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Show Those Evil Robots Who's Boss

by robokins


Have you been trying for months to get the Carnival of Terror avatar? Does it seem like any game guides you have read just make the game harder? Well, fear not, my friends! I was once in your position. I spent months playing Carnival of Terror and ended up pulling all hair out in frustration. However, I did find a nice wig and a strategy that worked for me! Following my strategy, I am able to get a score high enough for the avatar almost every time I play. My strategy is just that good or maybe my wig is just lucky. Probably the wig. Anyways, I am going to share my strategy for getting the a score high enough to get the avatar with you. I hope it proves useful!

Step 1: How To Play

First you need to know a little about the game. You can click on the view instructions button in the games main screen or you can read my pathetic attempt to tell you how the game works; although, I can’t imagine why you would want to put yourself through that kind of torture. Anyways, the game is pretty simple. You use your mouse to aim and left click to shoot the evil robot clowns. You have an ammo, health, and time bar at the bottom of the screen. There are power ups that appear throughout the game that will raise the bars if you shoot them. All in all, this game takes both skill and a little bit of luck to get a high enough score for the avatar.

Now for the point system. There are four places on the clown that you can shoot. The legs and the head are worth 2 points, the arm is worth 3 points, and the robot's exoskeleton is worth 6 points. If you shoot the clown's arms and legs, there is a chance it will explode and damage you. If the clown is moving back and forth in the same spot and steam starts pouring from it that means it is going to explode. Make sure you shoot the exoskeleton before this happens. Some clowns fall down from the sky with the aid of an umbrella. Do not ask me how they do that, as an evil robot has to weigh a ton. You can shoot the umbrella and they will fall from the sky and you will gain 1 point. Some clowns will attempt to attack you with pies of doom by throwing them at you. You can shoot them before they hit you, but if they manage to get through your defenses, you will take some damage.

On to the power ups. The power ups fall from the sky with the aid of little striped parachutes. Often times power ups can mean the difference between losing the game and getting a high enough score. The wooden box with the skull and cross bones gives you more ammo, the white box with a green cross gives you more health, and the alarm clock gives you more time.

Now for the secret codes. Just make sure not to tell anyone about this section or it will no longer be a secret! Type in custard while playing to fill up your health bar and piecrust to fill up your ammo bar. Both power ups work only once each game, so use them wisely!

Step 2: The Strategy

Finally onto the part everyone has been waiting for: the revealing of my ultimate strategy! Basically what I did was shoot the arm, the head, and then the exoskeleton. I ignored robots that appeared in the farthest row as I could never manage to shoot them no matter how hard I tried. However, if you have awesome skills and can shoot them, you should. I never shot umbrellas as they are only worth 1 point and not worth the ammo. Instead, I shot the clown using the same 3 point system I did for the clowns that appeared on the ground. Do not worry too much about the pies. If you take a lot of damage, then use the custard code.

The only power ups I shot was the ammo and time. Since you have the custard code, your health should not drop low enough for you to worry about shooting the health power ups. Although, if your health does drop real low after using the custard code, then shoot the health power ups. My biggest problem while playing was not getting enough time power ups and eventually running out of time before I had enough points. This is where the luck comes in. As for the piecrust code, only use it when you are almost out of ammo. I mean wait until your ammo is so low, one click will end the game. That way you will maximize the amount of ammo you have.

Now do not expect to get the avatar right away, especially if you have never played Carnival of Terror before. You will have to practice until you can successfully hit the clown each time. The arm is the hardest part to hit because it is the smallest part of the clown. Sometimes you may miss the arm and end up hitting the exoskeleton, but do not worry, you still get 6 points. Now, if you practice every day, you will have no problem hitting the arm almost every time.

I hope my strategy was so helpful there will soon be an influx of users with the Carnival of Terror avatar. Well, maybe an influx of evil robots is not such a good idea. Let's hope they don’t take over Neopia! Anyway, if my guide didn’t prove helpful, perhaps you should invest in a new wig. Now get out there and start playing! I expect to see thousands of Neopians with the Carnival of Terror avatar. That way I can prove my neopets that it was in fact my strategy that helped me win and not my lucky wig.

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