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Throwing an Illusen Day Party

by ziposaki


Looking to celebrate Illusen Day? Here is an idea: throw a party for the Earth Faerie. She deserves it with all the hard work she does. This guide will guide you through every step of preparing the celebration, and make it affordable too!

Deciding Who to Invite: This may seem easy, but it is harder than it looks. You have to pick people who respect Illusen as much as you should. Here are some examples of who to invite and who not to. Let us say you are deciding your guest list and you think of your somewhat friend, Karl the Korbat. First, think if he respects Illusen. If he was throwing spit balls on her poster or drawing permanent marker mustaches on it, he is not someone to invite. If Karl was attentively listening to the teacher talk about Illusen and Illusen Day and both of their history, he is a good choice. Bonus points if he was taking notes or he knew we did not have a test on it. However, if you cannot figure it out, you have to go a little further. Talk to Karl and slyly slip Illusen into the conversation. Make your decision on how he reacts.

Invitations: For this part, there is no need to be fancy. Well, at least if you do not want to be. Just purchase a Green Lined Notebook around 100 NP and write your invitation on that paper. Be sure to mention the time and date! Plus, if you want to bribe your invitees to come, throw in an Earth Faerie Eraser for only 220 NP each. Plus, you can recycle the notebook for your schoolwork if you have pages left. After writing all the invitations, either mail it to your guests to be or hand deliver it to them during Neoschool. It does not matter, except sometimes if you hand deliver them, people think you are more hospitable and you will have a better chance of them going to your party. Keep in mind this does not apply to everyone.

Location and Decorations: Location is important. A nice, grassy area like in Meridell or Brightvale would be dandy. However, if you cannot afford to rent one, Neopia Central has a couple of areas that fit the bill. Now, for decorating, simple is probably best. A green banner with Happy Illusen Day on it would be nice. Add some clovers, and that is pretty much all you have to do. However, if you want to get a little fancier, make the banner more spiffy by adding glitter, foam things, clover leaves and stuff like that. Get as creative as you want. Then you can add some wild flowers and mushrooms. There are various ones on Roo Island. Just pick some out and let out your inner artist.

Food: Now that you have decided the location of the special Illusen Day party, you have to decide what you are going to serve! You would not want the Neopets to starve, would you? For a snack, I would recommend crunchy, flavorful Illusen Acorns for about 1,500 NP. Buy at least two dozen per guest, though; after one, I can pretty much guarantee they will come back for more. For an entree, an uncomplicated, vegetarian Illusen Day Pizza worth 1,500 NP would probably do the trick. Do not forget to save a slice for yourself! And of course, you cannot forget the mouth-watering cake! An Illusen Glade Cake would be cute and affordable at 3,900 NP. You can even buy some frosting and decorate the tree some more yourself. You could add some Illusen Acorns, yourself hanging on a swing set suspended below a branch. Why, if you're that skilled, you can add Illusen herself flitting around the tree. Afterwards, your guests are probably going to be thirsty from gorging themselves on all that delicious food. Some chilly, refreshing, 2,900 NP Illusen Day Drink would complete the meal. Just buy a ladle and some recyclable cups to serve it.

Games: Who would go to a party without any fun games? I know I would not. Here are some ideas for games you can play. First, you can do a tower contest with 400 NP Illusen Building Blocks. Whoever can build the tallest tower is the winner! Another idea is an Illusen Kite flying contest. For 900 NP per kite, Neopets can watch Illusen soar into the clouds. Whoever can get her closest to Faerieland wins! If there is no wind, then just toss the kite up. Another idea would be to host a singing contest where everyone comes up with and sings a song in honor of the almighty Earth Faerie, Illusen. That is all the ideas I am giving you, but be creative and I’m sure you can come up with more. For prizes, give out Illusen Cream Cookies that are so creamy and yummy you would not believe they are only about 30 NP per cookie.

Goodie Bags: Now, what is a party with goodie bags? More of a social gathering, I have to say. That is why it is so vital you include something for your guests to take home. However, instead of a bag, use a box! A reusable Illusen Lunch Box which is only 2,200 NP each to be specific. For girl Neopets, include a 1 NP Illusens Comb and an Illusen Connect-the-Dots for 1,600 NP inside. For the boy Neopets, put in a Toy Illusen Bow and Arrow Set for 800 NP and an Illusen Horn for 3,800 NP. Label each one to indicate which one is which.

Now, I hope you will be inspired to use this special guide to throw a party for that special Earth Faerie, Illusen. She will be honored and you will have loads of fun without having a sorrow feeling afterwards because you spent all of your allowance. That is the good part about this awesome guide. Now, with this guide in hand, start planning that party!

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