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You Know You Are Addicted To Neoquest II When...

by xilimirg


Everyone has seen the board, “You know you are addicted to Neopets when... (Insert witty comment here) . You say “lupe instead of dog”, you often wonder when the next “restock” is going to be, instead of a shipment, and you also get excited when someone says they have cash for the mall. Well this is a quick run-through of a “You know you play NeoQuest II when...”

1. You understand the painfulness that is leveling up in Meridell.

This might just be one part of the game that draws users away from the game. It is a slow start, but I promise it moves along quite nicely in the later levels. Stick with it; I guarantee you will have fun.

2. You know what follow the puddles means.

The makers of the game really liked puddles. Maybe they just liked helping a poor Rohane and his posse out while traveling through caves, but when in doubt, follow the puddles. They will get you to where you need to go, which is important to remember!

3. You understand the magnitude of Obliterate to Mipsy.

It really is no good when you are facing three or four opponents, and they all hit Obliterate on Mipsy. There is nothing quite like taking 100 damage each time this thing hits, and not having anything you can do about it. I guess resurrection potions will be your best friend.

4. You know that you need resurrection potions for Mipsy.

I just said this? Yes, but it needs to be restated. There is nothing more frustrating than getting halfway through a level and realizing you don’t have any resurrection potions left, and there goes Mipsy. I wouldn’t recommend buying more than five of these at a time before you get Velm, but make sure you have them.

On that note...

5. You understand how important and wonderful and magnificent and (insert positive adjective here) Velm is.

Velm is honestly a huge key to success in Neoquest II. Velm is your healer, and really doesn’t put up too much of a fight to your opponents. Once you obtain Velm in the Lost Desert, you will never really have to buy Healing Potions if you aren’t underlevelled. I would recommend buying some just in case you can’t get to Velm quick enough. You should also be able to cut down on the resurrection potions, but not all the way.

6. You understand the awful, boring, and (insert negative adjective here) horrendousness of going to fight Hubrid Nox

They don’t call it the nine levels of torture for nothing. Hubrid Nox is a totally optional opponent in this game; however, I suggest fighting him to get the entire Neoquest II experience. It is a little fun (just a little), maneuvering through the nine levels, but like they say, it’s a long way down if you lose. A Hubrid Nox is a little pesky opponent, so be careful and don’t underestimate him. Like I said, I suggest fighting him, but prepare to be bored out of your mind if you aren’t into tedious moving back and forth through simple levels.

7. You understand the importance of training and not being underlevelled when facing the faeries.

These faeries are nothing but annoying. The one heals the entire group, but the good thing is you have Velm, which like I said before, group heal for the win! Someone once told me to fight them left to right, which most recently worked for me. It isn’t a bad idea to throw a slowing potion at the healer, and try and knock it out first. Once you get a couple down, it is nothing more than a regular battle. Remember Mipsy and her Group Direct Damage!

8. You can maneuver throughout Faerieland without a map.

This level is probably my least favorite, except for the end. There are so many tedious maps, and the clouds give me a headache! Obviously this is a very important step in the game, as you are leading up to the end. Remember to keep leveling up, and prepare for the end bosses!

9. You understand the awfulness that is Faerie Place Level 1 on a slow computer.

This might just be the worst part if you have a slow computer or are lagging. This place is HUGE! Just get through it, though; enough said.

10. There are two Terasks?!?!

Yep. Not a huge surprise here, did you really think that first one would be that easy? Well, I wouldn’t call it easy, but a few slowing potions here and there, and a few high damage potions and you are on your way. Slowing potions and damage potions, your key to success.

11. Terask II is a long fight, but you always use your Father’s sword.

At the beginning of the game, you get this measly sword called “Father’s sword.” If you sell it, it is hardly worth anything, but if you use it to fight Terask II, you will find that it is pretty mighty. It is worth holding on to, unless you really like a clean inventory. It is very possible to defeat Terask II without Father’s sword, but the critical hits are pretty nice here and there.

12. You can move around seven squares on hunting mode, and not find any challengers, but the minute you move it to normal mode, you find a four pack of opponents.

I know I can’t be the only one that this happened to! It is a little funny at first, but can be frustrating. I cannot stress enough the importance of leveling, so make sure that you continue to train to get ready for the end, because you need to be maxed out for leveling.

I hope this article provided you with some comic relief, and gave you a little insight about the great game, Neoquest II. I hear there are some other “prizes” for defeating and losing to certain opponents, so why don’t you check it it? I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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