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A Rainbow Dream

by candy_fish_popcorn


The Rainbow Chomby sat curled up in a corner, staring up into Faerieland blankly. He waited patiently, as time flew by, and the clouds slowly passed by him. He saw the Space Station float by in the sky, as the moon spun round and ended up at the top of the sky. He patiently waited. And waited... and waited. Nothing came. He fell asleep, next to a chopped down tree covered in Cheap Neggs and 1 NP worth Berries.

     He was then awoken by a gruff sound that stirred in his ears. "Come on, wake up!" the voice snapped roughly. The Rainbow Chomby slowly opened his eyes to see his partner, a Gold Mynci, standing in front of him, holding four bags worth of expensive goods.

     "I am awake," mumbled the Rainbow Chomby sleepily, wiping his eyes. "Four... four bags?" He squinted his eyes quickly. "Four bags? Isn't that a bit much...?"

     The Gold Mynci glanced side to side, to see if anyone was watching. "I couldn't find the Hidden Tower... I couldn't sneak into any shops... I was stuck on stealing Faerie Neggs from a small Marketplace. I got quite a lot, okay? Now can we get moving?"

     The Rainbow Chomby got to his feet without a second thought, took three bags of the goods, and followed the Gold Mynci into their small hidden tree house. It was in the middle of the Haunted Woods, on top of a massive tree, and just looked like some branches in a square. No one could see them when they were up there, and no one bothered to watch around them to see them climb up and inside. It was like a magical tree house, though. Inside were two simple blue furry blankets that they curled up happily inside at the end of their long day, the Mynci usually sleeping for longer, and falling asleep quicker, but instead, stocked, was all their stolen goods that they couldn't find an 'owner' for yet. They chucked down the four bags of Neggs next to a pile of Berries and Jellies, and the Mynci collapsed down on his warm blanket.

     “Was it a rough day? You were definitely up there for a long time.” The Rainbow Chomby nodded quickly. “Do you think we nearly have enough for another Rainbow Paint Brush, for you?”

     “No way, we’re not even close,” hissed the Gold Mynci gloomily. “Oh... you ask so many questions! Can’t I just rest here? I am so tired...!”

     The Rainbow Chomby nodded and apologized quietly. Huddled in a corner again, stuffing himself with old worn expensive berries, the Rainbow Chomby thought to himself. Life could be so different... He fell asleep, thinking about lying under the warm sun in Lutari Island... maybe laughing and taking some free omelette in Tyrannia, maybe fishing in Maraqua... or kicking back and relaxing in Mystery Island, not hiding away, or hiding stolen goods. It was a good thought. The Rainbow Chomby smiled happily. The Golden Mynci then later woke him up.

     “I think,” he said roughly, “I’m gonna go to Tyrannia and sneak some extra omelette.” He winked and stomped out of the tree house.

     The Rainbow Chomby lay back, wishing he could spend a few days in Lutari Island without having to hide, or Maraqua, or Tyrannia, or Mystery Island. Usually, he waited outside these places and ran away quickly with the Golden Mynci because he was so clumsy and last time he tried to grab some things he was nearly caught. So the Mynci decided he were to do all the hard work, and let the lazy Chomby lie back and relax, and then run away quickly (the Rainbow Chomby was extremely fast at running). Then it came to him. He could do all these things. It was simple enough!

     The Chomby jumped out of the tree house, creating quite a racket. He ran slowly but quickly towards Neopia Central, his mouth open and ready. He called to some random Neopets busy checking the Market Places.

     “Robberies? I know who caused them! There is a Golden Mynci in Tyrannia! In the Haunted Woods there is a tree house where he keeps some goods! Go, quickly, and catch him!” The Chomby watched in delight as the Neopets ran towards the direction of Tyrannia.

     He was later awarded a medal for his finding of this Robber. He kicked back and relaxed in Lutari Island, listening to the waves coming in and out, and in and out. He sat and stared up at the sky. He lay, hunched back against a tree. This life didn’t seem much different than waiting for the Golden Mynci to come back... he began to miss his partner. Then the thoughts came into his head, ‘Stay there, you good for nothing but running Chomby’, ‘don’t move, wait for me!’, ‘can’t you leave me alone? I have had a rough day!’ and all the nasty comments from the Golden Mynci.

     “I don’t miss him,” the Chomby chanted repeatedly. “I don’t miss him... I don’t miss him...!” The thought of the Golden Mynci sprang out of his mind when a female Island Chomby made her way over his way.

     He took a deep breath, and casually breathed, “Hi,” but in a very high pitched voice. He flushed red.

     “Hi,” the Island Chomby giggled. “I don’t suppose you’re the Rainbow Chomby who told us of the Robber?”

     “...Yeah. I suppose I am.” The Rainbow Chomby shrugged. “Why, why do you want to know?”

     “I want to say thank you! A couple of years ago they stole my whole Marketplace! I saw them run off! I am a very fast runner, but I didn’t want to run after them... it would have disturbed the Island... but yeah, thank you. So, would you like to hang out in Neopia Central with me... and well... talk? Get to know each other a bit better?” The Rainbow Chomby winked gleefully. It was a perfect picture, the Island Chomby standing just next to the waves pampering her feet on the Lutari Island Beach.

     “Do... do you know if... if they’ve caught the Mynci yet...?” asked the Rainbow Chomby worriedly.

     “Yeah, the Mynci is locked up. He claimed he had this partner... then they told him not to lie. I’m so happy all this robbery is out the way now. Neopia can go back to being a lovely happy place.” The Island Chomby smiled prettily. “So, Neopia Central? Or we can stay here, if you’d prefer that?”

     The Rainbow Chomby, filled with guilt, nodded. The beautiful Island Chomby lay down beside him. The Rainbow Chomby chewed at his paws nervously.

     “Is anything wrong?” the Island Chomby questioned, sitting up. “Do you not want to lie down?”

     “I’m just worried. What if the Mynci comes to get me...? I basically was the one who locked him up...”

     “Don’t worry!” the Island Chomby comforted him, splashing him gently with the waves. “Everything will be fine...! Now, lie down with me... and let's get talking!” The Island Chomby’s smile was gorgeous. Yet, the Rainbow Chomby couldn’t bring himself to talk. The Island Chomby was patient with him, but she just got fed up. She waved goodbye and galloped away in the sunshine. It looked as though she was galloping toward the sunshine, going right to the centre.

     The Rainbow Chomby sat, and nibbled at his paws some more. Then eventually, he stood up, and walked guiltily towards Neopia Central. And as he walked towards the large Tower where the Mynci would be, the Chomby seemed to get less-rainbow, more of a grey version.

     “Come on, wake up!”

     The Rainbow Chomby sat up. He was back in the dull magical tree house, and smiled at the sight of the shining Golden Mynci in front of him. Then he remembered, he was doing only bad.

     “...Listen. I think we should leave the tree house, and start fresh, in a nice new non-robbery life. What do you think?” the Rainbow Chomby asked quietly, nibbling at his paws gently, and relieved to see he wasn’t grey.

     “No,” the Mynci said simply.

     “Well then... I am leaving. I’ve had enough of this life.” The Chomby walked out the tree-house. Right into the centre of the Haunted Woods. He didn’t look back. And in the sunshine, he saw an Island Chomby’s face, winking at him.

The End

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