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Glorious Gnorbus!

by x_love_song_x


Hello there! Stumbled upon my article, have you not? Well sure, come on in and take a look. Now you may be wonderin’ why I seem to be talking differently than all those Central folk. That’s because this article is especially for Gnorbus! You might be wondering why if there’s so many neopets in all of Neopia, why pick the Gnorbu? The answer is simple: Besides all the limited edition pets, Gnorbus are the least popular neopet. Sad, isn’t it? So I wanted to make them feel special with this little piece of writing.

A little bit about the Gnorbu before I begin. If you read their description, it says: Gnorbu are fun-loving Neopets who enjoy making others laugh. Despite its natural lack of agility, the Gnorbu’s kind heart and good-natured outlook have succeeded in making it a very popular Neopet. This is pretty much a great description of these pets. (Except the popular part...) So I got some items to help them with their laid-back, relaxing, funny lifestyle.

1) Gnorbu Salad

These are very delicious! These salads are perfect for any Gnorbu, young or old. It is one whole pound of freshly picked veggies all piled high. Also, this yummy snack is in the shape of a Gnorbu’s head. How cool is that? (Very cool, if you didn’t answer that one yourself.) Definitely recommended for a snack or meal! (Most likely a snack, Gnorbus love to eat!)

2) Blue Gnorbu Brush

As we all know, the Gnorbu has a legendary coat of fur. Around its head, the mane grows full and fluffy year-round. This blue brush is not afraid of any tangles! It will get your Gnorbu’s coat looking shiny and soft after only a few uses. Tangles will rule your pet's hair no longer with this handy brush.

3) Gnorbu Conditioning Shampoo

Why just brush your Gnorbu’s fur when you can shampoo it, too? This shampoo is specially designed to work in sync with the Gnorbu. How you ask? How can one shampoo bottle work well with a certain pet? Easy! This shampoo has extra frizz control. Also, it contains things to help keep the mane from split-ends (the horror!) and keeps it hydrated. (So it works just as well as it does for a Gnorbu in Lost Desert as it does for a Gnorbu in Terror Mountain.)

4) Plushie Gnorbu Plushie

Okay, so this seems like a normal plushie to you, right? Wrong! This is an ultra plushie. You see, it is a plushie of a plushie pet. (Try sayin’ plushie pet ten times fast, I dare you.) This means it is exclusively soft. Sure, a red or yellow or cloud Gnorbu plushie is nice... but this is the real deal! Its cute little curls can withstand baby Gnorbu play time and a girl’s tea party. And how can you resist the perfect pink and cream coloring?

5) Mint Chocolate Gnorbu

Ahhh, now to the dessert section. (One of my favorite parts, that’s for sure.) As you finish off dinner and are looking for a tasty treat, this mint chocolate is gorgeous! It is smooth and silky, as any chocolate should be. The coloring matches the mint flavor as well. And to top it off, this is in the shape of a cute Gnorbu. So go ahead, bite in. You won’t regret it.

6) Milk Chocolate Gnorbu

Your precious Gnorbu not a fan of mint? Well, that’s just fine! There are more chocolate flavors to choose from. (And milk chocolate is a classic!) How can any pet not like milk chocolate? Exactly! This little guy is a sure way to stop the sweet cravings while sending a small smile to your face. You can enjoy it quickly or savor it slowly; your call.

7) Gnorbu Explorers

Okay, so you’ve played with your plushies and eaten your chocolate. You want to find a good time-consuming event and you want to be entertained. But you feel cozy in your house and don’t want to leave it. Problem? Nope! Just grab a book! This book, Gnorbu Explorers, is great to learn about history. It talks about the greatest Gnorbu explorers of all time. Example include: Captain Tu-Well, wait a minute! If I told you now, you’d have no reason to read the book. Goodness me, just go and read the book yourself.

8) Forest Fruit Baby Food

This food is great for baby Gnorbus! It is packed to the brim with vitamins and minerals that every baby Gnorbu should have. (In other words, it’ll help your baby’s mind develop, have the muscles improve faster, and keep your baby happy and energetic throughout the day.) And unlike some of the other baby foods, it doesn’t have meat or fruit chunks that can make other baby foods hard to chew and eat. And the color makes it appealing to the color sense of a baby pet. But, even if you don’t have a baby pet, this is sure to... well, frankly older Gnorbus might not like this. The vitamins leave a weird aftertaste...

9) Gnorbu Wool Jacket or Wool Gnorbu Cardigan

Every Gnorbu loves to be treated well. These clothes will do just the job! They are specially made for Gnorbus only. Both are made with the highest quality wool available to guarantee your pet will stay nice and toasty even through the bitter winter months! The jacket is pink to complement any female’s look while the cardigan captures a state of manliness.

10) Green Gnorbu Morphing Potion

The description does a good job of summing up this potion: Once your Neopet takes a drink of this it will transform into a green Gnorbu! Well, after all this time talking about Gnorbus this seemed like a good ending item. Enjoy!

So overall, thanks for reading. I really love Gnorbus (though I don’t have the pleasure of owning one myself. But who knows what the future holds?) I hope this little article informed you about Gnorbus and a little bit about them all. Thanks again!

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