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To the Infamous, We Salute You: Part Two

by water_glass


Just as she was about to say in, a flash of golden light exploded in Tally’s eyes. She blinked a few times, stumbling around, then fell to the grass unable to keep herself up. She rubbed her eyes and stared at the Dark Faerie.

     “Hey! What was that for?”

     “Déjà vu,” the Lupe muttered.

     The Dark Faerie looked afraid. “It... it wasn’t me. I’m a Dark Faerie, remember? Gold isn’t my thing, it’s purple. The kind of flash can only come from a very, very angry Li-” Before she had a chance to finish her sentence, she was knocked over by a smaller flash of golden light.

     “Leave these poor Neopets alone, you cruel, evil witch!” An enraged light faerie turned to Tally and her eyes softened. “I’m really sorry if the big, mean dark faerie scared you. They are mean sometimes and like to bother unsuspecting Neopets. But I’ll save you, don’t worry.” She then raised her finger and pointed it at the frightened dark faerie.

     The Lupe, who had been engrossed in his drawing, looked up when he saw the flash of light and heard the yelling. He looked the light faerie in the eye and grinned slyly. “Some light faerie you are.”

     The light faerie switched her focus from the dark faerie to the Lupe, slowly dropping her hand. “Huh? What are you talking about?”

     “Well, light faeries are supposed to be the symbol of goodness. And instead you automatically assume we’re being attacked by a dark faerie. Assumptions aren’t always right, are they? Just because you see something doesn’t mean that’s what it is, and although you may act on your first instinct, that doesn’t mean you’re going to regret it later. Dark faeries are faeries, just like you. They give out quests, just like you. Did it ever occur to you she was just giving us a quest? Just because they sport a different wing color doesn’t mean you should go around trying to zap them. Who’s the evil one now?”

     Tally stared, open-mouthed, at the Lupe. That was the most she had ever heard him speak. His eyes still burned into the light faerie’s, and Tally could see her shrinking. “I’m... I’m sor-sorry, I just...”

     “Don’t apologize,” the Lupe glared, cutting her off. “Just don’t do it again.” The light faerie sniffed and slowly flew into a nearby tree. Tally wished, more than ever, that she could fly up there and console her.

     She looked up at the faerie and asked in a near whisper, “What’s your name, Miss Faerie?”

     The light faerie sniffed delicately, holding back tears. “Iltyana. I... I need a favor. Can you get me Rayn Trueshot? It’s a red Neocard. Please? I’d really appreciate it.”

     Tally smiled warmly at her. “Sure thing. I need to get Malestra first, but once I get Rayn Trueshot I’ll stop by Faerieland.” The light faerie smiled, but a faint look of confusion spread across her face.

     “You have a Neocard quest already? I didn’t hear any of the light faeries talking about having asked for Malestra. Why would they? Malestra is a dark faerie.”

     “Yeah, she is. But my friend over there asked for it.” Tally pointed to the dark faerie as she spoke.

     Iltyana wrinkled her small, delicate nose. “She should be asking for toys. Not cards.”

     Tally smiled up at Iltyana. “She needed help; I’m willing to be of service. I’m not hurt, I’m okay. I’ll meet you in Faerieland when I have the card, okay?”

     Iltyana nodded. “Alright, I’ll see you then.” She lifted herself from the tree and flew away. Tally turned back to the irritated dark faerie.

     “Oh, that’s nauseating. You actually accepted a quest from someone who tried to kill me! Because I’m a dark faerie, for all reasons!”

     “It’s a nice thing to do. And plus, aren’t you the one who’s all for peace among the light and dark faeries anyway?”

     The dark faerie huffed, then sat down to her drawing and continued to doodle her dream faerie. “Say, Mr. Lupe, can you look up the price of Rayn Trueshot? I can’t use the Shop Wizard.”

     “Neither can I,” he said, sitting down to his drawing of his disfigured Lupe. “I need to find A Light Faerie, remember?”

     “Oh... yeah...” remembered Tally. She sat down to her own drawing of a vile Acara and began to sketch the wings. Korbat wings. Nah, too small. Plus the arms are attached. How about... Shoyru wings? Yes, yes. Shoyru wings work perfectly.... now the horns. The horn of a Uni! But twisted and bent all which ways, and there must be two (For an Acara has two horns).

     “Hey, by the way. What are your names?” Tally remembered she still didn’t know the Lupe or the dark faeries’ names. She was quite embarrassed about not knowing the Lupe’s name – he was in her class in Neoschool! But he was so quiet, he never spoke.

     “My name is Vyxtra,” muttered the dark faerie, engrossed in her work.

     “Just call me... Wess,” mumbled the Lupe, also engrossed in his work.

     “Cool.” Tally smiled. “Can I see your pictures so far?”

     “Nope,” replied the dark faerie and Lupe in unison. Suddenly, the dark faerie looked up, eyes sparkling. “Say... I have an idea! How far away is the Book Shop?”

     “I don’t know... why?” asked Tally.

     The dark faerie was grinning from ear to ear now. “You’ll see. Let’s go! I wanted to see if I can find a book I need.” She looked around, and seeing no one budged, she added, “Aww, come on! Please? It’ll be fun, I promise!!” Wess and Tally sighed, but eventually gave in. They each folded up their pieces of paper and pencils and following the ecstatic faerie to Neopia Central.

     Once the trio reached the Book Shop, the faerie burst through the doors and immediately began scanning the shelves. Wess and Tally stood at the entrance, dazed. They had run there and had no idea how to help the frantic faerie since they had no idea what she was searching for (and it’s quite difficult to look for something if you do not know what it is you are looking for). But Tally attempted to help. “Umm... Vyxtra? What’s the title of the book?”

     A detached voice came from the back of the store. “I... I can’t remember. Hmm... is this... no, no, this isn’t it. Oh, what about – no, not this either.”

     “Well, what is it exactly you are looking for?”

     “I’m looking for a book.”

     “Oh great,” called Wess. “That clears it right up, thanks a lot. I know where it is now.”

     “Who’s sarcastic now,” remarked Tally.

     The faerie popped up from behind some bookshelves, grinning broadly. “Really? Really? You found it?”

     Wess smirked at his own joke. “Nope, I was just messing with you. This book is probably hidden... invisible, maybe. Wouldn’t that be funny? An invisible book? You could never find it!”

     “Great, that helps, thank you for your supp-” Suddenly, Vyxtra looked up, mouthing something to herself. “Of course! Of course, of course, of course! Thank you so much!” She zoomed over and toppled Wess over in a gleeful hug. Wess stood up and glared, trying to maintain his composure.

     “What did I do?”

     “I remember! The book isn’t in the Book Shop! I have the book! Come on, let’s go get it. I want to show you two something.”

     Tally was excited. “Where is it? Where is the book?”

     “I can’t tell you; I need to show you. But you two need to promise to not tell anyone about it, okay? It’s my personal getaway. Sometimes, when I’ve had more than I can stand and I get very angry, I go to this place I’m going to show you. It’s kind of like an inventing laboratory as well. I like to take different things and add magic to them or fuse them together, and see what happens. Occasionally, I’ll get something wonderful! Actually, that’s how I learned to...”

     “Learned to what?” asked Tally.

     “Ah! You’ll see, come along. To Faerieland!”

     Tally sighed, and Wess looked confused. Faerieland was miles upon miles high in to the sky. No one had ever been there aside from anyone who could fly. Yes, anyone with... “Wings,” Wess breathed.

     Vyxtra had flown ahead, but Tally heard Wess and turned around at the sound of someone speaking her one true desire. “Wh... what did you say about wings?”

     Wess pulled Tally to the side, out of the hearing range of Vyxtra. “Tally, Tally, that’s what you want, isn’t it? You want to fly.”

     Tally was confused; what was he talking about? She’d told him that before. “Yes, yes, I do. Did I mention this to you already? Plus, it’s not just wings.” Tally’s eyes got glassy with desire. “I want beauty. Not just for me, but for everything. Everything to be beautiful. I’m not talking the frou-frou, sugar-sweet beauty, though. I mean inside and out. I want to walk down the streets of Neopia Central and seeing joy and splendor on everyone’s face – mutant, faerie, rainbow, even invisible. Just to glow with the joy of being there.

     “I want to traverse the depths of Terror Mountain and be surrounded by pastel ice crystals, glistening. To see the Snow Faerie’s eyes glimmer ‘hello’ when I reach the peak. To have each individual snowflake seem to smile at me, and say ‘Welcome.’ Even if I was in Krawk, Roo, or Mystery Island, I want to feel at home. I want to... to...” Tally stopped, eyes brimming with tears.

     Wess, almost forgetting how to speak, managed to utter to her, “What... what do you really, truly want?”

     Tally looked up. “To belong somewhere.”

To be continued...

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