in Dueling Decks and seem to fail each try? Well, here is a guide that’ll sure give you the upper hand in this epic dueling battle. Like I said, this is only a guide and not the only way to defeat Zenco.

First, you need to be one with the cards by understanding the cards. Each card has its own strengths and weaknesses. A card with high intelligence, but with low charisma and courage may be defeated by a card with a very low intelligence but high courage. Sort of like a battle between brains and brawn. Knowing the card values of courage, charisma, and intelligence will give you the upper hand in this game. I have saved you a work load and arranged each card in the game for you from what I like to think is strongest to weakest, but remember the card is only as weak as its player.

The cards are arranged in four categories: Strong, moderately strong, moderately weak, and weak. This of course, is my opinion. The strong cards have fairly high attributes in all categories, while the weak cards can be defeated by a mere flutter of a Batterfly’s wing. To help explain some of the guide, the value in the parenthesis are the Courage, Charisma, and Intelligence values that are listed on the cards themselves. It is not essential to memorize each card value because there are a lot of cards, unless you want to memorize them, then more power to you, but instead know which cards you have in your hand and what cards Zenco can potentially have in his hand. Once the game starts, all your cards will be shown to you. If you have a certain card, Zenco does not have that. Once the game starts, keep track of which cards you have taken away from Zenco and which cards Zenco has taken from you. Unfortunately, in order to maximize your score, Zenco does need to win a few rounds. Now, don’t let his ego get to you because he tends to play a little mercilessly at times.

Like I said, strong cards have a fairly large courage, charisma, and intelligence. Those cards would be: Captain Tuan (13,9,121), Ylana Skyfire (15,13,141), Jacques (11,10,129), Fyora (9,15,107), Illusen (12,12,118), Cylara, (13,10,103) and Judge Hog (16,11,115). Ylana will blast away your opponent with her blaster, while the Faerie Queen will leave your opponent begging you for mercy. She may even decide to use her Rod of Supernova if things get a little bit too hectic. If you happen to have any of these cards in your hand, try to not lose them because they can be the key to your victory. Unless of course, you are quite confident you can get them back easily.

Then, there are the moderately strong cards. You can afford to lose these cards because they can be recaptures using one of your strong cards. What makes these cards not as strong is that they have two strong attributes and one fairly weak characteristic. The moderately strong cards are: Zafara Princess (4,11,101), Commander Gormos (13,30,120), Captain Scarblade (14,2,137), Garin (8,12,117), Kauvara (10,7,115), Rufus (12,15,5), Sophia the Swamp Witch (9,7,152), Techo Master (15,5,140), Bruno (6,11,143), Hannah (6,9,108), Jhudora (7,13,125), King Kelpbeard (12,6,132), Magnus (12,11,40), Tor (15,5,124), Torshac (10,6,112), and Ixi Rider (12,9,80). Be careful, though, because moderately strong cards can overpower your strong cards. For example, the Techo Master can teach Judge Hog a thing or two with his vast Intelligence. Even Jhudora, hiding away on her cloud of mischief, is overpowered by Fyora’s Courage and Charisma.

The next category is your moderately weak cards. These cards have two low characteristics and one high characteristic, sometimes even too high for the game, such as Roothless, the most intelligent card in the game. Although he is highly intelligent, do not fear because his courage is that of a cowardly lion and his charisma, well, let’s just say he is no competition for your run of the mill parrot. Those cards are Dr. Sloth (3,5,141) Bruno Transformed (16,2,23), Torakar (13,2,60), King Skarl (7,12,97), Brucey B (10,4,82), Cybunny Collector (8,12,70), Isca (7,9,100), Lisha (3,3,120), Magax (12,5,99), Meerca Brothers (4,9,93), Roothless (2,1,162) and Vira (2,13,101).

The final category are the weak cards. These cards just have low attributes altogether. Those cards are: Gorix (2,3,73), Prince (1,9,50), Mynci Guide (8,7,93), Eliv Thade (9,1,76) and Werther (8,8,88). Although they are weak, careless players can lose a strong card with one of these; nah, who am I kidding, these cards can’t even beat themselves!

The key to this game is not to beat Zenco to the ground as fast as you can. Instead, you should focus on trying to make the duel last as long as you can. This way you can build up points and be on your way on earning a trophy. What you need to do is let him win a few games in a row, build his confidence. Then, start defeating him without mercy, make him sweat, make him cry for forgiveness. Then after you get your hand almost full with cards, let him win a few rounds. Keep in mind, you do not want to have less than three strong cards in your hand. If you happen to have three weak cards in your hand by the fifth card you have given to Zenco, it may be easier to submit your score and try again. The reason for this is because the more cards you win in a row, the higher your points are. Then keep repeating. It may seem evil to play with his emotions like this, but if the tables were turned, would he be as nice as you? Last but not least, do not forget your secret weapon: Nightsteed (14,14,140). He may come in handy when you are about to lose your final card. Now this is only a guide; take good notes now because the next time you are on Zenco’s table dueling for your life, this guide might not be around.

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