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Random Random Events

by kuteepuhtutee


So, you just signed on to Neopets. It seems like pretty much a regular day in Neopia, restocking, sniping, playing games and then all of a sudden those BEAUTIFUL boxes appear above your Neopian activities saying things you could never even imagine.

Yes, I am talking about the Random Events on Neopets.

TNT sure has quite some big imagination; I mean, they ARE the creators of Neopets. It is definitely never a bad thing when it comes to having big imagination, but at times some things that they create can make you feel kind of quizzical about things. TNT’s huge imagination is shown especially when it comes to the Random Events that appear randomly on Neopets, AKA the “Something has happened!” box that you run into occasionally. Whenever I get a super strange Random Event I always wonder how TNT can think of such imaginative things, and what was going through their minds when they created the Random Event. It must require some big imagination to think of some of those things, which is possible thanks to TNT. I have to say I do get very creeped out with some Random Events, or just really REALLY worried. And I think I’ve come to a conclusion, Random Events are seriously random.

Just yesterday a “Dashing Chia” gave me a “Pumpkin Lid Hat”, I was flattered. A free hat. BUT how do I know it’s not some sort of scheme? Honestly, what if the hat had glue in it or something?? IT COULD GET STUCK TO MY POOR NEOPET'S HEAD. Honestly, this isn’t safe. Some “DASHING CHIA” giving out free hats? THERE IS A RECESSION! How do I know that this hat won’t give my Neopet lice?? It’s pretty creepy. Stranger handing out hats.... I stuck it in my Safety Deposit Box to be safe.

This morning I found a Giant Grarrl Burger on the floor. Now that is gross, finding food on the floor and now I am expected to feed this to my Neopet?!?! My beautiful pet that I cherish will now eat a dirty burger? How do I even know if this is safe!?!?! DID SOMEONE PLACE THIS ON THE FLOOR TO POISON MY PET??? It scares me!! To keep my pet safe I stuck that in my Safety Deposit Box too.

Now there are also those completely pointless Random Events. Such as:

Something has happened!

It’s raining... Mortogs?

This is the one when the Mortogs start “raining” on your computer screen. SCARY MORTOG ATTACK! What if someone had some great fear of Mortogs? And now they were all over their computer screen! TALK ABOUT NIGHTMARE. Someone might be casually spinning the “Wheel Of Excitement” for instance, and when they collected their prize all casually those Mortogs came, their vicious enemy! I’m happy I don’t have a fear of Mortogs, but there are the less fortunate...

Now the scarier ones.

Something has happened!


That one scares me every time. I don’t want my Neopets to be fed to some huge mutant Grundo, or to that Monocerous character that also appears in Random Events telling me that they have eaten __ pets in a week/month; it's crazy! One of them told me that they ate 16 JubJubs in 1 week. I USED TO OWN A JUBJUB!! I get frightened! After I get one of those Random Events, I usually have to sleep with one eye open. I don’t want ANYTHING to happen to my pet. My Neopets are precious.

Something has happened!

Ohhh, how cute. It seems PETPET has got a PETPETPET in its mouth. Have you been feeding it lately?

This one is interesting. I personally have never gotten this Random Event, but I would be worried if I did; all of a sudden my Petpet has Petpetpets coming out of its mouth! That is completely not normal!! I would see some sort of Petpet doctor, but sadly there are no Petpet doctors. :( And then the Random Event asks me if I’ve been feeding my Petpet! Well, I would feed my Petpets if that was POSSIBLE!

Something has happened!

A mysterious man gives you a lottery ticket. Why not click here to play!

This one creeps me out. You shouldn’t take lottery tickets from mysterious men; actually you shouldn’t take ANYTHING from mysterious men, but in this case we don’t have a choice, so you have to accept this creepy man's gift. I would stick it in my SDB, but we don’t have a choice for that either. Thank you, TNT, for making me run into such creepy and mysterious figures.

Something has happened!

A Giant Slice of Neopets Birthday Cake suddenly falls from the sky and lands in your lap. Hope you like frosting!

Well, that’s just great. My pants now have a load of cake on them. What could POSSIBLY be better? And what am I supposed to think now, cake just randomly starts falling from the sky? That is not normal. And no, I don’t like frosting, but thanks for asking. This is so inconsiderate, the sky just dropping cake on you. I like free cake, but not on my pants. I’m also worried; cake isn’t supposed to just fall from the sky! It could injure someone! Cake can be heavy sometimes, okay!! Well, I’m not going to risk feeding this to my pet either, so going in the SDB once again.

Now for another creepy one.

Something has happened!

A Ghostkerchief goes up to PET and gives them a big hug. Looks like you have found a new friend!

And then you have a Ghostkerchief as your petpet. Well, thanks for the free petpet, but the strangers hugging you part, SCARY. I was always told to stay away from strangers, but I guess that's not what goes on in Neopets. And what is with all the mysterious figures in Random Events!! They are EVERYWHERE you go! It just all so CREEPY!

Something has happened!

Luperus appears and gives you a LUPERUS ITEM!

The item that you receive is usually a tooth most of the time and it is just weird. First of all, Luperus is a REALLY scary looking creature and you don’t WANT him to appear; I mean, he has three heads! And why in the world would you need a tooth from him?? Thanks for the gift... but I’m in no need of some scary looking creature's tooth!! I’m not a tooth faerie or something. I would tell him to keep it, he needs it more than I do, but I can’t. So off to the SDB it goes! It’s piling up in there!

Something has happened!

Meuka slimes up and eats your '___________', but the good news is that he left you a lovely lump of Snot!

Well, this one is just utterly disgusting; some scary creature made of snot takes one of your items and basically does the amazing job of turning it into snot. That's just great. Who in the world wants one of their items turned into a ‘lovely lump of snot’?? I’ve never even met this Meuka; maybe if we were better friends I would somewhat understand why they would be open with giving me snot, but until then this is definitely NOT lovely.

I have to admit I love the Random Events on Neopets. No matter how random or bizarre they can be, they keep you fascinated and entertained, and sometimes they can even give you good items. The creativity needed to create them is unbelievable, so you have to love TNT for everything they do for us on Neopets. :) So thank you, TNT, for creating such interestingly creative and imaginative random random events for us.

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