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The Winds of Change: Part Six

by icedragon_14_1


All eyes were laid on Sloth, looking as if he were crazy. The battle had barely gone on for fifteen minutes and he had already surrendered! But no one questioned him. The Grundos that were fighting for him dropped what they were doing and fell back, leaving only the Neopets that were fighting for peace and Sloth in the arena. Crystal glanced around, mystified. Everyone who was helping Feather, Crystal and Flight was just standing there, not exactly sure what to do. Crystal flew up to where Flight and Feather were standing.

     “We did pretty well, didn’t we?” she asked.

     “Yeah, I guess we did. But what are we going to do with this guy?” Flight replied, glancing down to where Sloth was lying on the dirt.

     As if to answer her question, a cloud of purple smoke filled the arena, showing the arrival of Fyora.

     “Don’t worry, girls. I’ll take care of him. But I have to say, thank you. You had the courage to do what no one else could have done. Neopia can live in peace once more,” Fyora said, smiling.

     “You are welcome, Fyora. We would do anything for peace,” Feather said, doing a little curtsey.

     Fyora laughed. “You don’t have to curtsey for me just yet. I haven’t resumed my leadership over Neopia. It will take a while for things to go back to the way they were before Sloth took over,” she said. Then she was gone, and so was Sloth.

     Ivy ran up to the group and gave them all a big hug.

     “That was awesome, you guys! I can’t believe we already won!” she said.

     “Ivy! Let us go! You’re squishing us!” Crystal protested, trying to push herself out of Ivy’s grasp.

     Ivy released them. “Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.” She smiled.

     “Well, let’s go home. Lexi’s probably worried about us,” Flight said.

     “Right. We better get you home,” Ivy said.

     “Can I ride on Feather’s back? Being carried by Crystal isn’t one of my preferences,” Flight asked.

     “Sure. I don’t mind,” Feather said.

     “I’ll ride on you, too, if that’s ok. Crystal can stretch her wings and fly next to us,” Ivy suggested.

     “Fine by me. Now come on. We’re wasting time! And I’m hungry,” Crystal said. Everyone laughed. Flight and Ivy got on Feather’s back, and they flew off towards Shenkuu and Lexi’s home.

     It took them a couple of days, but they made it. Everyone decided that Flight should be the one to knock on the door, since it was her family. She got off of Feather’s back and knocked on the door. When Lexi came to the door, her face lit up.

     “Flight! You’re home! How’d it go? Did we win?” she asked, hugging her first pet.

     “Yes, Lexi, we won. And look who I brought!” Flight said.

     Lexi looked up. Crystal waved, Ivy smiled, and Feather flapped her wings in a greeting. Lexi let go of Flight and ran up to the trio.

     “Ivy! You’re--you’re back! Why are you back?! Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming back?!” Lexi asked frantically, before hugging her old friend.

     “Feather needed me to come over to help with the battle against Sloth. I knew ahead of time that your Flight was going to be there, but nobody told me that I was going to see Crystal again,” Ivy replied. “I’m just glad that we’re reunited.”

     “Me too. You guys need to be together. It was meant to be,” Lexi said. “Why don’t you guys come in? I’ll get Sky to make a big victory dinner for you.”

     “Why not? I’m starving, and I love Sky’s cooking,” Crystal said.

     “I think you should get her to do it fast. Crystal’s been going on about how hungry she is for the whole trip!” Feather complained.

     Lexi chuckled. “All right. Come on in. Streamer and Sky will be so excited to find out that you’re back. Especially you, Ivy. We’ve been waiting for your return for so long!” Lexi offered.

     The family walked into the Neohome and sat down at the table. Streamer and Sky came running in.

     “Is it true? Is it true? Is Ivy here -- OMG, she is!” Streamer said excitedly.

     “Yes, I’m back, girls. No need to get overly excited,” Ivy said.

     “Yes, there is! You’re here! You said that you would never come back! But you’re here, sitting at our table! I can’t believe it!” Sky shrieked.

     “Sky, can you please just make us dinner so Crystal won’t complain about it for the next couple of weeks?” Feather asked.

     “What? I’m hungry!” Crystal complained.

     “All right, I’ll make you guys the best dinner you’ll ever get the chance to have!” Sky said, running into the kitchen to start. Streamer sat down at the table.

     “So, Crystal, why don’t you tell me about some of the things that I missed?” Ivy asked.

     “Well, I went on hundreds on adventures. I helped repair one of the bridges in Shenkuu; I helped Neopia Central celebrate the day of giving...” Crystal said, talking about all the adventures she had.

     “So Sloth really destroyed our old Neohome?” Ivy asked once Crystal finished.

     “Yep. That was the first sign that Sloth was back and ready for revenge,” Crystal replied.

     “Hmm, so that means that we need a new Neohome,” Ivy said.

     “YES! We get to move to Shenkuu!” Feather cried.

     “I was thinking something more like Neopia Central,” Ivy said.

     “We might be able to move right next to you so I can come over and care for Crystal and Feather when you’re away,” Lexi offered.

     “As long as it’s all right with your pets.” Ivy smiled.

     Sky came into the dining room with her arms full of food. “Dinner is served!’ she said, laying the food on the table.

     “Wow, this looks delicious!” Crystal said, digging in to her meal.

     “When she’s hungry, Crystal can eat as much as the Turmaculus!” Flight said. Everyone laughed.

     After everyone finished their meals it was nearly time for Ivy and her family to leave and find a new place to live in Neopian Central.

     “Are you sure you have to go now? Can’t you stay for a bit longer? You should at least pick up some food for the trip,” Flight asked.

     “We’re sure. You guys can come and visit us whenever you guys want, though,” Feather replied.

     “Wait! Before you guys go, I have something to give you.” Lexi came running down the stairs with something wrapped in a cloth. She handed it to Crystal. Crystal opened it.

     “It, it’s my old flute! But how? It shattered in the Battledome arena.” Crystal turned the flute over in her paws.

     “I repaired it. I know how much you enjoy playing it,” Lexi replied.

     “Play it for us! Please?” Sky asked.

     Crystal smiled and played the first song that Ivy taught her. It flowed throughout the house and outside. Crystal glanced down and saw that the necklace that she had received right before she had met Flight was glowing. “What’s going on with my necklace?” she asked.

     “I, uh, made it so that it reacted with your charm so that the notes would be more pure. I hope you like it!” Lexi said.

     “Thank you. Now c’mon, let’s go,” Ivy said, mounting Feather’s back. Crystal and Feather flapped their wings and flew off into the distance, waving at their old friends.

     “Be careful! Neomail us when you get there!” Flight called after them.


     “All right, Crystal, Feather. We’re home!” Ivy said to her pets a month or so later. They stared up at a huge Neo-mansion in Neopian Central. Lexi and her pets came up behind them.

     “Isn’t it great? We had to split the money so we could share it,” Lexi said. Crystal felt young again.

     “C’mon! Let’s go explore it!” she said, running through the front door.

     The Neo-mansion was as big on the inside as it was on the outside. The living room already had furniture and a Flat Screen Neovision TV. The kitchen and dining room had more than enough space to store and eat food. There were six bedrooms, each painted a different color. Crystal could look out almost any window and see a huge backyard with a pool and swing sets. Crystal loved it. She came back out, panting from exploring the whole Neo-mansion.

     “Our house is awesome!” she said.

     “Yes, it is. And it’s all ours,” Lexi said.

     “We get to share it, your family and mine!” Flight said excitedly.

     “OMG, we get to be roomies!” Crystal said happily.

     “Lexi is going to take care of you and Feather while I’m away. But I promise I’ll come and visit,” Ivy explained.

     “So you’re not staying?” Crystal asked.

     “Not forever, Crystal. But I will be here for long periods of time,” Ivy replied.

     “Anyway, let’s get in and get settled down. It’s getting pretty cold out here,” Lexi suggested. Everyone nodded and walked inside.


     And over the months to follow Neopia resumed its peaceful ways, everyone always on the lookout for another one of Sloth’s schemes to take over. Crystal and her family could enjoy life to the fullest, since everyone was together. Life was as it should be.

The End

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