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Your Travel Guide for Mystery Island!

by standingdown


Hello, fellow Neopians! A few weeks ago my neopets and I took a breathtaking trip to Mystery Island. We had a great time and saw many interesting things, but we ran into a few problems along the way. So after we left I spent the weeks after the trip compiling this list for you, so the next time you take a trip to Mystery Island it will be better than ours, and well... you won’t get kicked off!

1. Traveler Choices and Money Management

We really didn’t have a problem here, but a lot of Neopians do. There are really two main contenders when it comes to getting to Mystery Island. First, there’s Koi Traveling Inc. They own a boating business in which Koi swim to Mystery Island, and carry a boat with them, the one you travel on! There’s even a partial glass bottom so you can see the Koi in action! Fares for this Koi Traveling can rise up to 200,000 Neopoints, but usually hover around 80,000 for the average Neopian. This is what we choose, but you may be more adventurous.

While sifting through information, we found about Fly-a-Draik Corporations. Have you ever noticed Draiks traveling to Mystery Island? Well, there’s a good chance they're from Fly-a-Draik. This company sends a Draik to your neohome or wherever you wish to be picked up, and you and up to two other people could fly to Mystery Island on the Draik itself! Most people get to Mystery Island relatively faster using Fly-a-Draik than Koi Traveling, and it can pick you up almost anywhere, as opposed to Koi Traveling with which you must find one of their coastal docks. Fares are much higher for Fly-a-Draik. They can cost up to 2.5 million neopoints, but for the average Neopian, it costs around 500,000 neopoints. Sorry, Fly-a-Draik, I think I’ll stay on the water.

Also, we thought about adding how many neopoints you may want to bring. If you're staying for up to seven days, you may want to bring around 30,000 neopoints. If you're staying for more than seven days, I’d suggest over 100,000. In all, the least you can spend on this trip would be 110,000 neopoints, and the most would be 2.6 million neopoints or higher. Yeah, things can get pricey, but it's worth it.

2. Arriving

Yeah, we know you're excited. You're at Mystery Island, but remember not to rush into things. Sunscreen is vital if you’re, let's say, a Bruce from Terror Mountain. Make sure you prepare yourself for a whole new world. Once you arrive in the harbour, make sure you show them your tickets, and then go on in. Before you start, make sure you take a Tiki Tour. It's only 50 neopoints, so you're in luck. The coconut JubJubs are very kind (one's even my pen pal!), and they will tell you anything you need to know about Mystery Island.

3. Where to start

A good place to start would be the beach. It’s a fun little area where plenty of neopets and their owners come to play. As long as you stay close to the Rock Pool, you're fine. If you drift too far out, you may find yourself in a group of Jetsam! These Jetsam can be really tolerant as long as you don’t make them angry. If you find yourself in that situation, swim back to the Rock Pool without bumping into them!

4. Where do I sleep?

By now I’m sure you're tired, and something will come to your mind. You didn’t book a Neolodge. You didn’t probably because nothing was mentioned about it. There are no Neolodges on Mystery Island. With Mystery Island being relatively large, you can find a grassy spot to lie down and fall asleep, but if you're to afraid to do so, one of the natives will be more than happy to let you rent out a room in their hut for the night.

5. Where to go and where not to go

I couldn’t guide you through your every day on Mystery Island or this guide would be atrociously long, and you wouldn’t have any freedom to do as you chose. So I made a list of places to go and not to go on Mystery Island. I’m not telling you where to go and where not to go; these are just my thoughts according to the environment of the area. Also, these aren’t the only places you can go! This is only a small fraction of the attractions on Mystery Island!

The Rock Pool

When you were at the beach earlier you probably saw a Kougra in the water with tons of underwater petpets. Well, that’s what the Rock Pool is. Most of these pets somehow got lost and couldn’t find Maraqua, but mysteriously wound up in Mystery Island. The petpets are at fantastic prices, and I even bought my own! An Orp was practically going to follow us home, so we decided to buy him and take him home with us! I would definitely recommend the Rock Pool.

Lost City of Geraptiku

When you find the Lost City on the North West side of the Island, you’ll be surprised. It’s a lot darker than the rest of the island, and shrouded in plants. You’ll also notice it's practically vacant. Very few tourists go inside. We didn’t and we encourage you to walk away. People have lost their way inside the city and spend days roaming the area until they find their way out. If you're brave enough and go in, make sure you take a buddy. So obviously, this would be a no.

Mystery Island Volcano

The Mystery Island Volcano is a volcano right next to the Training School. If you can't withstand extreme heat, then you may not want to visit it and just look from afar. It can be seen almost everywhere on the island! I’d say it's one of the most glamorous sites there! Also, if you bring all ten codestones and throw them in, you could even get a red one out! Of course, we didn’t bring any. This would be a maybe, depending on your standards and situation.

Island Mystic

The Island Mystic is a lone Kyrii that lives on a tiny island off the coast of Mystery Island. The only way to get there is by swimming or asking one of the many Flotsams to take you there. Once you arrive, you can go into his hut and he’ll tell your fortune. When we went, he told us we’d have unexpected luck in the ice caves. From what I hear about his fortunes, I think our next trip is to Terror Mountain! This would be a definite yes.

Tropical Foods

The Tropical Food shop owner is a nice Techo, and it's run really nicely, but I can't get over the food. You can find a few good things such as ‘Tetraberry Tea’ and the ‘Flatfruit Shake’, but most of the food sounds and looks disgusting. For example, ‘Squirming Salad‘? ‘Pickled Eel’? ‘Slugroot‘? Unless you're into exotic foods, this shop is definitely for browsing and is a flat out NO.

6. Leaving

Your stay was lovely at Mystery Island, but eventually you have to leave. Find the Draik that brought you there or catch the next Koi boat and say goodbye to everyone you’ve met at the island. Be sure to keep in touch with them as they do have an extremely fast Pteri mailing service! Remember to bring everything you brought including your memories, but don’t be sad. You’ll come back. It's Mystery Island!

Thank you for reading my travel guide for Mystery Island and I hope when you feel like taking this exotic trip, you’ll bring this travel guide along. I know the next time I go, I will! Before I finish, I just want to add to make sure Mystery Island is a good place for you! Maybe if you're not adventurous, you should travel to Neopia Central or if you want to explore hidden lands, you may want to take a trip to Shenkuu! Just make sure you do a little self-searching before you go anywhere in Neopia! Until next time, safe traveling!

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