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The Absolute Must Read Guide on Everything Liquid

by lynnalice


Liquid: A beginning

So you’re wondering what kind of liquids is this woman talking about? Well, I’m talking about juices (fruity, sparkling, meepit flavored >:3... ), drinks, teas, slushies, achyfi, neocola, borovan, liquid-based games, soups (including that faerie *ughh*), liquid-themed avatars, bodies of liquid, liquid weather, and more. I’m talking about all things liquid.

Liquid Drinks: A History

Before we get into the deep facts of the liquid drinks that can be found in Neopia, I would like to mention as a disclaimer that you should not attempt to feed your pets any/most of the liquids out there. Especially be wary of that Soup Faerie... but alas, that falls under a different section. Oh, don’t let my rambling get you down; please read on:

Since the beginning of time, neopets have been drinking liquids. Yes, awe-inspiring, is it not? As a famous neopet, Hamlupe, once said, “To drink achyfi or neocola, or not to drink achyfi or neocola, that tis the question.” And that has been the question for many years indeed. In this section I will dig deep into the achyfi/neocola dispute as well as bring you the cold hard facts on teas, drinks, slushies, and juices. I will also have a paragraph dedicated to the lovely Borovan!

Achyfi, a beloved sparkling juice/soda that comes in a variety of flavors such as; strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, lime, elderberry, banana, blueberry and chokato, “jhudoras”, chocolate and asparagus, strawberry and lime, coconut and gooseberry, carrot fizz, apple, dirt, bacon, celery, broccoli, and tarragon, is simply delectable. It is one of those great names that has evolved into other items as well such as Achyfi ice, and the many different flavors of Achyfi lollypops. It has its own book, Achyfi Recipes, and even its own avatar, “Achyfi!” It’s simply marvelous!

Neocola is another brand of fizzy soda. It comes in a classic ‘can of neocola’, diet, or caffeine free. You can also easily find it in the flavors apple, grapefruit, and raspberry. Other Neocola atrocities include Neocola Bottles (also come in a fizzy state), Neocola tokens (red, green, or blue, all featuring Sloth‘s picture), a Neocola Book called Neocola Book (yes, original, I know), a Neocola Jellypop, a Dancing Neocola Can (you have the right to be alarmed), and Neocola Hard Candies. I think we know which is the better brand. *cough* ACHYFI *cough* Not that I’m biased or anything...

Juices, drinks, slushies, and teas are also perfectly liquid alternatives if you or your pet is allergic to Achyfi (bless your poor soul) or Neocola (lucky!). There are a whole BUNCH of juices, drinks, slushies and teas out there, including a Fruit Juice Sack (it‘s the sackiest!), Apple Juice (also comes in fizzy), Orange Juice (an item that helps you get the Mad About Orange! avatar), Frothy Fruit Juice (mmm, frothy), Chomby Juice, Coconut Juice Bowl (oooh, it’s in a coconut bowl!), Braku Berry Juice (looks a bit like sack juice; don’t get confused!), Kiko Drinks, Energy Drinks, Ixi Drinks, a Rocket Fizzy Drink (my personal favorite drink), Black Cherry Tea, Secret Sloth Slushie (triple S!), Thistle Berry Slushie, Dung Slushie (can be used to get the I’m Smelly! avatar), Wormy Slushie, Monographic Slushie, Tangy Red Melon Slushie, Mystery Berry Slushie, and many many many many many many many more.

Now onto the topic of Borovan! This liquid is truly inspirational! It is so fantastically wonderful that it has its own DAY! Wow. So remember every twentieth day of the month of Celebrating to celebrate Borovan Day by taking a long sip of Borovan! Borovan comes in the tasty flavors of apple, cranberry, super spicy, vanilla, mint, orange, iced, and also in a steaming mug of the hot stuff! You can create your own delectable liquid with the Borovan Press. There are also tasty Borovan pastries; the Borovan Pavlova, Borovan Brownies, Scrumptious Borovan Cookie, Delicious Borovan Crepe, Fresh Borovan and Asparagus Tart, and the Suspicious Borovan Creame Pie! You can also buy a yummy Borovan Ice Cream Scoop. This wonderful treat even has three books in its name, 365.25 Borovan Recipes, A Summer of Borovan, and Borovan: The Truth Behind the Smell. And, BONUS!, there’s even a Cup of Borovan Plushie. Well, joy! :)

Liquid Food: The Soup Story

I have nothing against soups, chowders, or stews, really. It’s just that irksome Soup Faerie who really pushes my buttons. She goes around la-de-da like she’s the best Neopian who’s ever walked Neopia. But I mean, come on! She just gives out soup. -.- And only if you’re poor. I mean really!? Just discriminate against us Neopians with neopoints. And how do we know what she puts in that soup? She could be poisoning our neopets with some kind of illness that doesn’t take effect right away. Say after about a week's time of feeding your pet that awful faerie’s soup, he or she will get sick with some terrible illness or disease! She’s poisoning them, I tell you!

Anyways, if you don’t get it from that creepy faerie, soup is a great, legit liquid food that will fill your neopet right up! Try feeding him or her some tasty Spicy Tomato Soup, Chunky Mushroom Soup, Extra Creamy Soup, or Apple Soup, some of my own neopets' favorite soups! Of course, there are tons of other delicious soups out there; those are just an introduction into the wonderful liquid world of soup!

Liquid Games: Earning Neopoints the Liquid Way

The greatest liquid game of all time is definitely Meepit Juice Break. I’m as wary of meepits as the next person, but I have a great respect for any neopet or petpet that loves juice as much as those meepits do. Of course, other legendary liquid games include Sewage Surfer, Hannah and the Ice Caves (frozen liquid- fancy!), Nimmos Pond, Whirlpool, Jubble Bubble, Rink Runner, and Raiders of Maraqua. Still, there are many more games that include various types of liquid, too many to mention, but I’d like to honor them by saying that any liquid game is a great game.

Liquid Neopia: Bodies of Water and Weather Patterns

Terror Mountain. Although the mountain’s only body of water per se is the one the Rink Runner skates on, the entire place is water! Seriously! Snow=water, ice=water and water=liquid. Wow, what a cool place! It also tends to snow quite a lot!

Shenkuu. This beautiful mountain top city has a wonderfully liquid waterfall running down the entire place. The natives of Shenkuu got there by ship. They had been sailing on nothing less than liquid. Need I say more?

Altador. This wonderful ancient civilization was built on the shore. It also features a few ponds and a magnificent fountain. Ahh, the wonders of liquid.

Lutari Island. Although this is not my favorite place it is an island and islands are surrounded by water aka liquid. This specific island is also covered in a mysterious fog. Fog itself is made of low clouds and clouds are made of water; what a liquid-tastic island.

The Haunted Woods and Neovia. Sadly neither of these places have bodies of liquid. Hmm, scary indeed. However, it does tend to rain quite a bit more often than other places!

The Lost Desert. Deserts are dry, barren places that could use some extra liquid, so it’s a good thing that this desert has a nice long river of wet liquid running through it. The weather is a different story; it hardly ever rains!

Neopia Central. It’s quite the tragedy that our central land of great shops has only one body of liquid- the Rainbow Pool. It does, however, also have a fountain... There is sometimes rain, though!

Kiko Lake. Why, this may be my second favorite place, strictly liquid speaking (Maraqua is underwater...)! Even the name of this land makes me jump for joy! It has a huge lake and great glass bottom boat tours! Yippee!

Roo Island. This is an average island; at least it’s surrounded by water.

Brightvale. Hmm, it has a small stream and a nice bridge...

Meridell. This beautiful medieval land has a nice thick moat surrounding its wonderful stone castle. On occasion it has been known to rain here!

Darigan Citadel. I’m going to have to send Lord Darigan a note; there seems to be a stunning lack of liquid in this floating citadel. Perhaps he’s turned back to the dark side?

Faerieland. Ah, this beautiful cloud. Both the Healing Springs and Rainbow Fountain have healthy amounts of flowing water that keeps all liquid lovers happy, and clouds are part water which only adds to the liquidness of this wonderful scene. Although it is quite doubtful on liquid falling from the sky in this particular land.

Krawk Island. This island has a wonderful amount of liquid surrounding it, although it doesn’t seem that clean... Even if it’s sunny at the beginning of the day, it has been known to rain later on in the afternoon to evening.

Mystery Island. Another island! And an easily accessible beach, BONUS POINTS! Although it’s nice for there to be sun when going to the beach, rain is still a possibility.

Maraqua and its ruins. Liquid bliss! This underwater wonderland is perfect! Below water it’s always wet! And above it has been known to rain and snow!

Tyrannia. I couldn’t find any water.

Kreludor. No bodies of water; however, there is a neocola machine... not the best type of liquid, but liquid none the less.

Virtupets Space Station. No water or liquid in sight. There is no weather in space...

Liquid: A Conclusion

I hope that this riveting guide has left no stone unturned on the behalf of liquid lovers everywhere! Please, I beg of you, go out and boost our economy by buying LIQUID!! :)

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