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How to Make a Petpage Scrapbook!

by vimtolollies


After having been on Neopets for a while now, I realised that I have managed to accomplish many goals, had some great times, and have come across some wonderful things. I decided I needed a place to keep all these things, so I made a folder on my computer and stored them all there. But then, just as I finished adding things to my folder, I realised -- I have achieved so much; why not share these things with my friends, and other Neopians? So, I came up with the idea of a petpage scrapbook. I had so much fun making my scrapbook, so I thought I should share the idea with other Neopians too!

A scrapbook is a fantastic way to save all of your fond Neopets memories, thoughts, and achievements. Here are some simple steps and ideas which can help you create your very own petpage scrapbook!


Firstly, a great layout will set your scrapbook off straight away. As it is completely about you and your experiences, it is important to have a layout that reflects your personality. If you are a girly girl, go for something bright and bubbly, or if you are more gothic, try using dark colours and pictures.

Another thing to remember is that the layout must have enough space for your content. It is no good having a cute layout with just one tiny box to fit all your wonderful things in. Test a few layouts out with some fake content to estimate whether or not your content will fit. Still unsure? Add some of your content and see.

If you are no good at making layouts, do not fear! Try asking around - there will always be a kind Neopian out there willing to make you one! Or, if all else fails, there is nothing wrong with a premade layout. There are so many petpages out there bursting to the seams with fantastic premade layouts for you to use, so look around until you find one you love. Just remember to always leave credit.


Now for the fun part! Your content is, obviously, the most important part of your scrapbook, so make it good. Remember: it is your scrapbook, so you can add anything you like to it. Stuck for ideas? Here are some to set you off...

Screenies - collect screen shots of random events, funny boards, great restocks, anything!

Your favourite pages - use buttons or just simple text links to show all your favourite pages. It is a useful way to keep them all in one place, it frees up your bookmarks, and you can share them with others!

Wishlist - any items you're saving up for? Use a wishlist section to show others what you want.

Goals - every Neopian has some sort of goals, so why not keep track of them here?

Achievements - done something you're proud of? Let people know! It is also a great ego boost for when you're feeling down.

Artwork - if you have a wonderful creative side (and even if you don't) then show off your art.

Diary/journal - keep track of your neopets adventures in a journal section of your scrapbook.

Laboratory log - take note of all the lab zaps your pet has!

About me - this is for those, like me, who just love to write about themselves! Just kidding. But it is a good idea if you want others to know who you are. Maybe it will come in useful when making new friends or joining a guild?

About your pets - your pets may have a wonderful history that nobody knows about. Not anymore! Write all about your pets, their personalities, their petpets...

Quotes, song lyrics, etc. - show some of your personality off! See or hear something you like? Get it down in your scrapbook!

Thank you - a "thank you" or "dedication" section will let your neofriends know how you feel about them. Bring a tear to their eye.

Stories or writing - show off your amazing writing skills with a story, or maybe some poetry?

Everyone has their own niche, so add your own ideas to your scrapbook. Nobody is to say what's right or wrong. Be original!

You must remember that this is a neopets scrapbook, so no pictures of you and your friends, links to other websites, or inappropriate content. You can, however, include pictures of pets, as long as there is nothing there to give away who you are, or where you live, etc. Other than that, you're good to go, my friend!


Some may wish to keep their scrapbook to themselves, or between a few close friends. This is great, as you can include private jokes, messages, and content that would only make sense to you or people you know.

However, for those who want to let everyone get a peek in to their neo-life, you should advertise it! Now, I don't mean making a board on the help chat saying, "Look at my scrapbook!!!!!" because that will just annoy everyone, and maybe even get you reported for spamming, and we don't want that. I mean maybe posting a link on your userlookup, shop, gallery, or neosignature to get attention. Or, if you are feeling creative, make a button, sign, or banner to link to your scrapbook! There are even people and sites out there that will make them for you, so long as you ask them nicely!

Adding to it

A scrapbook is a continuing project; when you make more screenies, do more artwork, write more stories, or get more pets, you should always keep adding to it! Keep your viewers up to date. After all, it is a memoir of your time and experiences on Neopets! Complete a goal? Update your scrapbook! It is so fun to maintain and add to it, so don't see it as a chore. You are keeping a log of everything to do with you, so have some pride in it.

Good luck

So I have given you all the advice I can on making your scrapbook. Now it is time for you to get out there and make your own! If you feel as though you need any help or more ideas, feel free to neomail me (VimtoLollies), or check out my own scrapbook for ideas! And lastly, always remember it is your scrapbook, so do anything you like with it! Good luck, and have fun.

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