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Rolling Your Way to Victory: Ready To Roll Guide

by marwanshah_13


Edited by iloenchen

Hmm... It seems that our Yooyus are not as fit as they used to be. I bet they can’t roll faster than a Slorg can swim. We need them to be fit and strong for this year’s Altador Cup. Well, there is a game invented to keep them fit: Ready to Roll. It would be perfect to get these guys in shape - but I am not going to train them, I don’t have the time. It’s your job. Don’t worry, training them is not as hard as you think. You will be a master trainer after reading this guide to Ready to Roll.


First, you need to understand what the point of playing this game is. Well, you understand it’s to train them for the upcoming Altador Cup, but what do you need to do? You guide your Yooyu through the circular maze and into the sun exit to move on to the next level while dodging the spike balls and chains. Also collecting sun tokens gives you extra points.

This movement will strengthen the Yooyu’s agility and speed, both essential in a Yooyuball game.


To enter the sun exit, your Yooyu needs to touch it. Same with the sun tokens, to collect them it needs to touch them. Now on the controls, you’re probably asking yourself: How do we get our Yooyu to touch the sun tokens/gate? Well, this game is very interesting because you don’t control your Yooyu, you control everything around it! Click on the left mouse button and hold it in place. Then drag it in the circle to rotate the whole maze. Your Yooyu will roll downwards at any slope. That way you can make the Yooyu collect the sun tokens and reach the exit.


This is about the items in the game, the things that are either good or bad for your Yooyu. Just to be nice, let’s start with the good items.

These are the sun tokens, which give you 10 points for every one that you collect. Every time you collect 10 of them you receive an extra life. The more lives you have, the more points each sun token gives. They start at 10 points and go up as you gain lives and go down as you lose lives.

Now the bad items, the obstacles of the game: The spike ball and spike chain. If your Yooyu touches them, you lose a valuable life. Lose all your lives and it’s game over. The spike ball is simple to avoid; just go around it. But the spike chain is like a swinging death trap of DOOM. It’s a bunch of spike balls attached together in a line that rotates. If you want to go past it, make your move when the two ends of the chain are the furthest from you.


Are you ready to train some Yooyus?!? Sure you are, but before you do so, there are some tips here that are good to keep in mind when playing Ready to Roll.

1. Keep distractions away

This game does require concentration. Unless distractions make you play better, it’s best to close out all other things that could possibly bug you during the game before you start. What I do before a game is I close the window that is letting in cold wind, I turn off my beeping printer, and I lock the door so nobody can crash in ready to annoy me.

2. Take breaks

There is no time limit, so you can stop your Yooyu in a stable area and take some time to breathe. I do this before reaching for a sun token in a very hard to get spot. Sure, your Yooyu will get bored during your break, but does that really matter?

3. Be quick in small spaces

There will be a few of them - the small spaces that you need to get your Yooyu into and out to collect the sun tokens. You don’t want your Yooyu to be in there for too long or else it can easily touch the spikes.

4. Take extra caution near spike ball chains

The difference about these is that they move! The chain is the diameter of the death zone circle of doom. If your Yooyu is inside this zone, it will not take long for the spinning chain to touch it. When your Yooyu is near one of those rotating spike chains of doom you need to avoid the ends. The two ends of the spike ball chain are the ones that are moving the fastest and you need your Yooyu to be as far from the ends as possible when you’re trying to get it into the death zone.

5. Don’t be afraid to take risks

I know a lot of people who don’t have the perfect score that they have been dreaming about because they never took risks. Going back to Tip #2, you need to be quick in small spaces. Let’s say that there is a hard to get sun token in a small space, and you don’t think you can be quick enough to get it without losing a life. It’s better to risk it, and try it out. If you don’t make it, find out what you did wrong and learn from your mistake so you can do better next time. If you do make it, you are not afraid of it anymore and you are now closer to your goal of a perfect score.


Q: How many levels are there in Ready to Roll?

A: There are 5 stages, and for each stage there are 2 levels. So in total, there are 10 levels in Ready to Roll.

Q: What is the perfect score?

A: 2450 is the perfect score.

Q: The spike chains look like there is a potato spinning in the middle in the opposite direction of the spike chain. Have you noticed that?

A: Yes, I have. I really have no clue why it's there. Maybe it's a trap to lure your hungry Yooyu in.

Q: Is it possible to finish the whole game without getting a single sun token?

A: I don’t think so. I have tried before to finish the game with getting the least amount of sun tokens and I ended with 20.

Q: How do I turn off the sound and/or music of the game?

A: You can turn off the sound and/or the music of the game by clicking the button under the instructions button on the start up page.

Click it once to turn off the music.

Clicking it twice turns off both the music and the sound.

Clicking it three times turns off the sound only.

Overall, Ready to Roll is a great game to play and a fun way to train Yooyus for the upcoming Altador Cup. Moving around the stage and watching the Yooyu bounce around into the sun gate is like a classic “Ball in a maze” game that everyone enjoys. This game is mainly for your entertainment (more to you, than the Yooyus) so have fun with it. If you lose once, don’t give up. But if you really don’t like the game (but, I hope you do), nobody’s rushing you to that trophy. You could play the hundreds of other games out there in Neopia.

I hope this guide to Ready to Roll helped you, and pulled you one big step further to your shiny new trophy that you’ve always dreamed about. If you have any questions about Ready to Roll that have not been answered in the F.A.Q. above, neomail me.

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