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Legend of Brightvale

by chax1414


"Welcome to the fields of Meridell! Home to the best fruits you will ever taste. I'm proud to announce that we are opening a new game on these fields today. Ultimate Bullseye II, and we need anybody who thinks they have a good 'shot' to please come and show us what you got. You may be the next cover for this new game," the Skeith said, as the crowd grew wild with excitement.

     Petpets had come near and far looking for this opportunity to get such an honor as to be on a new game. One Turtum sat in the corner of the crowd though, with a small grin on his face. He knew he had a perfect shot, and he was going to prove it.

     "First up," the Skeith called, motioning about ten petpets to the bullseye. Many pets, however, could barely even work the bullseye cannon. Turtum chuckled softly, as he observed the many failures.

     Finally, it was his turn as he walked up to the bullseye, the metal covering with a Meridell inscription on his back. This was his lucky item; if he lost it, he would never be able to play well again.

     The Turtum pulled back on the string, and released, immediately receiving a bullseye. Everybody around him gaped at him in awe, but he just stood there, content with himself. More shots came, and bullseyes followed. Soon, he had a perfect game, and the Skeith wanted him to join the game right away. Unfortunately, the crowd reached him first, congratulating him as they desperately tried to talk to him.

     When the crowd left, he realized something. Something horrible had happened. His metal covering was gone.


     "We've looked all over for it. Can't you play without it?" the Skeith hoped. He had never seen such talent in the art of archery. He was not about to let a metal cover leave his chances of getting that.

     "No, I can't. That is my luck," the Turtum muttered.

     "How about we make you a new one... a better one even!" the Skeith exclaimed excitedly.

     The Turtum simply shook his head. "If I can't have my real covering, then I am not going to play. Either you find it, or I don't play."

     The Skeith sighed, and agreed to finding it. But searching the land of Meridell wasn't going to be easy.


     "Attention, all Meridell residents! I am offering a one million neopoint award to anybody who finds this item," the Skeith yelled, pointing at a poster revealing the metal suit the Turtum had previously worn.

     The crowd simply looked a the poster, and whispered things like, "I've never seen such a thing," or, "Even if I did find it, I would keep it! Such a remarkable item that is."

     The Skeith now knew that this was going to be difficult. If residents were planning on keeping the item, he knew he would have to search the lands high and low to find it.

     Then, the Skeith had the best idea. What if he offered another job with this game, and the requirement was that you had to find this item. The Skeith thought this was a wonderful idea, and called it to a meeting at once.

     "I have declared there is another opening to the Ultimate Bullseye II game, and that is the target shifter. You will be in charge of setting the target in specific places every level so that there is some variety," the Skeith said, and the crowd once again grew excited.

     There was soon a lot of commotion throughout the land, as petpets searched everywhere for the item they had to find.

     "Master Skeith! I think we have somebody who may have found it," a resident cried, as a Buzzer glided in from the outskirts of town, carrying the ever so desired metal coating.

     "But, sir Buzzer, where did you find this?" asked the Skeith, clutching the item in his hand, feeling his heart skip with joy. He now had the Turtum back for the game, and the new Meridell game would be respected.

     "The king had taken it, sir. It was located in his castle, on his treasure pile. Surely you don't think he stole it, though, right?"

     The Skeith looked angered by this. "You mean, it was lying with all the gold coins and treasures?"

     "Yes, sir," the Buzzer muttered, and the crowd was speechless. Their own king take such a valuable item, and even when it belonged to another pet?

     "Well, thank you. That will be all. And congratulations, you have been honored in Meridell, and you may now be in the game as well. Please go find Turtum, and return this to him," the Skeith said, and gave the metal suit back. The Buzzer smiled, as he flew over the hills to find the Turtum.


     "You stole his suit? Brother, that is absolutely ridiculous! Why would you ever do such a thing, this was for your own land," the Skeith shouted angrily, pacing around the room.

     "Relax, Hagan, I just did it so our land's profits would go up. Selling this weapon would make us a fortune," King Skarl said simply.

     "Everything I do for your land, and this is what I get! You taking things from me and my great ideas? You need to run your land with more respect! I swear, sometimes I just think about..."

     King Skarl looked at him threateningly. "You think about what?"

     "I think it would be better if I went off and made my own land. One that is perfect for ones who wish to be knowledgeable, and not foolish, like you are," Hagan said, glancing around the marble castle.

     "Well, if you think that's such a good idea, perhaps you should just pack up your things and go! I don't want you here if you are going to have that attitude towards me anyways," King Skarl exclaimed, and as Hagan slammed the door behind him, Skarl rested back in his throne.


     A few years later, Hagan was soon known as King Hagan, as he opened his land of Brightvale. Many pets from far away have been desperate for a land of knowledge, and the land was soon very populated with knowledge from all around Neopia.

     "Citizens, I am very proud to welcome to you all to the land of Brightvale! This land will have many opportunities for you all. I promise you I will be a fair ruler. Thank you for joining me in Brightvale," King Hagan said, as he cut the ribbon to their new homes. Brightvale was now officially the new land for learning new things, and living a peaceful life.

     Skarl and Hagan had many disagreements. Could this have possibly caused the creation of Brightvale? We shall never know, as this is merely a legend I tell you of today. Maybe this happened all over a conflict from a game, and maybe not. Perhaps something else occurred between the two brothers that sparked a huge conflict.

     Brightvale could have been formed from many different reasons, but I decided I should tell you this legend my owners have told me ages and ages ago. Thank you for reading, and have a great time in Neopia.

The End

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