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The Faerie Garden Party

by alt1981black


One morning, deep in the Haunted Woods, UnaRae Koi yawned and stretched as she woke up from her long night's sleep. She hopped out of her bed and stretched again, then picked up a bottle of her favourite rain water shampoo, and proceeded to the bathroom to wash up for the day.

     This was a very important day for the pretty yellow Koi. This was one of those rare garden parties that was held by the Faerie Queen, Fyora, and to which only a few very lucky Neopians were invited. Una smiled happily as she scrubbed up and changed into a very pretty frock. For a long time, she had wanted to be included in Queen Fyora's garden tea party, and at last, the time had come!

     Down the hall, in the room that was shared by Una's two youngest brothers, Weeto continued to snore away, but in the cot across from his bed, Ccaenine began to stretch his little dimpled hands and kick his tiny feet. He stood up on those wobbly legs and peered from the carved rails of his cot. The adorable baby Blumaroo coiled his tail and gave a great leap. Out he flew, landing perfectly on a bean bag chair. Glancing at the sleeping Xweetok, he crawled out of the room as quietly as possible.

     Una caught him in the hall as he was heading for the kitchen. She picked him up and cuddled him. Ccaenine smiled at his sister and gurgled. Una smiled back and sighed, then took him into the kitchen. She set him onto the counter and pulled out eggs, bread, and milk. Ccaenine watched her with curiosity as she began to toast the bread in the toaster. Then she pulled out a frying pan.

     "Be careful you don't scorch the eggs, Una," Ccaenine suddenly piped up, as Una melted a bit of butter into the pan and cracked the eggs. The little Blumaroo sighed as he watched Una make breakfast. He was not allowed to use the stove or oven, yet he knew how to cook, and he gave his sister a helping hand continually. Una smiled at her youngest brother, then handed him a slice of toast with seedless jelly on it.

     "I'm going to a garden party today. The Faerie Queen's garden tea party, you know," Una replied with a smile. Ccaenine nodded. "You know I've long wanted to go, but I was always overlooked in the past. Not this time, however! As if it wasn't good enough, my friend Smiet was also invited! This will be a wonderful day!" Una smiled and sang to herself as she proceeded to make breakfast for everyone, then she set the table and scooped up Ccaenine into her arms. She set him into his booster seat just as the others came into the dining room.

     Living with two brothers who just happened to be mutants might drive anyone crazy, but Una was used to it. CaturbulanceZadar, her eldest brother, took his seat and sniffed eagerly. He was a very handsome mutant Kyrii, and the protector of the family, as well. _xxXxWeetoxXxx_, called Weeto by the others, climbed into his own chair and reached for the plate of eggs. Despite the wild look in his eyes, he was a rather mild-mannered Xweetok. Una looked fondly at each of her brothers, from the handsome Kyrii to the adorable Blumaroo, and was glad for such wonderful brothers, as always.

     After breakfast, Zadar stacked the dishes, and Weeto took Ccaenine into the sitting room, and Una prepared to go to the garden party. She stepped outside and shut the door, and peered into the gloom around her. Living in the Haunted Woods wasn't so bad in the daytime. At night, it was another story. Una shuddered a bit, but proceeded toward Neopia Central, where she had arranged to meet Smiet, a young Ruki who happened to be one of Una's closest friends.

     Smiet waved when she spotted Una, and they took the shuttle to Faerieland, chattering excitedly all the way there. They were let off just outside Faerie City, and they proceeded into the grand kingdom of the clouds. The streets were of purple cobblestones, and there were faeries everywhere one looked. Una sighed happily, for she had once dreamed of being a Faerie Koi, yet she had soon been content to be just as she was.

     The Faerie Palace was extremely beautiful on the inside. Queen Fyora was a very kind and generous hostess. Her garden was the picture of perfection. She let everyone look around at her beautiful orchids, lilies, violets, and roses, plus many other flowers that Una had never seen before. Smiet, too, was wide-eyed as she admired the lovely greenery.

     In one corner of the garden, Una spotted a statue of stone. She went pale as she realised that she was glancing at the statue of the Darkest Faerie. The statue was covered with moss, but there was no doubt whatsoever to Una, or to anyone else, what it was. Queen Fyora said nothing, only glanced at it with sorrowful eyes. Una looked up at the beautiful Faerie Queen, and Fyora smiled at her guest.

     "Fear not, little one. Her magic is strong, but my power is stronger. Her cause is for evil, but mine is for good. Since evil cannot win, she remains as you see her. There shall never be any reason to fear anything more from her. Come now, it is time to eat." The regal Faerie Queen pointed to a long table, and everyone sat down to enjoy an amazing feast. Tea sandwiches, cakes, and all sorts of finger foods were served, as was a very delightful variety of teas and fruit juices. Smiet and Una sat together and ate. The other guests, numbering about a dozen, feasted as well. Everything was delicious.

     After everyone had eaten their fill, they all walked around the garden again, admiring the planters and the several ponds. Several benches made for great resting areas. It was all very wonderful, but all too soon, it was time for the guests to depart and return to their respective homes. Smiet and Una thanked their hostess for all her kindness and generosity, then made their way to the waiting area for the shuttle.

     At home, Una made a light supper, and after they ate, she told her brothers about her day. It was easy to see that Fyora was indeed a just and wise ruler, and when it came down to protecting Neopia from evil, she had indeed been the hero of legend that she had long been rumoured to be.

     "Will Fyora continue to protect us, should evil ever return to Neopia?" Weeto asked suddenly, looking at his sister with the wild eyes of a mutant Xweetok. Una looked at him with grave eyes and a serious expression on her own face. She glanced into the fire that was burning in the fireplace, then spoke up, speaking slowly and quietly.

     "I believe she will be there for us. Queen Fyora has been there for us in the past. I believe she will help us again, if ever we have need of help. She believes in fighting for good, not for evil. Yes, Weeto, she will stand for Neopia, if ever such a need arises." She thought of the statue that stood in a corner of Fyora's garden, and smiled to herself. She believed it, with all her heart, and she turned to face her three brothers, looking into the eyes of each in turn.

     "She will be there for us, I've no doubt about it," she said again, and her brothers read the sincerity in her eyes. Then they all discussed other subjects, chattering of various things, until the fire burned low, and the logs fell apart. Zadar banked the coals and shut the draft, and everyone proceeded to their rooms for the night. Una smiled in the darkness, then closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. It had been a wonderful garden tea party, after all.

The End

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