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My Scenic Travel Journal: First stop-Kiko Lake

by icy_catalyst


Hello, fellow readers! *waves gaily with sheer excitement* I've just come back from the first invigorating destination on my very long list: the humble Kiko Lake. I guess you're all wondering why I chose this small and yet interesting little town to explore first when I could just be dining on delectable morsels at Kelp... Well, there are many reasons why Kiko Lake became the number one spot on my around-the-world tour. To get your raging curiosities quenched, here is a quick list of the great things to take part in at Kiko Lake:
  • The most spectacular Glass Bottom Boat Tour at 10 a.m. sharp
  • Free sampling of homemade delights down at the quaint 'Kiko Lake Treats' on the shore
  • Hiring a pedalo to take you wherever you need to go
  • Taking a relaxing swim down to the bottom of the beautiful lake

These are just some of the activities I did as I arrived at the lake, and it's just fantastic how the inhabitants are always busy, whether there's a new house to build or a pedalo to push. In simple words, Kiko Lake is bustling with new activity and when you realise the real beauty of its waters and people, it's quite hard not to try absolutely anything to the full. And here, as I recount my trip in these very pages, Neopians near and far will be battling with the desire to plan a holiday to the lake as soon as the opportunity presents itself!

Day One:

I'd hired a small, midnight-blue boat, known as a pedalo, to take me to the shores of Kiko Lake. It's quite a lot of work pedalling one of these boats, but the happy Red Kiko who had offered to pick me up was so enthusiastic that it turned out to be quite a fun experience. In fact, by the time we hit the shoreline of the lake, which was in the early afternoon, I was still bursting with unconcealed laughter. It was also an added bonus that the Neopians of the merry town didn't think I was being silly at all, and just smiled at me. Obviously, they knew I was a tourist, new to those parts, as everyone likes to say.

After dropping off all my luggage (yes, I had many bags) at the comfortable motel on the shore, I found the perfect place to begin my tour of the lake, at the lovely beaches which surround the houses and shops. I vigorously applied some sunscreen, pulled on my floppy, bright sun hat and headed out into the glaring heat.

For three blissful hours, I swam in the sparkling waters of the lake, drinking in the surroundings and trying to get to know every speck of the little town. During that time, I'd made a few friends, and in its own way, the long swim actually refreshed me rather than leave me exhausted! Of course, I was sad to have to head out of the water, but I knew that Day 2 was going to bring even more fun since I'd scheduled a morning tour with the Glass Bottom Boats Tours agency. I smiled to myself. It was only just the beginning of my stay there and already I was feeling ready to face any challenges that came my way.

Day 2:

I'd woken up to the sound of chatter coming outside my window. It was quite early, about 9 o'clock in the morning, but even so, I felt very well rested and eager to start the tour. Packing a small waist pack containing a camera and sunglasses, I waited at the booth as the members of my tour group arrived. I chatted happily with them for a few minutes before the tour guide, a chirpy Cloud Blumaroo checked our names off a roll on his clipboard and led us to the plush seats of a grand, glass bottom boat. Sighing in contentment, I allowed my back to crash back against one of the comfortable, velvet seats of the craft.

Our first stop was the beautiful, well-tended coral and marine plant gardens. It was a dizzying mixture of colour, and was one of the highlights of the tour. Next, we visited some of the most ancient building that resided on the lake, as well as stopping by at the visibly entrancing gift shop on the high street.

It was a pleasure being on that boat and learning about some of the lake's culture and history. A fun-loving Strawberry Poogle, Lanette accompanied me to the sweet shop after the tour, and we sat on a nearby bench to eat some of the delicious rock candy and lollipops which we took with us as an afternoon treat. By this point, I was exhausted, and ready to freshen up in the spa in my motel room, but with the last day of my tour just around the corner, I knew that I would find it difficult to say goodbye to the lake, and everyone I'd come to meet there.

Day 3: (The Final Day)

Throwing down a hasty breakfast, I moved slowly and sulkily as I checked out of the luxurious, yet rather small motel. However, I was gradually cheered back to my normal, excited level as Lanette and I made our way to a grand parade on the high street of the lake. It was Kiko Day, and the whole neighbourhood had emerged to celebrate the renowned festival which was held in honour of Kiko Lake.

Lanette and I threw ourselves whole-heartedly into the festival, feasting on specially-made treats which were sold at half price and watching the many spectacular marine shows which included an awe-inspiring demonstration of water tricks in some of the pools and a funny talent show hosted by a most entertaining Kiko called Blake. All in all, it was the best activity in my whole itinerary.

As the sun slowly began dipping down with its fiery spectacle, I hired another pedalo, this time a bright rainbow one in the shape of a Kiko back to Neopia Central, my hometown. I was almost fighting tears as I waved to Lanette, Blake and a crowd of the townsfolk; as I explained before, arriving at a new, exciting place was easy and carefree, but leaving that very place for another time is so much harder than I ever could have imagined.

Well, there goes my first trip on my scenic (and expensive) travel tour! I wish that I could relive my experience, but of course, I'll have to save that for another time. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading both my encounters and adventures, so I guess I'll catch you all later. Besides, I'm off to Mystery Island in a week or so; it isn't good to leave one's packing at the last minute! Oh, and perhaps this journal might just give you ideas for your very on trips, so if your on your way to an exotic place so much different to your own, good luck and live life at its best! ;)

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