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The Altador Cup V: A Look to the Future

by hol123


The Altador Cup. A full 35 days of fierce competition pitting user against user, worlds against worlds. Although the actual tournament doesn’t start for another few months, many users are hyped up for the competition, some even year round. I’ve compiled a list of 10 questions many Cup fanatics are dying to know about the Altador Cup V. I’ve even added my own answer and prediction to each question to show what I think.

1. What team will be out?

This is always a scary thought. Whose team will be dropped from the Cup? Kreludor, Kiko Lake and Brightvale can sleep without worry, but the rest of the teams, especially the low tier teams, cannot. Will it be a low tier team like Faerieland or Terror Mountain? Will the home team, Altador, sit out for a year? Or could it be a shock, and have the previous winner, Krawk Island, give a chance for another team to win?

My answer: I think that it will come down to Faerieland or Terror Mountain.

2. Will Moltara join the fray?

In November 2009, a new world was introduced to Neopia. It’s called Moltara, a wasteland of magma and igneous rock. Many people are wondering if the city will join in the tournament. Back in the Altador Cup II, Shenkuu was introduced into the tournament to create the round robin style schedule. Moltara would be the 18th team to join, but is still likely to join, because of the huge fan base it would probably get.

My answer: I could see Moltara joining.

3. Will Krawk Island be cursed?

Krawk Island is the champion of the most recent Altador Cup, but the year after isn’t always great for winners. All of the previous winners of the tournament have dropped significantly in the standings. The highest was Roo Island going from first to ninth. Krawk Island could possibly drop down the standings, or they could drop not too far from first place. Hey, they could even win again. Krawk Island has a huge amount of supporters, but will they have enough pure-blood veterans to serve them during the ‘curse’?

My answer: Krawk Island will drop at least fourth place.

4. Who will the powerhouses be?

The powerhouses are the top teams that everybody fears. They are humongous in supporters, and they bulldoze through teams like they’re nothing. Powerhouses of the past have been Darigan Citadel, Krawk Island, Kreludor, Lost Desert, Maraqua, Mystery Island, Roo Island and Shenkuu. All of these teams have potential to be the bully this year.

My answer: Lost Desert, Kreludor and Shenkuu will be the big teams.

5. Will Roo Island bounce back?

After a year with the ‘winners curse’, Roo Island’s strength is yet to be determined. Will they become powerhouses, or fall even further? In the Altador Cup III, previous champion Haunted Woods didn’t recover, and fell from seventh to eighth. Altador Cup II’s champion, Darigan Citadel stayed in seventh, the same spot they were in with the ‘curse’. The changes aren’t very significant, but there is some sort of a pattern. They haven’t moved far at all. Can Roo Island defy that pattern?

My answer: I have no idea. There are a lot of strong teams that have been built since they won two years ago. It’ll be tough to bounce back.

6. What is Faerieland’s state?

Ah, Faerieland. The team that tries so hard, but doesn’t get far. Every year, a bunch of people get together and say they’ll join Faerieland and rise up the standings. This hasn’t happened. Basically, most people want to know if Faerieland will get above fifteenth place, which has never happened. Also, who will lose to Faerieland? It can be an embarrassment to teams (no offense!) if they lose to Faerieland, after they get swept day after day. That just means Faerieland has to push even harder.

My answer: I can’t see Faerieland doing that much damage. They would have to build themselves up if they want to get over fifteenth place.

7. How will Maraqua do?

Maraqua shocked Neopia last year when they went from average to amazing in the second round. Maraqua managed to snag a few wins from the powerhouses and get the respect they deserve. The question is, will Maraqua be able to do it again? If they can, how long will they be able to keep up the mad streak of wins?

My answer: If they can gain more supporters, and do what they did last year, they can totally get into the top 4.

8. Will Tyrannia own Slushie Slinger again?

Tyrannia has been known as the Slushie Slinger kings and queens since the third Altador Cup, which is fair, winning 50/60 matches in the last two years, and only losing two matches. What a surprising skill for a team that only got two wins in the second Cup. Tyrannia has gained support on just their reign alone, and it’s even helping their Yooyuball and Make Some Noise game.

My answer: Yes, Tyrannia will continue to dominate Slushie Slinger.

9. Will Virtupets and Terror Mountain continue their talent in Shootout Showdown?

With the introduction of Shootout Showdown into the Altador Cup games, two teams ended up being a surprising talent in the game. Virtupets ruled Shootout Showdown. They ended with twenty-eight wins and only two losses. Terror Mountain was also talented in Shootout Showdown, although they got fewer wins than Virtupets (fifteen wins and five draws), they were still quite annoying to many teams as it was nearly impossible to sweep them.

My answer: I think it will be tougher for both to get wins and draws because the teams in the Cup now know that they need to watch out for Virtupets and Terror Mountain.

10. When will it start?

This question pretty much stands for itself. Everybody wants to know this. Hint to TNT, drop a clue for us!

My answer: I hope for a first week of June start.

Well, there you have it. The 10 questions that the die-hard fanatics want to know. All of these will be answered soon, well, in a few months. Prepare yourself for the Altador Cup V now; it’ll be the biggest Cup in Neopian history.

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