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Kreludite, Grundos, and Plushies, oh my!

by puffalump10


You know that adorable Rainbow Chomby Plushie you’ve been playing with? Did you know it was created on a factory line on a tight time limit with thieves attempting to whisk it away? Did you know it’s worth a whopping 15 points?! In the wonderful world of Freaky Factory, you can go behind the scenes and help produce plushies using liquid Kreludite. Your job is to keep refilling three vats with blobs of red, yellow, and blue, keep an eye on the clock, fill your quota of plushies, and keep a pesky grundo thief at bay. If you do a superb job, you may even earn the right to display your prowess on the Boards (a very spiffy avatar with boasting rights). Let’s take a closer look.

The Main Goal

As you enter the first level, keep in mind the layout of your workstation. As said, your main focus is the three vats in front of you: one each for red, yellow, and blue. You need to fill these with blobs of Kreludite in order to manufacture plushies. Each vat has a meter so you know how full it is. Naturally, they will deplete as plushies are made. Two lines over your head send the coloured blobs zooming by at various speeds. Using your mouse, a click sends a blob flying into the (hopefully) appropriate vat. Keep your colours straight: if a yellow goes into the blue vat it will add up on your waste meter.

Factors to Consider

The waste meter is on your right. Blobs that hit the ground, overflow a vat, or go into the wrong vat will create waste. If the meter hits the top, it’s game over! Cleanliness is emphasized here at the Freaky Factory. Underneath you can see what plushie is to be produced next, for example 3 Red JubJub Plushies requires almost a full vat of red Kreludite.

Despite this, try to top up all the vats as you can. It is best to keep a consistent production line for maximum points. Some of the game requires luck since you can’t control which colour blobs will come. Keep in mind that Red Kreludite comes from the right side only, blue from the left only, and yellow comes from either side.

The plushies you make will cross a conveyor belt at the bottom of the screen. This is a danger zone and where your worst enemy will appear. The Grundo Thief. You will come to hate this guy. Though, maybe hate is too strong a word. Dislike. Strongly dislike. He appears along the line trying to steal plushies you make, wreaking mayhem and adding to the things you need to watch. Clicking on the Grundo Thief or dropping a blob of Kreludite on him will make him go away... briefly. Oh yes, your job just keeps getting better.

Another important factor is the time. A giant clock sits in the background as a constant reminder of the pressures on the job. Each level gets progressively harder as the times speeds up and you have to produce more plushies. There isn’t much you can do to prevent it, but keep it in mind as you work.

You will notice that the Kreludite blobs have faces. Some are neutral, but some look rather evil. Rule of thumb: evil looking blobs really are evil. Try to avoid those. Also avoid clicking if a ridiculously large and drooling blob appears; it will make your waste overflow! Angelic blobs fill up a vat to full, Soap blobs reduce your waste meter, Clock blobs give you a bit more time, Radioactive blobs upgrade the colours of plushies on your line, Speed blobs make the production line faster, Ice blobs slow the line down, and a rare but valuable Hyper blob fills all your vats.

Whew, got all that?

Maximizing Your Time and Energy

In order to attain a decent score, more favourably enough points for the avatar, some prioritizing needs to happen. As you can see, there is a lot to keep an eye on. There are some factors you can’t control, so you may as well ignore them. Other things should be high maintenance.

The Grundo Thief is unavoidable and a nuisance; however, you can save time by waiting to bash him down until necessary. If you do not have any toys on the production line and he pops up, let him be. Focus on getting Kreludite into the vats. Wait to swat him off until there are plushies at stake.

As mentioned, don’t focus entirely on what plushie you need to make next. Even if you really need blue Kreludite and none are coming, work on the red and yellow vats. Refilling all the vats as you can helps with your consecutive bonus and works with whatever you have.

Keep in Mind

It may take some practice to get used to the clicking involved. The velocity of the Kreludite will affect the way it falls. Naturally, a fast moving blob will need to be dropped from farther away in order to hit the right vat and avoid waste. Try a few test runs just to get the feel for the game.

If a blob lands on a plushie on the production line, the plushie will change to the colour of the blob. You won’t get any waste, but you may lose points if a green plushie is downgraded to yellow. Blobs dropped on the Grundo Thief act the same as clicking him and won’t count towards your waste meter.

Take a stretch between levels, especially when they start moving fast. You can take whatever time you need on breaks to work out the kinks and relax. It’s important to stay focused, multitask, and keep your hand moving throughout the game.

Finally, Freaky Factory takes practice and luck. Sometimes you won’t get the colours you need, or time (and thievery!) will work against you, or you just can’t get enough points in a level. It can be a frustrating as well as rewarding game. Achieving the avatar will allow you to commemorate and laugh in the Grundo Thief’s face forever. I wish you all the best of luck and happy smashing – er yes, I mean manufacturing... of course.

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