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Neocash A-Z

by turtles_rule32


The Neocash craze has taken Neopia by storm! However, not everyone has jumped on the bandwagon yet. So if the terms “capsules,” “Thade,” “MME,” and “gift boxes” sound unfamiliar yet interesting, then this is the guide for you.

First of all, there are some things to keep in mind before partaking in the NC obsession. The most important thing to know is that Neocash costs real money. Therefore, the NC Mall is governed by different rules than other aspects of Neopets, so be sure to read the NC Mall Terms and Conditions and FAQ before even considering purchasing. This guide was not meant to go over all the legal and official parts of NC purchases (that would be Lawyerbot’s job!) so it is imperative to be familiar with them before buying. Furthermore, not all Neocash items are compatible with all pet types. Pets that are unconverted or painted Maraquan, Mutant, Baby, Invisible, and Fruit or Vegetable cannot use wearable clothing items unless otherwise specified in the item detail.

Why Neocash?

The NC Mall is a completely optional part of the site, and many wonder why they should spend real money on it. Reasons for buying Neocash vary from person to person, but it remains that Neocash, like most of the Neopets site, is a hobby for those that enjoy it. Neocash items tend to be beautifully drawn and animated and thus many people love customizing their pets with them. There are other perks to Neocash items as well such as unique Neohome furnishings, mystery capsules, seasonal items, special events, and super foods!

Buying Neocash

Neocash can be bought several ways. The fastest way to get Neocash is to purchase directly from online. To do this, go to the NC Mall, choose a monetary value and then select a payment option. However, if you buy a Neocash Card in one of several retailers, you get not only the Neocash but also a virtual gift and gift boxes with which to gift Neocash items! Therefore, any veteran NC Maller will tell you that Neocash Cards are the best way to purchase Neocash.

Now for the fun stuff!

Pet Customization Options

There are many, many Neocash customization options. There are backgrounds, clothes, shoes, accessories, trinkets, and more! One of the more popular aspects of Neocash customizing is the many backgrounds. TNT introduces new backgrounds regularly, but some current highlights include Autumn Bridge Background, Beautiful Shenkuu Mountain Background, Rustic Outdoor Theater Background, and Guarding the Gates Background. If you aren’t sure which you like, try them on first! Then choose a lovely wig (like the charming Tower Princess Wig), set of wings (perhaps the chilly Wings of Ice?), outfit, and trinket to complete the look. Or, if you want a specific theme, try on one of several Superpacks (Figure Skater Superpack is my current favorite!). When you have your pet all dressed up and spiffy, head over to the Customization Spotlight and enter them for their time to shine. Boy or girl, tall or short, Skeith or Draik, there are sure to be NC wearables that are just right for every pet!

Mystery Capsules

And here we come to one of the most addicting and infamous components of the NC Mall. Mystery Capsules are just as they sound- capsules whose contents are mysterious until they are opened and their secrets revealed! OK, so it’s not quite that dramatic. Mystery Capsules contain random items from the NC Mall equal to or sometimes exceeding the NC value of the capsule. Capsules can also contain a Limited Edition item or a Rare Item Code that you will get at random if you are very lucky! Additionally, many seasonal capsules will randomly give out retired mall items- as if we needed another reason to indulge in as many capsules as possible! Some current capsules in the NC Mall are: Spinning Star Mystery Capsule (Limited Edition items: Shining Star Staff and Sparkling Star Shower) and Rainbow Mystery Capsule (Limited Edition item: the ever popular Sparkling Rainbow).

Neohome Options

In addition to dressing up your pet with Neocash items, you can also fill your Neohome with them. While there are many lovely Neopoint buyables for Neohomes, the Neocash items can serve as icing on the cake! There are a wide selection of furnishings, wall and flooring, garden items, and additions. There are also Neohome Superpacks like Terror Mountain Room in a Bag and Playground Decorating Pack that can give your Neohome the perfect theme. The Neohome additions are also popular; my favorite is the Kiko Lake Anteroom! And just as with the Neopet wearable items, you can also preview Neohome items in a showroom to determine just which furnishings are right for you.

Special Events and Seasonal Items

Some of the most popular NC items are those that come out seasonally. There are always gorgeous new items for autumn, winter, spring, and summer as well as other yearly holidays. These seasonal items consist of clothing, backgrounds, Neohome, Superpack, capsules, etc. So keep an eye on the mall when your favorite season or time of year rolls around, as there are sure to be wonderful new items for dressing up your pet!

Another very popular draw to the NC Mall is the various special events throughout the year. Beginning with last year’s Daily Dare, TNT began including an NC component with all site events. Now of course this is completely optional and not needed to complete any plot or event, but it serves to make each event more fun and rewarding with lovely new NC items! There have been NC Challenges with the Altador Cup, Atlas of the Ancients Plot, and Games Master Challenge. The items you receive from these events are often unique and make for many more new customization options. All you need to do to participate in these events is to purchase a ticket from the NC Mall whenever they come up and complete those particular challenges!

In addition to the NC Challenges, there have also been events like the Stocking Stufftacular of this winter. When you purchased a ticket during the Month of Celebrating, you could hang stockings overnight and wake up to a lovely NC surprise! There are also the Mysterious Morphing Experiments that are released periodically. These MMEs start as one item and morph into a series of items! If you are lucky, you will also get a bonus item with all the stages at the completion of the morphing. Also ongoing are the NC Collectible items that are themed (current theme is Gamers Deluxe) and released each month.

Super Foods

The ever entertaining Super Foods are one of the most fun parts of the NC Mall. These Super Foods generally don’t cost much NC, and they are always amusingly animated. You can feed these foods to your Neopet to fill them up to bloating and make them happier. Some current foods are the Bountiful Banana Split and the Mega Meat Sandwich.

Random NC Trivia

The NC Mall opened on July 3, 2007.

By my count, well over 1000 NC items have been released.

There is an NC Mall Board, where you can chat with other NC addicts.

Some people use gift boxes to trade NC items.

You CANNOT buy or sell Neocash items with Neopoints.

You can keep track of all of your NC purchases in your NC Buying Log.

When you purchase NC items, they go into your NC Mall Album which you can make visible on your user lookup.

Sometimes TNT will give out free Neocash or Neocash items like goodie bags, so keep your eyes peeled!

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