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Daily Dare 2010 Conclusion

by chax1414


AAA and Abigail have ended their Daily Dare, and have awarded our their prizes. Many people accomplished the scores of AAA, and really pulled through in this event of gaming. What does AAA have to say about all of their success?

"Must have been a glitch! No possible way they could have beaten me," AAA muttered, refusing to answer any more questions. He left back to his house, planning the next Daily Dare, preparing to make his scores even harder to beat. He seems a little upset.

There were many different games entered this year as well. Dueling Decks appeared for the first time, and so did the thrilling game of Darigan Dodgeball. Spellseeker, Top Chop, Chariot Chase, Spinacles, and Extreme Herder 2 also made their debut to the Daily Dare this year. With so many new games entering the Daily Dare now with the New Game Challenge, will scores be harder to beat?

While heading to the boards on the last day of competition, I put out a poll asking what they would rate the Daily Dare on a scale of 1-10 and why.

"6... Prizes are ok.. but. game scores could be higher and stuff," zanzanzanzan said, commenting on the boards.

Others were more happy about the Daily Dare this year.

"I'd rate this DD an 8 for lovely lower scores and some pretty nifty prizes," elementarylibraian said on the boards, content with how it all turned out this year.

I would give this year a 9. First of all, it was my first Daily Dare ever. I think it had some very good challenges, but I feel some games could have had some higher scores. Some people don't feel like it is all a challenge. Perhaps a new character could enter next year's Daily Dare to please the crowd who likes a good challenge. I feel it would make the people who have perfect scores even rarer to see. I really did like the game selection, however, and this year had a fantastic variety. The prizes were well themed with the games, and gave us a lot of customization for our pets, items that are usually too expensive for most. The Staff Tournament was also a very fun and different thing to have this year. I thought it was extremely fun to watch our fellow staff members battle it out!

Now, to move on to some more specific things. I am going to analyze this year's Daily Dare in six different categories. Challenge, prizes, Double Dares, game selection, NC Challenge, and the Staff Tournament.

1. Challenge

Was this Daily Dare a challenge? If you asked 100 people, 50 would say yes, and 50 would say no. I suppose it's a challenge in its own to please everybody. I think this Daily Dare had some simple challenges, but maybe 5 or 6 were actually hard. This year's Daily Dare was fun, but didn't prevail in being all too challenging.

2. Prizes

This year was a tremendous success for the prizes. Most of the prizes were customizing items, and had some Neohome items as well. All of the prizes also fit the game theme as well, making it even more amazing! It must take a long time to organize all of these prizes, so let's give TNT a round of applause right now. *takes time to let everybody clap* And the NC Challenge prizes were even more fantastic! The Daily Dare of 2010 definitely did succeed in prizes.

3. Double Dare

The Double Dares this year were amazing. They had the perfect scores for each one. All of them had a hint of challenge in them as well. This immediately turns the pressure on for everybody playing. If you don't complete the Double Dare that day, then you will not receive the prizes, and you may not score the next day to get them. This also knocks down your trophy as well. The challenges this year in the Double Dares were superb! The Daily Dare this year also prevailed in their Double Dares.

4. Game Selection

This year, I think the Daily Dare had even better game variety then last year (yes, I studied last year's Daily Dare). It had the perfect share of puzzle games, like Sutek's Tomb, games that require patience, like Spinacles and Dueling Decks, and even Action Games, like the thrill of Darigan Dodgeball! The Daily Dare of 2010 definitely did a fantastic job of choosing the games this year.

5. NC Challenge

The NC Challenge was very fun this year! The prizes all were very impressive and different than the others. Lulu's scores gave gamers something else to do after they have beaten AAA or Abigail, and gave them another challenge to complete as well. Lulu is the score that is in between AAA and Abigail, and I think that is very neat. The NC Challenge also built people's NC Collection with many more customizable things to add to their pets. The NC Challenge was also a big success this year.

6. Staff Tournament

With the new Staff Tournament introduced to the Daily Dare this year, I think it was a major success. One suggestion I could give would make the Daily Results page a little bit easier to follow. The huge graph stores a lot of information in one small box, and it is a little hard to understand. Other than that, I think it was a great new thing to the Daily Dare! It also gave us something to interact with as we gamed. Also, congratulations to Jimmy James on winning the Staff Tournament. I, and most of my friends, hope that you found your red stapler just as you left it.


To conclude this year's Daily Dare of 2010, I think it was one of the best. With fun challenges, and new things to participate in, I feel it was once of the more exciting ones as well. It was very fun to be a part of my first Daily Dare as well, and I really enjoyed it! I can't wait to see what next year brings us! Until then, go prepare for the Altador Cup coming up this summer. I heard Shenkuu has a spot at winning the gold.

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