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Jhudora's Revenge: Part Eight

by ewagon


“She must stay where she is.”

     “How can you say that? She should return to where she belongs!”

     “Yet she will never know it!”

     “Then restore her memory!”

     Fyora, tired of the back-and-forth arguments, clapped her hands, creating a large ‘thud’ noise, then addressed the light faerie council. “Order! Silence, please. This is accomplishing nothing. Why are you all so determined to have Addieana live as you wish? I was speaking to Edna, and... No, don’t give me that look.”

     Fyora watched as the faeries all remembered that day that they were hungry, but even the thought of faerie food made them ill. “You don’t know Edna at all. Anyway, she made a comment to me that I have been thinking about a great deal. She was very right. She told me that it was not my place to have her live as I would like her to live. You now all wish to tell Addieana how she should live. It is not your decision to make. Any comments?”

     Fyora sat back down and watched as Glitzern was quick to rise to speak her mind. “Fyora, you are right. I will not deny that. This whole argument has been pointless. What is important is ensuring that Jhudora leaves her alone.”

     “I agree. That, Glitzern, is why you and I, and the rest of the council, will have a word with Jhudora. She knows that if she does not obey the council, even the dark faeries will be her enemies. She does not want that.”

     “Agreed. Now, Addieana’s fate is her own decision. Any objections?”

     A few light faeries clearly didn’t like the idea that they could not make Addieana do what they thought was best, but they said nothing and respectfully nodded toward both Fyora and Glitzern.

     Fyora stood again and addressed the council. “Now that we are in agreement, Glitzern and I will meet with the leading faerie council and see how they react.

     “Very well.” Glitzern stood and walked out with Fyora, leaving the other members of the light faerie council to talk amongst themselves.

     As the two walked out of the building, Glitzern looked at Fyora. “How will they react?”

     “I don’t know. I never knew how this day would come, and now that it’s here, I’m not entirely sure of how I should respond.”

     “I think that all we can do is present the facts and let the arguing commence.”

     “I suppose you’re right.”


     “Why should we care about one more royal pet?”

     “Because this one has actual power- she can make a real difference and unite the various lands of Neopia.”


     Fyora shouted before the council, trying to get them to end their ceaseless bickering.

     “Danveya, you must understand that it does you no good to let Jhudora continue on this endeavor. Surely there are better things for her to do. If you force her to retract her vow, she will be free to pursue other matters.”

     The dark faerie muttered. “I still don’t see why the dark faerie council should be concerned.”

     “Perhaps because you think that painting your nails is more important than anything else.”

     Danveya rolled her eyes. “Yes, Audry, because unlike you, I take pride in and care about my appearance.”

     The fire faerie restrained herself only because she knew that Fyora wanted to speak.

     “This meeting is only to establish that we cannot allow Jhudora to continue hunting Addieana, Vendette, Edna, Veritas, and all who know of them. Danveya, we only ask that you and the dark faerie council speak with Jhudora, then bring her before the leading council.”

     Danveya shrugged. “I doubt that’ll be necessary. She’ll brood over this for awhile, but then she’ll get over it and move on.”

     “Make sure that Jhudora knows the consequences of disobedience.”

     “You take me for an ignorant fool?”

     “No, but I’d hate for there to be a misunderstanding.”

     “Very well, we shall speak to her.”

     Fyora smiled. “Perfect. Now then, this council is dismissed.”

     The leading water faerie spoke quickly, before the other faeries could begin to leave.“Excuse me, but what will come of Addieana now? Her parents will want her to return home, but she also has a human owner, an adopted brother, and a life in the Haunted Woods.”

     Fyora nodded. “Yes, Tande. I understand what you mean, but we will leave that decision to Addieana. She alone can decide her future.”


     Addieana and Vendette tackled Veritas to the ground as soon as she answered the door.

     Veritas laughed. “It’s great to see you guys too! So, what have you been up to?”

     Vendette and Addieana then told the entire story to their owner. Once the story was done, Veritas sighed deeply. “How can I raise such strong pets? You two get into trouble and I collapse.”

     Addieana shrugged. “Perhaps, but when we’re out of trouble, we can pour our hearts out to you. You possess a different kind of strength.

     “It’s irrelevant. I’m just so glad that you’re both back here and safe. Hey, Vendette, what would Edna like as a gift?”

     Vendette shrugged. “Anything, really. Perhaps some ingredients or a book. I really don’t know. I suppose we can ask Fyora next time we see her.”

     Addieana looked oddly at Vendette. “We’ll see Edna again.”

     “Addieana, don’t you realize that you’re still a princess and that you have two very powerful parents. Your memory was erased. You know so little of your upbringing. Sure you remember being my sister, but you don’t know what it was like being raised as a princess.”

     Addieana saw the sorrow hidden in Vendette’s eyes. “Vendette, I could never leave you. After everything that you have done for me... how could I ever turn away? Even if I’m dragged away kicking and screaming to my homeland, either you’ll come with me or I’ll visit you every opportunity I get, even if I have to create that opportunity by running away.”

     Vendette shrugged off his sister’s emotions. “Don’t get all girly on me.”

     Addieana lightly swatted Vendette. “Don’t be that annoying brother that I know you can be.”

     The two laughed and went to their rooms for a well-deserved nap.


     “We’re going with you.”

     “I would not wish to sound out of line, but I don’t know how wise that is. It’s been so many years since you last saw her, and in that time, much has changed. You forget that she doesn’t know you, even though you know her. It is true that I can restore her memory, but if she does not want it restored, I won’t.”

     “Why on Neopia wouldn’t she want her memory restored?”

     “To restore her memory would create great conflict in her. To her, it would seem as though her upbringing with Vendette and Veritas was fake.”

     “Still, we’re her parents...”

     Fyora nodded. “Yes, Queen Mist, I know.”

     Fyora then turned to the king. “What about you? You have remained silent thus far.”

     “When Addieana was young, she had wisdom beyond her years. She could make mature decisions that even today I might not be able to make. Nothing can change her heart and who she is inside. I will accept and trust her decision, either way.”

     “Very well. I shall take you both with me, but your highness, you must allow Addieana to make a decision.”

     “I know.”

     “Then let’s be off. We need to get to the Haunted Woods.”


     “So you see, Addieana, it is your decision to make. You can have your memory restored and remember all those years of your life, or you can keep your memory as it is. More than that, you must also decide where to live from now on. You can either stay here in the Haunted Woods with Vendette and Veritas, or you can return to your first home with your parents.”

     “It’s my decision to make?”

     “How could it belong to another?”

     “I suppose you’re right. Now, I still don’t know about my memory, but I must continue to live here. I’d love to visit my parents on occasion, but after everything that Vendette and Edna have done for me... I couldn’t leave them, and even if Vendette wanted to come along, you know that Edna would never leave her tower. As for my memory... I really don’t know.”

     “The sooner you make a decision, the less your parents will be anticipating your answer.”

     Addieana, Mist, and Edel chuckled with Fyora.

     Addieana looked up at her parents. “I don’t remember you, but I already care so much about you. However, to have my memory restored would be to discredit my years growing up with Veritas and Vendette. Too much has happened. I know that I will not forget those things, but I will be so consumed with my new memories that I would begin to forget about all that once mattered so much to me. For that reason, I will refrain from having my memory restored. I would like to keep it as it is. We can just create new family memories. While I will live in the Haunted Woods, I can and will visit you often.”

     The king and queen hugged Addieana as Fyora stood off to the side and watched, waiting to return Mist and Edel to their home.

     “How about tomorrow you, Vendette, and Veritas come to our home and we have a large picnic brunch and tea in our gardens?”

     Addieana smiled warmly for the first time in weeks. “I’d love that.”

     Vendette, who had been eavesdropping, fell down as he tried, unsuccessfully, to walk downstairs.

     “Sounds great to me too, except for that tea part. I’m not really one for tea...”

     Mist and Edel laughed while Addieana rolled her eyes.


     “She made the right decision.”

     “Did you doubt that she would?”

     Fyora shrugged. “No, I suppose not.”

     Glitzern smiled. “Still, all those years of protecting her were worth it. Look at who she is now. She still has her old personality, but all those new experiences have taking her old personality and transformed her into someone even more amazing than she was as just a princess.”

     Fyora smiled. “Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see what Addieana has in store for the future.”

     Glitzern laughed. “Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be more exciting than we could ever anticipate.”

The End

I hope you all enjoyed the sequel to Neglect's Revenge! Even if it was far too long in coming ^_^;

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