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Metamorphosis of a Neopet (Yours!)

by sablecrow


Picture this scene – you’re innocently trundling across the boards, or refreshing in a shop waiting for a restock when suddenly a random event flashes across the top of your screen.

‘Something has happened! Oh no! Boochi fires his ray gun at Your pet, but thankfully he misses.’

For some people who are saving up for baby paintbrushes, this event is a slap in the face, but most people breathe a sigh of relief. Who in their right mind would want their beautifully customised Pirate Krawk to turn into a squalling baby? (If you just put your hand up, put it back down. You are alone... and probably insane.)

Random events that change your pet’s appearance are some of the most annoying random events in Neopia (the most annoying being that darn horrible dream one, grrrr). And whilst you may have been lucky enough to avoid the insane weapon wielding baby – who to be honest is just asking for trouble, weapons + megalomaniacs are never a good combination. You may not be so lucky in the future...

‘Something has happened! Oh no! Boochi fires his ray gun and turns Your pet into a baby!’

And Boochi is not the only pet changing random event out there.

‘Oh no! Where on earth is Your pet you can’t find him anywhere!!! Where on Neopia could (s)he be?’

This ‘oh so fun’ event occurs randomly and causes your active pet goes missing. No, he or she has not just wondered off (and if they have, you need to keep a tighter hold next time). Your million neopoint-coloured pet has become invisible. For those of you interested, a invisible paint brush costs around 90k and can easily be found from Shop Wizard. On the bright side, at least your pet will be really good at hide and seek now. (Yay?)

The pets that can be affected by this random event (a.k.a. the ones who can be painted invisible in the Rainbow Pool) are: Acaras, Aishas, Bruces, Chombies, Elephantes, Eyries, Flotsams, Grarrls, Ixi, Kacheeks, Kaus, Kikos, Koi, Lennies, Myncies, Poogles, Quiggles, Scorchios, Shoyrus, Skeiths, Techos, Unis, Wockies and Zafaras.

‘Something has happened! A torrent of multi-coloured water falls from the sky and drenches your pet!!! You hear evil cackling from the sky...’

This event is also completely random. It thoughtfully drenches your pet in a torrent of water which can change your pet to any colour (the colour is random too.) So in some ways this random event could be a good thing and your pet’s colour might change to one you like. (My inner pessimist highly doubts that, though.) A question one might ask is who is ‘cackling evilly’ in the sky as your pet is being soaked? It this event the reason why the Rainbow fountain is almost always out of use? Is a sugar hyped fountain faerie racing around the sky and attacking poor, helpless neopets? You decide. As the colour is completely random no pet is sa-err, I mean all pets can experience the joys of this random event.

The good news about the events I’ve listed so far is that they only affect your active pet. So if you’re smart you’ll hesitate at the thought of leaving your uber amazing, one of a kind UC Plushie pet as your active and will instead keep your cheaply painted (still highly loveable!) pet as your active instead. –prods Juri as example- On the boards this pet is more commonly known as a ‘Boochi Shield.’ as the Boochi random event is the most common of the three.

Sadly, there’s more to come. Two random events can affect your pet if they get too sad, or angry.

‘Something has happened! Your pet doesn’t look very happy. In fact (s)he looks downright Blue. Maybe a toy would help.’


‘Something has happened! Erm... your pet looks a little... angry. Don’t you think you should keep him happy?’

These random events can affect any of your pets, be they your active pet, or that pet you have – but never use for anything. If your pet becomes sad you will experience the first of these events and your pet will turn blue. If they get angry, you will experience the second one and they will turn red.

These events can be prevented by LOOKING AFTER YOUR PETS. If you play with them and feed them (or at least put them in the Neolodge and take them for a spin on the merry go round every now and then) then you’ll keep them happy and unable to experience these events. Really, if you look at it like that, then if you get this event you are doing something wrong and you’re not taking proper care of your pets. Be glad that this is the worst that can happen.

The last random event that can affect the colour of your pet is much nicer, and extremely rare.

You have a new quest!!! The Fountain Faerie wants you to get her ‘item’!!

This is the rarest faerie quest, and the most coveted of them all. The item the Fountain Faerie asks you to get for her will be much more expensive than a usual faerie quest item. But it’s worth it. When you give the Fountain Faerie the correct item, you get one use of the Rainbow Fountain! Yay! (And for once, that wasn’t a sarcastic yay!) The Rainbow Fountain lets you paint one pet any colour you want! With only a few exceptions – you can’t paint your pets: MSP, Ice, Magma, Robot, Royal, Quigiki, Usuki or Sponge.

Fountain Faerie quests can also be used to create ‘custom’ pets that can then be traded for other pets (such as Draiks). If you have a Fountain Faerie quest and you want to trade it, the best way is to visit the ‘Neopian Pound’ board. Fountain Faerie quests are often referred to as ‘FFQs’ (and if you need me to explain why, then I have little hope for your thinking abilities). So boards with titles such as ‘seeking FFQ’ are perfect for you.

Thus concludes (I can say thus if I want!) this article, for those of you with the attention span of a pea I’ll reiterate the random events you could get and how they affect your pet's colour.

1. Boochi (Miss) – Nothing happens.

2. Boochi (Hit) – Your pet changes colour to baby.

3. Lost pet – Your pet changes colour to invisible.

4. Multi coloured water – Your pet changes to a random colour.

5. Sad pet – Your pet changes colour to blue.

6. Angry pet – Your pet changes colour to red.

7. Fountain Faerie Quest (FFQ) – If you complete the quest, you gain access to the rainbow fountain and can choose a new colour for your pet.

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