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The Official Visitor's Guide to the Festival of Neggs

by rtt53


The Festival of Neggs has finally arrived! Along with it comes the serene beauty of spring in the world of Neopia. The radiant sun sits majestically in the sky, cheerful rainbow Pteris sing in the trees, and a comfortable spring breeze gently brushes the grass as the wind blows along.

Headed by the highly much-admired Kari the Negg Faerie, the annual springtime celebration is a wonderful opportunity to provide all of Neopia with 29 fun-filled days to welcome spring, one of Neopia’s happiest seasons.

Here is your complimentary official visitor’s guide to the Festival of Neggs, Y12.

History of the Springtime Celebration

Y11 saw the beginnings of what will become annual festivities in the months of Running and Eating. Rosie the Grarrl had the responsibilities of awarding daily gifts to those who visited the celebration, and she was very generous too – her gifts were both Neopoint and Neocash items. As a treat, she also gave a special bonus to those who claimed their gift every day.

This year, in Y12, Kari took the role of hosting the festival. The celebration was then officially named the Festival of Neggs in honour of the countless Neggs that can be found in the world of Neopia.

Things to Do

At the celebration, there are many things to do for fun and many prizes to be claimed.

First of all, everyone who visits can receive a daily prize. Many of these prizes are the various tasty Neggs that Kari has cultivated in the past year such as Coltzan Negg, Nutty Chocolate Negg, and Partitioned Negg. Also given out are some miscellaneous Negg-related items like Negg Kacheekers (perfect for playing indoors on a rainy day), Hatching A Draik Egg (a great read under a shady tree), or Colourful Negg Pizza (a Negg-themed party classic). Wearable prizes such as All About Neggs Background, Festival of Neggs Garland, and Negg Bush are very popular for the fashionistas who follow the latest trends and always want to stay in season.

Guests are also welcome to participate in quests that Kari assigns. As a reward for following instructions, which often involve finding a particular item, successful questers are given items at the completion of the quest. Prizes from quests can range from food items to wearable clothing!

Another favourite activity of visitors is to go to the Neggtastic Games booth to play some of Neopia’s classic games — Ultimate Bullseye II, Turmac Roll, Meerca Chase II, and Wingoball. During the duration of the Festival of Neggs, all players are welcome to submit their scores up to five times per day for these games as a treat!

More Things to Do

A new Key Quest Springtime Board was introduced to coincide along with the festivities. Complete with Neggs, blossoming flowers, and the colours of spring, this board really captures the essence of spring and the ordinary miracles it brings. There is even a new NC Mall Negg Faerie Key Quest Token that you can purchase in the Mall.

There are now eight spring-related NeoGreetings that you can send to your friends and family. One of them is a new Festival of Neggs NeoGreeting that features Kari and a mischievous blue Hissi who steals her red Negg. (If you are under the age of 13, remember to please ask your parents for permission to send NeoGreetings via email!)

A new Neoboard has also been set up, which is dedicated to discussions about the Festival of Neggs. If you’re ever stuck with a quest and need help, or you simply want to chat with others about the prizes you received, this is the perfect Neoboard for you! Many offer quest assistance and share the same excitement of a new prize.

The Neggery is also a place you should visit and include on your “to do” list. The Neopian Neggery is the place to go for buying Neggs, many of which have special side effects that can give your pets special abilities. If you’re unhappy with your Neggs that you received as a prize for whatever reasons, you can exchange it here for Negg tokens that you can use to purchase other Neggs. At the moment, Kari is occupied with the Festival and the Neggery is operated by her apprentice.

Even More Things to Do

The NC Mall has opened a new shop for the Neggstravaganza Surprise. The Neggstravaganza Surprise is an NC Mall event where participants can receive many great prizes such as wearable clothing, backgrounds, and possibly even Neohome items. At the moment, the prizes are not revealed beforehand, but that’s the point of the surprise, isn’t it?

To join in the event, you must purchase Negg Baskets from the NC Mall. The baskets come in different sizes: 1-Negg, 5-Negg, 10-Negg, and 20-Negg. The size of the basket shows the number of toy Neggs they can each contain. Starting on the 23rd of the month of Running, a new toy Negg can be opened every day.

The main part of the event lasts until the 11th of the month of Eating, when the baskets will no longer be sold. However, toy Neggs can still be opened or hunted past that date. After the 30th, toy Neggs can no longer be hunted, but they can still be opened.

If you are unsure of whether or not you want to buy a basket, you can wait to see the prizes before making a purchase, as opposed to buying the baskets ahead of time and regretting it later. Remember: there may be a bonus prize from the Neggstravaganza Surprise NC Mall event!


We hope that you and all of the visitors to the Festival of Neggs enjoyed your visit. It was truly a time of magic where everyone cherished at the end of winter and the arrival of spring.

If you want to keep a souvenir of your trip, the items for purchase at the NC Mall are a great way to remind yourself of the fun you’ve had while visiting the celebration. Alternatively, you can draw a picture of the Negg Faerie with step-by-step instructions at the How to Draw Faeries page.

Disclaimer: No trees were cut in the process of printing this article.

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